Monday, December 14, 2009

Stone Men And Winter Greenery

There is a chill in the air...
I have taken to wearing my hat and gloves.
At dusk here, the cottage windows glow, warm, welcoming with a twinkle of christmas. The skies have been clear and starry and the chimneys have smoky dragon tails of sweetest woodsmoke.

Shopping in Bath was icy and I felt as cold as the stone figures on Bath Abbey.

In all the rush of Christmas they looked so still and wise and peaceful  gazing down from up high.

I'm always amazed by the detail on Bath Abbey and always have to stop and look. I adore the wooden door and even that looked cold too..

At least I was able to warm up with a mulled wine and lunch. Unlike the poor stone men.

Its been busy here with not much time for making wooden creatures or painting pictures. I've been stocking up on new supplies. Paints, canvas envelopes and other necessary bits and pieces and I had a bit of a rearrange of my desk and printer.
The house has almost finished being decorated. Just the holly, ivy and mistletoe to bring in now.

This holly is off of one of our own dear trees that is covered in berries every year. I picked it several weeks ago and it is in the greenhouse in a bucket of water. If I hadn't of picked it when I did, then I wouldn't have had any for Christmas decorating as the blackbirds and thrushes  have stripped the tree bare now.
The Ivy. Well there is plenty of that in the garden to pick.

The mistletoe. Oh how I would  LOVE to have growing on my apple tree! This beautiful bunch however I bought from the farm shop yesterday when we bought our Christmas tree.

Each year I try to get some mistletoe growing on the branches, but it has yet to work? Our apple tree branches are bare at this time of year. Just lichen.

This green man is keeping an eye on things in the garden, maybe I should get him to weave some magic over my mistletoe berries ;)

Hope everyone elses festive decorating is going well!?

And, I hear we may be in for snow this week!? I hope so!

P.S: Sorry about this large area in between the last picture and the comment place. I've just switched over to the new version of blogger and can't seem to get it? If anyone can tell me why I have this big annoying gap, please do? In the meantime excuse the odd things that may appear here and there while I get used to it! x
(Thankyou CJ It worked! :-) )     


  1. Your house looks so cosy and so beautiful! What a perfect setting for christams :) Can I ask what you mean by the new version of Blogger? I didn't know there was one.xx

  2. Gorgeous post-I have almost been treading the same stones.The Abbey was bursting with song as I was looking at those very stone men yesterday, Magical.

  3. Oh, I did enjoy this holiday post. Christmas shopping in Bath sounds wonderful, despite the cold that can turn one to stone. And how welcoming your cottage looks for Christmas.

    I wish I could help with the blogger problems. I'm afraid I am always surprised when any posting of mine actually works. I know so little about how to do it!

  4. TRULY thankyou for this post ! It`s cold here in Ireland too , snow forcast (yeah !)...cannot get hold of holly or mistletoe anywhere , so we got some ivy yesterday on our long as theres some everygreen in the cottage we don`t mind ! Thankyou for the "cyber trip" to Bath :0) wonderful pictures , wonderful words...keep warm !

  5. Thank you for bringing so much magic into the world. Karen. Your posts are always full of brilliance and light. Hope the green man brings you some mistletoe in times to come while weaving some extra magic for your happiness, wealth, and health as the season turns. x

  6. Jessie.. I didn't know there was a new version either until a message popped up and asked me if I wanted to go onto the new blogger? Its not very different, but annoying little things seem to keep happening when I post? I'll get used to it in time. I'll just have to practice more and post more ;)
    Aren't the stone carvings amazing!

    Bath is a lovely place to shop, but is very busy for a little country mouse like myself! :)

    Fingers crossed for snow! ;)

    Thankyou Carol :) x

  7. I was just in Bath in September and enjoyed seeing the Abbey, the Roman Baths and the Pump Room. Also, lovely shops around that area. Christmas shopping would be fun there! Lucky you!

  8. Hello Karen! The stone carvings are truly amazing, as were all the nature photos. Thanks so much for posting them!!! Hope you are having a lovely day...Theresa

  9. Those doors are amazing!

    This is the first time I have ever seen mistletoe in its natural form. I don't think it grows here.

