Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pinch, Punch, Rabbits! And Some Hares

 'Pinch and a punch first day of the month!  
Do you ever say this to each other on the first of every month? We often do.
Apparently it originates from when people believed that witches existed. It was thought that salt would make a witch weak, so the pinch part is pinching of the salt. The punch part was to banish the witch. The witch would be weak from the salt, so the punch was to banish her.
How many times do we say things and not really know the fascinating story that is behind them?
Must go and research what the 'rabbits' mean now! ;)

I can scarcely believe it's February already. January seemed to whizz past in a blur. I've been busy with some wooden things.
With Valentine's coming up, I felt the desire to use some red.

How could I not make some 'love' inspired hangers.

And hearts...
Outside I can hear Spring in the birds song. Yesterday I glanced up from my work and saw the most beautiful green woodpecker swoop past the window. Birds are indeed looking busier out there. I must remember to get some of my hair out of my hairbrush and begin putting it on the hedge. It's a magical feeling to think that the hair would be used by birds for their nests.
In the garden the snowdrops are up and I was inspired to make a 'Snowdrop Hare'

In my little book 'The Language of flowers' it says Snowdrops symbolize 'Hope'


With the hope of the new year and Spring  fresh in my mind. Like many people I am hoping too that our goverment will change their minds on the decision to sell off our publicly owned woods and forests.

 On Wednesday ( tommorow)  there is going to be a vote in parliament regarding this. If you haven't already done so, please sign this petition and let them know that we want to keep the small amount of public forest and woodland we have left, public for future generations. You can sign here. And go to the 'Save Our Woods' Website here.

I will be listing the hangers in my Etsy shop today, so if you are interested in any of them, keep your eye on it. :)

Finally, I would just like to thank every body for all the kind, generous and encouraging comments that they leave here I really do appreciate them and read them all. I don't always get chance to answer, but am so grateful for all of them and that also goes to everyone that follows too. Thankyou!

See you soon!


  1. My baby is due in March, and will be born in the year of the Rabbit. I'm hoping to buy one of your beautiful hangers for the baby's room. :)

  2. I have my eye on one of your lovely hangers! I am appalled at this government and it's plan to sell of woodland. Anyone with any sense can see how that will end up!
    As a nation, we need to be standing up against decisions like this and actually, I don't think they realise how angry many people feel.xx

  3. Your Snowdrop Hare is beautiful!


  4. Nyxxie...Ooh ccongratulations!x

    Ivy Black... I think you are right. I don't think the govt do realise how angry they are making people! It's awful isn't it. x

    Celia... Thankyou xx

  5. I have been lusting after one of your hangers for a while. It just a case of timing..

  6. Oh dear, its worrying to hear about the possible sale of your forests! I do hope it DOESN"T happen! Good luck.

    Over here we've always said, "Rabbi, rabbit" on the first of the month... wonder if I'm banishing witches. Might be good for me to know as I am a follower of the old ways!

    We are getting slammed with yet another blizzard, I might not make it to teach tomorrow as its going to snow all day today and all day tomorrow! So the thought of anything green and flowering, even snowdrops is quite unfathomable.

    I love the snowdrop hair...
    Blessings from the forest!

  7. We always used to say "Pinch, Punch, First of the Month, WHITE RABBITS!"

    I love the idea of the hair-nests! I've certainly got plenty to spare!

  8. I always say that too but never knew the story behind it. I don't hear american's say it out here though so it must definitely be a british thing.

    Snowdrops are my favorite, another thing we don't get out here in the US and I miss them.

  9. Always a joy to read and see your beautiful posts, often I learn something new and I love how seasons and nature are inspiring you and find their place in your art. Love Renilde

  10. Hi Karen...
    My wonderful Daughter has just purchased one of your wooden hearts as a pressie for me and I can't wait to see it.... She know's I have been waiting to buy one for a while and insisted she brought it for me..I'm a very lucky girl....
    I have already signed the petition to save our forests..all we can do is hope and pray they decide against it.
    Happy Imbolc
    Bright Blessings to you
    Julie x

  11. Drat. I always try to remember to say "rabbitsrabbits" as my first words of the new month. And I always forget.

    I am completely appalled at the idea of your government selling off the public forests. Here in the states, we have to fight this type of thinking continuously. Anything for money. How dreadful this would be for England, and how I hope they come to their senses.

  12. I have heard the "rabbit, rabbit" charm before, but never remember to say it myself! Your hangers are lovely, and I'm glad to have visited your site and have enjoyed your playlist immensely...

  13. We used to say just "pinch and a punch the first of the month" up in Northumebrland. I guess every area has it's own versions of the same rhyme.

    Re the forests, the Public consultation continues to April 21st so if any of your commentees wish to contribute, here's a link to that


  14. We always used to say 'white rabbits!!' at the beginning of the month - I have no idea where the saying comes from. Our garden birds are definitely busier, the blue tits are busy checking out one of our nest boxes for suitability (whilst pretending not to).
    I have signed the petition, and am appalled that it has even been considered. Once they are in private hands, the decision can never be reversed.
    On a brighter note - hurrah, I have a hare heart!! I bought one for my friend a while back,and always wanted one of my own. I love stargazing with my telescope, so it's particularly lucky that I just happened to log on at the right time to find these starlit hares! Can't wait to see it for real!

  15. I didn't know about the proposals for our lovely woodland - thanks for bringing it up. Hair for a birds nest - what a lovely idea - I will be donating some!

  16. thanks for the link to the petition Karen, I've signed.
    It may (not - hopefully) be happening in England but it will affect Scotland too. Just ridiculous!

  17. Your new hangers are lovely especially the snowdrop hare. Interesting to read the origin of another old custom too, it's true that we say a lot of things without really knowing what they mean. Glad to see that you are publicizing the Save Our Forests petition, the more people who draw attention to it on their blogs the better.

  18. The snowdrop hare is really wonderful!

  19. Didn't know that British woodlands were threatened - the UK has seemed so sensible in caring for its public lands. Don't let them do it!

  20. The rabbit hangers are stunning, I will be dropping round your etsy store to check them out.

    I joined the woodland trust to try and help save our forests, let's hope the king makers see sense although given their current behavior........

    Best wishes

  21. What sweet rabbits! Your hangers are so enchanting. Very springlike!!! I hope that all goes well with the petition. All woodlands everywhere should be revered and preserved. I always enjoy my visits here with you. Theresa

  22. I love the two rabbits in the heart... good work :-) Your blog made me smile :-)))

  23. Gorgeous post Karen - I love those hearts - do pop along to my blog and join in with the One World One Heart giveaway if you don't know about it - you could also offer something - its great fun x

  24. Dear Karen,
    Truly magical creations,defines your art work perfectly.
    My best friend gave me a gift of your art work recently.
    She also gave me another fabulous gift discovering your peaceful feeling art work.
    The kind of person you must be to create such beauty.
    You are magical in my eyes,thank you.
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx
    Karen you have inspired me,more than you could know.

  25. That snowdrop hare is just gorgeous- so wintry


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