Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

 Step into Narnia this winter....

I did the other day and enjoyed it very much!


  1. I'm planning on seeing it Monday..can't wait! As a kid, it was always my favorite book in the series.

  2. Hi Katie, i love your blog and this trailer too! Tommorow this film come in Italy! :-)))
    kiss and bye bye! Cristina

  3. Hoping to see it soon! I was excited when I found out they were making this one, too.

  4. Hi Karen
    It's a fantastic film went the on the release date, even hubby enjoyed it. I still love the first one though, I think it's all the snow shots.....I just love snow!
    Have a very Happy Time and a Properous New Year!
    Julie x

  5. Fairiesnest...Ooh enjoy! x

    Cristina...Thanks :) x

    bunnits....You will love it I'm sure.

    Julie...Thanks too! x
    I agree it was wonderful wasn't it.... I saw it in 3D which I was a little bit worried as the last film I saw in 3D gave me a stinking headache. However I was fine this time. :) I too have to admit The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe though is my favourite story! ;) and yes I'm sure it's because of the wintery atmosphere!

  6. Saw it today in 3D - loved it! Can't believe I cried about a mouse! :)


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