Monday, March 10, 2008

Watch out! There's a wind wolf outside!!

A bit of a sleep orientated weekend, what with children coming and going between friends houses for sleepovers, it concluded last night when we all decided to camp downstairs in the living room to escape any danger of old chimneys falling! The storm crept in quietly, but by 3am there was a ferocious wolf eager to get in at doors and windows. We found it a bit of an adventure, but the kids were a little disappointed when they discovered their schools were fine and open as normal this morning.
I'm shattered today from lack of sleep. Not only did the storm keep me awake, but we were pestered throughout the night by our two 7 months old cats who also found camping fun!
This week I've decided to give 'Illustration Friday' a go. The theme is 'garden' so I'll see what I can come up with?
It's still wild, wet and windy outside. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my greenhouse doesn't blow down!

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