Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Arrival Of Winter And A Little Giveaway

After so so much rain...
And now the sky is clear.
A twilight blue with the brightest of  winter moon.

It has suddenly got ice cold.

Much too cold for some....

There are those who prefer to stay inside in the warm, and are happy to just watch  from the window.
But when the light is like this, me, well I just have to be outside. If only for a moment to steal some of the magic and keep it for myself and share it with you....

I haven't been out much at all lately, still being held prisoner by my cough and cold. But today, I  heard Decembers icy fingers tapping at the door, so I wrapped up, with hat, scarf and gloves. Just for  a short while and to capture these elegant creatures in a pretty shop window.

Winter has arrived.
I'm looking forward to the first sparkles of frost on cobwebs.
Silent snowflakes and iced white sugar mice.....

Snow and  ice were on my mind when I did this little painting....

It was done for the online magazine New Fairytales and you can read the current issue here . They are raising money for Derian House Childrens hospice so please go and take a look.

And now because its December, the month of my birthday and because I have cause to celebrate reaching and passing 100 sales in my Etsy shop and 200 followers here (Thank you all )  I think it is time for a blog giveaway! Just leave me a comment If you would like a chance of  this bundle of 5 postcards with envelopes featuring my painting an Angel In The Woods.

The only rule is, you must be a follower of this blog.
I will pick a winning name out, from all of the comments on Sunday.
Stay warm xx


  1. Oh! How lovely! I'd love love love to win! ^-^ And that wonderful shop window! Have you any idea of the artist who made the hares?

  2. Oh my, Moonlight & Hares, and a full moon at that...I am here first this evening, commenting, I think, because I live in America and I am awake still :>]]

    Your photos are all so lovely - but - what a beautiful photo of the moon, thank you...!

    And I wanted to tell you (because it is one of my special reasons for loving this blogworld so much) that earlier this evening Country Girl posted something about her sighting of this very same moon we are all having...do you know her blog?....and she is half way across the world. Here is the link:

    I am enjoying all the magic!!

  3. Hi, I just recently started following your blog. I am amazed at the magic you create in your art by using crisp cool blues and whites. Lovely.


  4. Many congratulations on reaching such tremendous milestones in sales and followers! I am happy to hear that you are feeling a wee better. Maybe the anticipation of winter is driving away any more illness?

    Please do enter me in your giveaway, as I am indeed a follower of your beautiful blog!

    Sincerely, Theresa

  5. I am also a follower of your gorgeous blog and also purchased a few of your adorable creations from your Etsy shop......
    So glad you are now feeling better and thankfully well enough to enjoy the outdoor cold bite of December!
    And birthday greetings for sometime this month... a magical month indeed!!
    With Love, Jane xxx

  6. I love those statues of hares! I saw them in many gift stores in England when I was there in September.

  7. I took a long walk in the winter moonlight myself tonight. Incredibly cold, but so beautiful. I do so adore this season. And Edward is in heaven.

  8. Hello, Karen. It seems so many of us have been sharing the moon. Came here to your beautiful site via a comment left on mine. Your artwork is wonderful.

  9. Beautiful winter moon! And I love this angel :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon to enjoy the upcoming festive season.

  10. Why didn't I know about this magazine before? It is wonderful! And your work is perfectly at home there - I am looking forward to much happy reading. (We had the white winter moon follow us home from our walk yesterday, quite magical)

  11. Decembers icey fingers tapped at our door last night & left a bright frosty crisp morning,the coldest yet this year. x

  12. i adore your work and your blog... you are in my bloglines. i visit here often but do not know how to be a follower... i tried it once but it wouldn't do it...:(
    your new painting is beautiful,
    warm winter wishes
    ginny x (sweetmyrtle)

  13. Love the new picture:-)
    I have used up all my angel cards already...framed x 1 for me, then my daughter saw it and wanted one as well...the three others went to nieces and a my daughters friend who totally fell in love when they saw it...now I need 5 more to actually send to people LOL:-)
    Take care,

  14. love your posts Karen...they are always so so magical. Happy Birthday when it happens! And those Hares are just amazing. I was in Polperro in Cornwall recently and saw a sculpture of a Golden Hare. It was a Hare's head on a man's body...weird. In the pose of The THINKER. I didn't have my camera on me at the time though...shame.

  15. Karen a magical visit as always. I would love to be included in your giveaway as i sit here freezing waiting for the man from British Gas to show up and fix our heating. Wish me luck.Happy 1st December :)

  16. Winter cold can be magical too, you prove. Lovely new painting and of course I would love to win the cards. Take care of your lingering cold!

  17. I can just feel the lovely crisp, clear air in your photos. And it seems so in keeping with your whole blog :)

    I love your newest painting & congrats for having it in the fairytale online mag (I had a peek the other day).

