Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Cards

This photograph taken the other day, is to me, just what I always imagine a typical November day to look like. I love days like this.
Misty, quiet, sheep peaceful, rook chatter, the smell of bonfire. So different to last week when we had our first hard frost. I love days like this too.
It was wonderful again to see the frosted branches. I've missed them.

Later the sky was clear and the remaining hazel leaves shone in the lowering Autumn sun.
So pretty.
I've been having a digital play about with some of my small Aceo paintings. Adding some words and making them into cards.

I've already added some to my Etsy shop, but they sold out pretty quickly, so will be making more.
I also made these too, which haven't been digitally played with.
Now I'm working on more hares (soon to be revealed) and here are what I like to call my helpers or watchers because they overlook my desk. 
The egg is the dragon egg made of moonlight that I mentioned in my last post. 
Here's a closer look...
I think I might leave it on the windowsill in the moonlight one night, it may need recharging of magic? ;)

Oh before I go...one more thing!  Remember back, not so long ago. When the roses scented the path and the corn flowers danced in the breeze I was working on some illustrations for a book. Well that book, Madeline, Maddy And Midge, Positive Thinking For Children, is now available to buy here and also here 


  1. lovely pics,plus beautiful birdsong!Thought someone had left a window open for a minute and birds were happily chirping feet away! Very calming :-)

  2. I love the photo, very magical, and all the little critters. The moon egg is beautiful!

  3. Lovely photos - this time of year can be magical can't it? I adore the card saying Be still and listen the earth is singing lovely picture and wonderful words.

  4. Love the cards, very beautiful, but I must confess to leaving your blog open for a while just to hear the birdsong!

  5. Nice to have magical helpers... and a dragon's egg! Lovely cards and photos, I love both the misty days and how frost makes on aware of edges.

  6. Your first photo with the fog and sheep was fantastic. The image made me be able to "feel" the scene that you pictured. Your cards are excellent. Love the dragon/moon egg. It does glow. I enjoy your photos and illustrations so much. I always go back after commenting and study them some more for any missed details. Your small details and expressions on the animals' faces make them especially fascinating to me.

  7. I love taking and looking at frosty photos.

    I thought I would just tell you about my kittens who are stunned when I log into your site and the birdsong starts. They climb all over the screen, look around the laptop and are clearly confused!


  8. Gorgeous and Magical! All of it!

  9. Beautiful cards - very atmospheric. I have ordered a copy of that book to share with my niece. Love your little collection of helpers. Karen x

  10. Hello,lovely post and sounds...the bird song is so calming?
    I love your blog too
    So glad I have found you, but cannot remember how I got here!!
    bestest wishes to you and yours today....
    daisy j

  11. New leaves are startling in autumn. I've also been noticing how many leaf buds are ready for the off in spring.
    * * *
    I'm gradually letting people know I've moved my blog 'Message in a Milk Bottle' to a new URL -


    - where it is now known as M2.
    If you would like to - please do re-follow there!

  12. It's always very nice to visit your blog. Your photos and art are very serene and peaceful. Postcards looks very beautiful. Can I ask what programme do you use to with the digital play? Photoshop or something else? I really like bit "misty" athmosphere of these cards. Greetings from "at this moment not so frosty" Finland.

  13. Beautiful pictures! I've just discovered your blog and have added it to my blogroll. I love this time of year and your pictures are so evocative - thank you for sharing them.

    And if you'd like to visit me I'm at www.antoniasferverino.blogspot.com



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