Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful And Magical

Something beautiful and Magical
Happy Weekend x



  1. That was indeed beautiful and magical I was entranced. Did he go back to being a paper bird I wonder or did he remain free?! It was also magical as it was the first video I have ever been able to watch without it continually stopping every few seconds! Beautiful music too I didn't want it to stop!! Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. Amazing! Makes me want to make some mobiles!

  3. Thank you Karen for sharing this sweet film clip. It's very beautiful as it touches the heart! :-)
    I like to think that the little bird can fly free at night and returns to the mobile, (his home) during the day.
    Have a very magical weekend. :-)
    Jo. xx

  4. Thankyou karen - happy weekend to you! :)xx

  5. Simply beautiful! Thank you for posting it karen. And a Happy Weekend to you too! :-)
    ~ Deb

  6. Oh, haven't seen this one! How did i missed it?? - i'm such a fan! ;)

  7. I love this, thank you for sharing it!!

  8. Gosh the animation and music are so wonderful they brought tears to my eyes!

  9. Magical, indeed! I loved the bit of extra magic - how the snow in the film continued out past its borders as it mixed with the animated snow on your blog... that was also cool!

  10. Drew me in and captivated, transported and placed me back gently in the day, all the better for having seen it. You're a treasure!

  11. Oh no! Is he going back to the mobile?
    Or will he fly back into the sun? So poignant!
    Such work!
    Thanks for sharing.


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