Monday, July 14, 2008

Meadowsweet And Marigolds

At last the sun came out! and everything seemed so bright! I had to take a picture of these marigolds. I don't normally go for orange, apart from the eating variety! This year though I planted these from seed and even in all the rain they cheer the garden up. They also go well with the old blue bedstead don't you think?
Yesterday we went for a walk along the canal, well I walked and G,T and J kayacked. The boat could only fit 3, but I didn't mind! :) I strolled along happily content to watch and breathe in the heavenly scent of meadowsweet that smothered the banks. Silly me forgot to take my camera though, so the pictures are of the garden.

Meadowsweet  'Queene of the meadows'
Tradition said that this was a sacred plant to the Druids. It was used as a strewing herb.
"Queene Elizabeth of famous memory did more desire it than any other herb to strew her chambers with all"
And this one's growing in my garden. I must rescue it from the grips of the bind weed!


  1. those marigolds look lovely. what a wonderful picture.

  2. Lovely pictures! That blue goes so well with the orange flowers.

  3. This is so beautiful! Marigolds and medowsweet. A walk by the river. Your garden looks so inviting.

    I remember reading somewhere too that medowsweet should be boiled in wine to 'make the heart merry'.

  4. Hmmm I might have to try that! :)
    I've made elderflower wine before and blackberry. The trouble about homemade wine is though, I can never hold on to them long enough to see what they taste like when fully mature. They always disappear too fast!!

  5. As I look at my carpet which is covered in enough dog hair to knit a small dog I long for the days of strewing herbs, when the room could be sweetened by meadowsweet and then all swept out and replaced.
    Beautiful painting. Love your hares and owls.
    love from Jackie and the gingercats

  6. The flowers are just magical! I'm sure fairies must live there. Have a creative day


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