    Also, your picture of the lichen is great - you can see how robust it is.

    Our holiday planning has been put on hold because of the extreme cold, but hope to get back at it soon! :)

  10. I love your art and your blog posts. It always feel like stepping into a dream.

  11. Your work is incredible! Love all the Christmas finery! Thanks for sharing with us in the U.S....

  12. Another magical post, thank you Karen! Oh, how I adore that photo of the lichen...!

  13. love the lichen on the apple branches Karen!
    hope you get that snowfall - Edinburgh is cold and wet and grey! it's very enchanting where you are.

  14. Such beautiful photos! It may help to get me in the Christmas spirit just yet.

  15. I love this blog, I could eat it! I feel as though it is just for me, my special hidey place, like the ones cats have.

  16. Thank you for such a beautiful post, it put me very much in the spirit of the season :)

    I used to live not far from Bath and I think it is such a special city. It has remained very close to my heart.

    We will be collecting our holly and ivy this weekend.. things are running a little late this year, mainly due to the introduction of a new feline friend :)As for the mistletoe, it is a truly elusive plant to grow. Despite years of berry squashing, my parents old apple tree remains as much a stranger to this magical plant as yours does. Mind you that lichen is very beautiful :))

    Stay warm (I'm hoping for snow, but it's just gloomy and rainy at the moment)
    Tanith x

  17. Every where looks so festive, beautiful photography. Linda :)

  18. I love your pictures especially the abbey and the Green Man. He fascincates me. As to Blogger, sometimes after uploading pics extra space is added. Go back to your last line of text. Place the cursor at the end, right click and scroll down as if you were highlighting. You should see a blue line which is your blank space. Hit your delete button. That should do the trick.

  19. I love the mistletoe! Seeing Bath Abbey makes me long to visit! Thanks for the beauty!
    Happy Holidays

  20. Just wanted to say I love your artwork and so enjoy visiting here. Your holiday decorating looks lovely! I hope you got your snow! Happy Holidays!

  21. Dear Karen
    What a beautiful post! The stone carvings are magnificent.. Your home looks so warm and inviting.. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Hi Karen,navigating arrived to your blog and I have to say that is captivating your work.
    it is very beautiful the air of magic of the beautiful pictures that you do and their pendants are simply wonderful.
    I will go back more times to visit you.
    Merry Christmas!

  23. I cannot tell you how many times I've come back to your blog to look at the lovely images you've posted. The warm glow looking through the window with the crystals hanging like icycles, the fresh greenery afixed to antique doors.. and the music. So peaceful and a wonderful resbit to adjourn to during the day. I feel like the child in the music from "The Bear"... touring England through magical eyes. Thank you so much and Happy Christmas!

  24. Although I live in the US, I was lucky enough to visit Bath a couple of years ago. Do they still have the shop named "December 25th" that sells Christmas ornaments all year? Some of my favorite ornaments came from there.
    I love the Abbey, especially the angles that are crawling down the Jacob's Ladder head first. Are they fallen angels? I always wanted to know the story behind them.

  25. magic and beauty in every post- i think ur art is stunningly beautiful...such a lovely talent.
    such an enchanting abbey in this post xx

  26. The picture of your door with the berries and the bell are my absolute favorite...this combination of artfully interacting objects seem to say "welcome friends."


  27. Love your homey pictures as ever Karen! Very cosy and inviting. And I look forward to seeing what you get up to with that stockpile!

  28. what a beautiful visually inspiring blog~

  29. Happy Christmas Karen, I love your blog and a visit here is always a visual delight, with lovely music as an extra. I look froward to another year of inspiration from Moonlight and Hares.

  30. Karen!

    Amazing shots!

    The abbey door is ridiculously detailed!

    The lichen on your apple tree is gorgeous! So many colors and textures!

    I've never seen anything like that before. The lichen can grow like that in the wintertime? Who knew!


  31. Stunnnnnning photographs!!! ;-) Interesting as always too - Houdini x


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