Friday, November 30, 2012

Old Cards For Sale

The other day I tried to get into my wardrobe. No, I wasn't trying to get to Narnia, just trying to access my clothes. It's not really a wardrobe, more a cupboard and is very awkward to get into at the best of times as you have to bend your head awkwardly. It would be perfect for a hobbit in fact....  Anyway I noticed that the cupboard has managed to become filled with clutter, you know the way things do! But not only my clutter, it seems I have accumulated everyone else's too. Hmm?  I started to sort some things out and found a bag filled with old cards. These cards are greeting cards that I did for a publishing company years back. I can't sell them on Etsy because they were produced for a company, so I wondered if anyone would be interested in buying any? It seems a waste just to let them sit in a cupboard?
If you are interested send me an email or message me your email address and let me know which ones you want and I will invoice you via Paypal. I'm afraid I can only accept Paypal payment.

Price  £5.00 for a pack of six mixed cards  P&P £2  (P&P for any extra add 50p  per pack) UK postage. For anywhere else I would add on extra.

Pack 1
A closer look... All designs were painted between 1996 and 2003. In fact, if I waited a bit longer I suppose I could sell them as vintage on Etsy. :-)
White fairy angel hares with wings, and hare and friends festivities. The white hare has been on my journey with me for quite a while.
These are all 7x5 in size.
                                              SOLD OUT


Pack 2  
Angel designs.                         SOLD OUT.
Size 4x7.5
The cards are mainly blank inside, but a few of the Angel one's have 'Seasons Greetings' written inside. The design wraps right around and continues on the backs of each card.
There are a limited amount, so I will sell them on a first come first served basis.
I'm  trying to fit in as many wooden bits and pieces before Christmas as I can. These pendants were finished last night, and they will be listed in my Etsy shop later today.

Have a great weekend folks.  I'm off to bake a cake now for Husbands birthday today.


  1. Hello there, Could i purchase a pack too please!
    I would love the white hares please, if that's ok, Karen!
    I am ever so pleased with my post cards that have just arrived and if it's ok with you Karen, I would like to mention them on my blog and also mention you!
    I also have your print of the white horse and beautiful wild fox!
    A gift from a fellow blogger from last year! Love it...
    Sending 'Twinkles' ***
    Love Maria x

    1. Hi Maria
      So glad that you are pleased with your purchase.:)
      Yes of course you can share on your blog.

      If you want any cards please email me and I will invoice you via paypal. You must hurry as they are going fast. x

    2. Ooh am ever so rubbish sometimes at doing all this!!
      Have emailed you now Karen!! Thank you x hehe!

  2. Hi I would also love to purchase a pack of both one and two if that does not seem to greedy!
    Lots of Love, Jane xxx

  3. i love the cards i got from you must look and see how much the above xmas hare pendants are i wouyld love some.

  4. Beautiful cards, all of them!
    Jess xx

  5. Your cards are beautiful.
    I can't get in my wardrobe/cupboard very well either(in fact I can't get in there at all). I thought I might sort it out, bit I have hidden Christmas presents in there!xxx

  6. Hi I am your newest follower :) I was mindlessly looking through blogs and magically fell into yours! I love your work and it takes me away to magical lands from childhood play :) I look forward to revisiting you.
    xxx Birgitta

  7. Hi Karen,
    thank you so much for the christmas cards. They are wonderful, wunderful, wonderful!!!!


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