Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Love Of Stars

I want to sleep in starry meadows where the hare runs wild as the wind. With a lace pillow of clover petals, thistledown and tom thumb I will lay my head down low, shaded by umbelliferae.  Beside the wild thyme stems and stalks I will dream where the mice and beetles dream. And when the darkness falls glow worm will be my lighted lamp.  Soft rustle of grass sings my lullaby and high above when I stir, the ancient constellations kiss my drowsy eyelashes with stardust. 
 Karen Davis 2012

March has come in like a lamb and I have painted a hare.

Lepus ....a constellation lying south of Orion. It's name being latin for hare.

I love stars and the night sky as you have probably already guessed. I do paint rather a lot of night sky Maybe too many? Can you paint too many? I don't think so. ;) I was once told by my tutor at Art college to go and paint an article on abortion and that I couldn't make a living out of painting starry skies. He of course was telling me that life is not all sugar coated and twee and encouraging me to stretch myself and make my work more adaptable for commissions which of course was his job. I know that life is not all starry skies, we all know that, but we can choose what we want to include in it to a certain extent. Yes, I could do dark and I did and I still can if I want to. Just to prove it, here is a glimpse of that old  darker work....

I still added some stars though. ;)

My son is a keen amateur astronomer and the other day I tried to take a photograph of the moon through the eye piece of his telescope. While it didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, I like this photograph all the same.

A couple of weeks ago we visited the William Herschel museum in Bath. William Herschel was a musician and  astronomer and from his residence in Bath, which is now the museum, he discovered the planet Uranus in 1781.

It was very interesting there and I really enjoyed myself.
I wonder if he was a night owl? I am a night owl, a lover of indigo skies, familiar to the creaks of the house in the night when all are asleep. When larks minds are weary mine comes alive.

I am back to painting Peaceable Kingdom now after being distracted and chasing a March hare.
Thank you for the comments about the sketches. I love the idea of a theme being passed around on this. Maybe I could make a page and you can send me anything you create on the theme, pictures writings etc? Just a thought?


  1. Thank you for painting starry skies. Your work evokes magic. And is always beautiful and inspiring to look at.

  2. Inspiring music--inspired images and how lovely that you have returned to peaceable.

  3. life is not all starry skies... but the stars are there each day and night all the same.
    I love your starry art and this one is wonderful. I love how the hare is near the top of the page with enough room for the starry sky and all the wonderful plants filling the rest... wonderful.

    Peaceable Kingdom is wonderful. So do you mean you would find it fun for others to do something with this theme and then show it to you?
    If so, the piece i have just completed and posted would be my offering, even though i did not do it with your theme in mind... it is much suited to your theme.

  4. That dark painting - captivating, a snippet from some psychological thriller! I prefer your starry skies, plenty of those other stories on the news and on the TV - here in the US anyway...

    A March hare of the Peaceable Kingdom does seem a much more inspiring place to put one's energy!

  5. Always lovely to see what you put forth - beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

  6. So happy to have found your site today. Your artwork is beautiful, so detailed. Not only is your artwork fantastic, but your writing is such a pleasure to read. After seeing the beautiful art that you make, I am so glad that you didn't listen to that tutor you had. Your story makes me wonder how many beautiful light filled works of art were never painted throughout history because of the comments of tutors and teachers of art.

  7. I love your little crowd of animals cuddled together, I think it's your best picture, all your pictures carry calm and a little touch of magic dust, I like the indigo skies, they envelope your work in a cloak of mystery. What a lovely idea to incorporate ideas from your followers,I think its a brave chellenge to interpret other peoples ideas as your pictures are very much from inside you. if you feel inclined though, a moonlit spiders web would be beautiful. Bettyx

  8. I was once told or read that in order to write for children i needed to sit on a bus and listen to what children had to say and the language they used but like you i like sugar coated twee. I think in this day and age some escapsim is what some of us need, i know i do and i love what you do, its beautiful and allows us to escape. I would love you to do a monthly theme to see what springs to mind from it. I have been inspired by all sorts that i have seen in artistic terms and sometimes just an odd title or sentence. Keep doing what you do Karen, we all love it :)

  9. Sometimes I feel so much when I come here that I feel like the stars in the morning dawn. You just have a way, my dear. Thank-you for that. Blessings.

  10. Your tutor was right for telling you this on a course, but you are right to paint as your heart dictates. There are plenty of people in the world ready to paint the other stuff. If you love what you do; it shows through in your work, and your work is lovely.

