Monday, December 13, 2010

A Painting Waits...

"Love awoke one winter's night
And wander'd through the snowbound land,
And calling to beasts and birds
Bid them his message understand.

And from the forest all wild things
That crept or flew obeyed love's call,
And learned from him the golden words
Of brotherhood for one and all."
-   Author Unknown

Above..  the beauty of ice and natures mastery taken in the cold spell last week. For now the fields have returned to a  faded palette of greens and browns. But not for long.... The forecast is a return later this week to snow and ice and a wind that bites.

 A painting waits patiently, half finished on my small easel. I am impatient, but at the moment my mind has been whirled off in other directions. And, there are Birthday and Christmas presents to hunt for. 
Try not to get too whisked away your goodselves. 

 ( Please excuse the small type. Blogger is playing up! ;)


  1. What a magical wonderland! We expect snow here too this week, and I'm looking forward to it. I don't mind things grinding to a halt somehow, the holidays start earlier that way.

  2. gorgeous words and uplifting to come home to...thankyou dear one x

  3. We had the same wonderful frost.
    Beautiful poem.x

  4. awwwww i like this type of photos :)
    we don´t have snow ejejeje but maybe someday I want to go to north this time of the year

    take care!

  5. Wasn't that hoar frost amazing? So beautiful. I love the poem too words that are particularly appropriate at this time of year when we remember goodwill to all men etc.


  6. such a wonderful glimpse into your wintry world. Thank you and wishing you the best as you shop for your gifts.

  7. We've only had a slight dusting.... and LOTS of rain the last two days. Tonight we're back to cold. Happy Winter to you and thanks for your heartfelt words on my blog.

  8. Love the poem and the photos.The frosty nights have been magical.I keep hearinf that poem by Coleridge which mentions "the secret ministry of fost" 1

  9. beautiful post
    and lovely accompanying music

    seasons greetings x

  10. We had hoar frost for the first time in donkeys' years last Tuesday and it was wonderful. These scenes suit your paintings. I was expecting you'd say you'd rushed to the studio rather than set them aside!


    P.S. I wish nature were like the poem. It seems pretty rough and violent to me!

  11. Karen, you take such magical photos! I know all about the 'lots of birthdays' thing only too well ;) Mine too is in December, the only one I don't need to buy for! xx

  12. Wehad spectacular frosts in Wiltshire last week, looked more like snow than frost. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting

  13. This is the first thing to have made me feel the warmth of Christmas. Beautiful poem and beautiful images.

  14. Beautiful images and the perfect poem. Enjoy these crystal days. :)

  15. I'm always so completely blown away by your blog whenever I pop in for a visit - I'm not disappointed this time :)

  16. Such gorgeous winter imagery. It looks soooo magical...I hope it brings much inspiration for many beautiful paintings. Theresa

  17. Wonderful frosty photos, there really is something magical to behold in the frozen wild

  18. Love the new picture. Btw, the prints I ordered from Etsy arrived last week and are now up on the wall and look beautiful :)


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