Monday, February 14, 2011

Very Sweet Things

Today I have probably made the most sweet sickly biscuits ever? ;)  It all began with glitter you see. Edible glitter that I had my eye on getting for a while now. A wonderful idea drifted around in my head. Sugary starlight heart and moon biscuits for Valentines day covered in constellations and the deepest indigo icing sounded wonderful.
So this morning with oven on I proceeded to begin.

All seemed to be running smoothly...

Until it was time to ice them.
Where was the icing sugar? Just a dusting remained in the bottom of the box. How silly of me, I had forgotton that yesterday afternoon my littlest also had the same idea and made biscuits covered in pink icing. So down to our village shop I walked on this beautiful Spring morning and bought the only box they had. Natural sugar that turned a golden colour rather than the icy white that I needed for my moons and stars!

Carrying on I mixed the colour. Plenty of blue colouring but the black that I thought we had left over from Halloween a couple of years ago had disappeared? So, no indigo but peacock blue it seemed. And the silver tiny balls? Oh, there weren't any of those left either.
Hmmm... As you can probably guess they didn't turn out 'quite' as I'd imagined.....

But I'm sure they will get eaten regardless?
Hope your Valentines day is sweet too.


  1. Of course they'll be eaten.
    They look scrumptious!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. well they look ok to me and I think the blue is a lovely colour.

  3. One can never go wrong with edible glitter. :) I love that Moon cookie cutter! Where did you find it? (I'm still saving my pennies for that Selkie print. :D)

    Your posts make me happy.

  4. Pretty pretty biscuits.
    I love my picture by the way (the garden gate), it will be going on my bedroom wall. Thank you

    Sue x

  5. Edible glitter! I want some! They look great and very delicious anyway and if it's anything like my house, they'll disappear before you have time to think about it any longer! ;) xx

  6. I bet they were delicious.
    Wish I had thought of making heart shaped biccies.

  7. Well, they look like edible pieces of art, nonetheless...yum!

  8. They look deliciously magical to me!

  9. Oh my goodness how can you complain about those biscuits??!
    They still look dashing and delicious!!!

  10. The biscuits look delicious. Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.

  11. Gorgeous and delicious cookies. They do indeed look sweet - hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day. Theresa

  12. Puts me in the mood to bake, but my oven's kaput!! Sigh.

    Dawn x

  13. I just found your blog, and I am more amazed than I have been in ages! Your pictures have spellbound me and inspired me beyond words!I am a cartoonist dreaming of doing my own work without deadlines and orders, and you have just given me a huge kick in that direction! Thank you!!! I will check your blog daily from now on to keep my spirits hight!

    Lena in Sweden!


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