  11. P.S. I forgot to say how clever your son is for catching the moon like that. I have tried and always fail.

  12. I love your new hare painting. My tutor when I was on a textile course told me she hated flowers - how can anyone hate flowers? Karen X

  13. Art doesn't always have to represent the dark side of life. I love your starry skies, there's something magical about them. Love the new piece you're working on too.

  14. Oh my goodness, I am moved and emotional by your creativity and music choices. I almost daren't look at your etsy shop, I feel so drawn to your work, your pictures, photos, your creations, your passion, emotion and values. I believe I have found the only shop I may ever purchase anything from ever again! Presents for Friends and Family, Presents for me! The most wonderful thing for me about this post and sketchings and shimmerings on water is finding out about Peaceable Kingdom and Tribe of Heart. Oh my goodness, I must see all these documentaries. This isssue is dominates my blog!
    so thankyou thankyou thankyou for bringing this to my attention and Thankyou for your beautiful, stunning blog. I am truly moved.

  15. That new piece looks lovely... Gosh, it's a shame you don't paint more abortions though.

    Honestly, what a thing to say!

    I really do like your sleeping animal watercolour a lot!
    I've been stargazing lately too... I heard some place that we will soon be able to see five planets above the horizon, which almost never happens. This might be old news to you, if you are hearing about stars daily though. Warm wishes to you.

  16. Karen, while your instructor was trying to be helpful, at the end of the day, nobody does stars like you, and cherish your gift.

    I have arrived at the conclusion that art must not only be beautiful, it also has to be uplifting for me to really love it. I don't read bleak or depressing books anymore, listen to crass music or buy art that doesn't bring me joy. There is a market in joy in all the arts! And your art leads the way--beautiful and so full of joy. :)

  17. Finally back online after our house move! The new Hare painting is fantastic and I really love the Peacable Kingdom, a lovely concept and composition. Of course the title immediately put a song of the same name by 'Rush' in my head (I love Rush!)
    We have a friend who works at the Herschell Museum, we call him 'Whispering Bob Joe' - very softly spoken and bearded youngish chap, I wonder if you saw him...?

  18. I just love Lepus. It has an air of tranquility about it that is so soothing. Beautiful!

  19. This one is going to be fabulous!

  20. I'm not sure quite how I got here at 8 in the morning, but so happy that I did!

    I've enjoyed my mornin cuppa more than ever whilst looking at your beautiful works.

    The harshness of everyday is always with us, and while I can see your tutors point in preparing you for needing to paint what doesn't neccessarily flow in, it does take REAL talent to lift people out of their life and give them a moment of esacpism in your pictures.

    Oh crumbs this simple comment is turning into an essay!

    ps loved the music too

  21. Beautiful words and images. I am glad you did not do as bidden by your tutor. You are an inspiration and I need to do more of this kind of thinking too. I came here for a little look as I often do but today I feel inspired a little more. I engrave hares onto stained glass as you may know, but haven't been able to do so for some while. I feel a little more fired up, thank you.

  22. Karen,
    I also love to visit here for a glimpse of your visionof starry skies, flowers, and peaceful animals.
    I love how your sleeping animals in the Peaceable Kingdom is developing.
    Our world all too often is filled with many harsh realities that we are all aware of, and I find visiting you healing and I am so glad that you paint and write and share your vision.

    I have received your shipment all the way here at Regina, Canada, and I was thrilled to open it.
    The 3 pendants are lovely, and 2 of them will make gifts, and the Rest Your Weary Head pendant is for me.
    Thank you.I'm sure I will order something lovely from you again.

  23. Your painting's coming along beautifully! I did a LOT of 'dark' at college. I think it would shock many people who know my recent art. :) I needed to get it out of my system but these days I want to make pictres that gladden the heart. The more the merrier I say!
    Jess xx

  24. Lovely as usual,your site is so peacefull. lol Angela

  25. of course you can't paint too many night skies! love your colors.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  26. So glad that you do what is predominantly in your means so much to so many.

    My husband is also a keen amateur astronomer and has captured many moon shots using the camera over the eyepiece method. I showed him yours and we like it too :~)

    Here is a link to his blog if you would care to look.

    My heart leapt when I saw that you had visited the Herschel museum. I love that family. Love using cyanotype. It is one of our 'must visit' places :~)

    Here's to stars and indigo skies x

  27. Beautiful. I love the march hare and what peaceable kingdom is becoming :-)

  28. I love the March hare. Peaceable Kingdom is looking very good.

  29. I think the very special thing about your work and your blog, is that you have followed your heart. It is too easy to be knocked off track by tutors, art editors and manufacturers all pulling in opposite directions.

    It goes without saying that I love the artwork here and the writing.

  30. Great post, Lovely blog! I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥♥


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