Friday, March 28, 2008

Strange Happenings....

I've always been a night owl and find it hard to go to bed early. I have a habit each night of looking out of the bedroom window at the sky. I'm a moon gazer and a shooting star seeker! Regardless of the weather I always look. Late on Good Friday/early hours of Saturday morning, not sure of the exact time, the sky was spectacular, amazing light and fast moving clouds. Then even more amazing, I saw writing in the sky!!!! The darkness behind the clouds beneath the moon formed the letters 'eya' so clear as if it had been written in a fine pen. Unfortunately because the clouds were moving fast it disappeared before I had chance to get my camera.
What does it mean?
Is it message?
Could it be significant to Easter?
Is it the name of a blogger, fate wants me to link up with?
Maybe its a company that wants to offer me loads of illustration work! Yay!
With numerous amounts of hot chocolate I began to sift through Google search.
I've yet to find the blogger or the company, but I thought this was interesting...
'eya' seems to be a lyric in some hymns in latin, I think as a form of praise?
Strange!? well, this is Wiltshire after all!
Now there are little hoards of chocolate eggs lying around the house which are too tempting to pass! No sign of the Easter rabbit at 'Mells' Daffodil festival on Monday, but look, I found some friendship cats. (I bought a green one)
I am ashamed to say that I still haven't done anything for Illustration Friday and now look at the time, it is Friday all over again! Time has not been wasted though as I have been learning new computer skills regarding my website. Surely this can only be a good thing!?

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