  18. I am a new fan of your art and have been spreading the word. So beautiful! I'd like to enter the drawing, too. :)

  19. I've just turned two of my linocuts into wintery scenes in honour of the full moon, advent and the first frost: http://tammykingdon.blogspot.com
    I love your blog and music. Congratulations

  20. I love your inspiring and beautiful blog and art and would love to enter your contest.

  21. Oh my goodness... a dream come true sooner rather than later. It would be an honor to win anything... something with your artwork would be a double blessing :)

    thanks for the opportunity !

  22. Such beautiful photos! I feel the same way on those clear winter twilights I want to go exploring in that crisp gorgeous air.
    ...and I would love to enter your drawing as well, as I follow follow follow! :)

  23. Oh I just love your blog. I wouldn't mind winning some of your cards! They're lovely :)

  24. Ooooh, I'd love to win some of your cards please :) They're perfect for such a beautifully crispy-frosty beginning to December!

  25. Ooh Congatulations - she is quite beautiful. I discovered this magazine just a couple of weeks ago . I shall await the next issue :)

  26. What a absolutely stunning blog you have and your art work is soo amazing

  27. Oh goodness...I do hope we in the U.S. can play along too! Your beautiful work gives me joy and inspiration!
    Each one, prettier than the next.

  28. well as a healer and an angel crad reader these beautiful images just "got me" , I have a winter birthday too , in January and as a child I thought the angels stayed in Heaven as it was too cold to come out in he winter , well I was wrong :0)
    DO get well soon and thankyou for sharing those beautiful images , they mad emy heart smile !

  29. Oh, everything looks so frosty white and blue in your world. As for me, I'm in the Southern California desert, so we are just now getting below 80 degrees.

    I would love to be entered to win the lovely cards. Your work always makes me happy.

    By coincidence, I'm having a give-away as well. If you get a spare moment, stop by my blog. I'm giving away some of my art prints. One is a rabbit-y sort of piece and the others are dancing Boston Terriers.

    Gerushia's New World

  30. Ah, the picture is lovely and full of magic.

  31. OOh, put my name down please. Congratulations on you shop and blog, very well deserved.

    I am having a blog giveaway also, this time fabric.

  32. Those photos of the moon and trees are so lovely, I must go and look at the moon this evening, I missed it last night. Your postcards are stunning, can you include me in your draw? :)x

  33. I would love a bundle of your postcards! Your art makes me feel so good that after I read some blogs, I leave yours up on my screen as I sew just so I can glance at them from time to time.

  34. Thank you for sharing those beautiful winter photos - and just why is my Ginger studio assistant appearing on your blog ;-)

    May the Etsy sales and blogging friends continue to grow!

    Love those beautiful special postcards

  35. I love how the snow effect falls across the first photograph, and those hares in the shop window are just gorgeous. beautiful work as always.

  36. Hello...I just found your blog today...very lovely & you're so talented. Please enter me...thanks.

  37. I love those hares!

    We had the most incredible golden moon here last night. Had to run over to the beach to see it bounce up over the sea. It was freezing!!!

    Gorgeous pictures, Karen. hope you are feeling well soon.

  38. Hi, does it count if I just became a follower today? I found your blog through Elin, a blogger who is one of your followers. She became a follower of MY blog today, and I followed the link here. I love all your illustrations, especially the ones with hares. They remind me of the "Moongazy Girl" heroine of the Stonewylde series.

    I'm putting you on my sidebar.

    Julie from Bismarck,ND

  39. You have a very beautiful blog, moonlight and hares are also two of my favourite things!

  40. Hello Karen,

    What a wonderful post, and thank you for sharing the season's magic. Hope that December's icy fingers takes a way every last trace of your cold.

    I love your painting for New Fairytales. So beautiful!

    Congratulations on the latest milestones and every happiness for a magical birthday.

    Much love and radiant light. xx

  41. Your blog has such a lovely title I'm surprised I haven't found it before.

    Yesterday morning the full moon was still around when we were getting up for the day - much to the delight of my elder son who has been learning about the phases of the moon at school.

  42. Hello...I love the snow...just lovely and those hares...I would love to peep in that window....your blog is so cosy and welcoming...I dont know where the time is going we are so busy at work and home ...knitting like a mad woman...there are sparks coming off my knitting needles I can tell you and I feel I have deserted my lovely bloggy pals...lots of love to you and yours...H

  43. Karen,

    What a lovely place you've created, one I know I'll enjoy visiting. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, and led me back to yours!



  44. What a lovely giveaway - I do like your pictures, and it's great to have discovered your blog!

    Pomona x

  45. Oh too bad, i'm too late. But congrats for the winner!
    I have a give away also on my blog. December is such a beautiful, magical month. People seem to care more and are happy giving presents to each other. Lovely post, and enjoy the magic.....

  46. Lovely painting, Karen!

    Very magical looking!


  47. However did you make it snow? Fantastical!


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