Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As Above So Below

As I sit at my desk everyday darkness falls that little bit later.

Each day shows a new sign of Spring.
This last week and abit I've had my fingerless mitts on, and I've been spending time in the shed cutting out wooden bits and pieces. It's been mighty chilly too. I'm not sure why but these last few days I've felt colder than I did when we had the snow and ice back in December?
At night when the house is silent and all except me are asleep I immerse myself in water. Physically and mentally. (Yes, I confess to being a bath time reader.) I'm just reaching the last few chapters of Roger Deakin's wonderful book 'Waterlog' I love the way he writes and I always finish a chapter with a wholesome feeling or an appetite for simple food such as cherries and a jug of milk. The type of food Enid Blyton's characters used to take on picnics to secret islands. And of course a desire to be swimming in clear fish filled waters and catching a flash of irridescence of a dragon or damselfly. That will have to wait until summer and in the meantime I'll meander through the woods, in the other book that I have beneath my pillow.

Connection between ourselves and nature, is as the book I've been reading,  also the theme of my latest painting as much of my work is.

                                                                                        'As Above So below'

I have named it 'As Above, So Below'  This painting is about how we are all interconnected on the planet by  a  magic or lifespark that entwines us.
I called it this, as these words 'as above so below'came into my head as the painting took shape.  It was quite strange really as it almost felt like something was telling me to call it this?  The phrase seemed familiar to me and I had probably read it and locked it away in my store cupboard of a mind which I'm afraid I'm always losing the keys to. Anyway you well read folks probably know all about the origins of this phrase but I had to google it after it popped into my mind. And so I was quite taken aback when there it was saying the same as I was trying to portray  just a of glimpse in my picture..

"The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula. "'That which is above is the same as that which is below'...Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as...and so on, ad infinitum." 
You can read more here
 Be warned, you will lose yourself along corridors of dusty doorways  leading to a maze of ancient secrets and an emerald stone tablet that reveals the magical secrets of the universe. Wonderful!

Talking of doorways, I don't think I've shared this piece of work before? 

 It's a fair few years old now, but along with this one (which I know I showed you before)

 They will both be available to buy as prints in my Etsy shop  later and the new picture will follow shortly.

PS: Please forgive the different font sizes here and there. Blogger is behaving naughty. ;)


  1. Your newest painting is beautiful. The magick that runs through, and in and out, and over and under! You have made a wonderfully mystic capture of a favorite saying of us witches. "As above, so below"

  2. I am in love with Deakin's books too; they have led me to discover another great writer, one of Deakin's friends Robert MacFarlane. I have nearly finished "The Wild Places" and I wish it were longer.

    And spring is definitely just around the corner! Today I heard the first blackbirds singing; first in the morning when I woke, and then in the evening I heard one singing amidst the roar of traffic, perched on a tree at the crossroads.

  3. Awash in a feeling of peace and gratitutude....this post made me feel so refreshed....your work had me feeling inspired....soothed and a part of such a magical world :)

  4. Such beautiful paintings. I love the way you capture things.

  5. Stunning work! I think your narwhals are my favorites. There is something so magical and innocent about them...and a very fitting title indeed.

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  7. I so adore your work. Have you ever thought of doing a tarot deck? It would be a best seller!

    Guelph, Ontario

  8. Love that phrase, it's one of those along with 'at one with the green, betwixt and between' that I especially adore. Your new painting as with your two older paintings is *so* *very* *beautiful*
    You are an oasis of great calm and magical innocence in a crazy, chaotic world.

  9. I just LOVE all your artwork, such talent!

  10. A lovely, magical moment in your world this afternoon as the light slowly fades outside. I sit at my desk, somewhat emotional today, and it feels like a warm hug to come to your world and melt into the water world, walk through a strange door to follow the moon, and watch as snow falls silently outside a cozy, cottage garden where unicorns dance. thank you!

  11. Yes, I second the idea of a Tarot deck! I love the hare in the doorway and the parquet floor under the full moon - very Alice in Wonderland.
    And, of course, I love the Unicorn! ; )

  12. Robin Larkspur...
    Thanks Robin.:)x I'm really enjoying exploring all about this saying.

    Kitty...Ooh I shall have to look at Robert MacFarlane afterwards! Thank you for letting me know. I'm just beginning Wildwood now and am going to savour it. Enjoy your blackbirds. x

    Cameron...I am so glad it did. Flowery Spring blessings to you. x

    Dyche Designs...Thank you x

    Fairies Nest...Thanks x
    Yes there does indeed seem something magical and innocent. I suppose it's because we associate them with unicorns and they live in the peace of underwater most of the time? I would love to see one in real life. :)

    Thank you.x Now that's an idea I will ponder over. :)

    Stripey cat and Lyn...
    Thank you both x

    Valerianna.. Thank you for visiting! I'm so happy that it lifted your spirits today. :)x

    Heidi... Thank you. :) x

  13. You're prints are stunning! I'm really surprised ou don't have a picture book published.
    You're work reminds me of Oliver Jeffers or Cicely Mary Barker. They have a very original flare.

  14. Such a gorgeous and ethereal painting. I have a fondness for narwhals. :) Magical and enchanting, as always. :) Theresa

  15. I cannot wait for Spring. It's still wintry and grey for the most part but I did see a full rainbow yesterday and that warmed my heart. Daffodils are beginning to raise their heads too!

    I have added both of those books to my wishlist, they sound so fascinating. I long for the sea.

    You capture magic so beautifully ♥

    Oh, talking of Enid Blyton! I stumbled across this book a while ago:

  16. *___* the name of the painting sounds perfect, I can understand it!! Thanks for sharing amazings arts!! I wonder if I can ask you some question for my blog, someday I wan to contact you

    take care!!

  17. I love everything about this post. Your work is so beautiful and transformative. Just magical...

  18. The As Above So Below painting is beautiful especially the figure of the Lady. Other commenters mentioned Robert MacFarlane's book 'The Wild Places', I have read and enjoyed this book too - more so than Roger Deakin's books actually.

  19. 'as above so below' is a phrase used by the Wiccans in my own family to signify all is well with the world. Betty

  20. 'Waterlog' is a lovely book. His other one about wood and woodland is even more about place and time - his description of the walnut forests of Eastern Europe evokes very strong feelings.

  21. There is nothing more magical than the way a painting evolves, for me they are always the echo of my original spark of inspiration, Im always surprised and never quite sure from where it flows or from where the finished work comes? Wonderful paintings all, full of energy and love.

  22. So very nice! I'd forgotten about that phrase. I'm not even sure where I heard. The music playing was perfectly coordinated with your post, so magical. I think your painting captures the phrase well.

  23. Extra lovely work in the new painting!

  24. Wow, I love your new painting! And the meaning attached to it.

    I hope spring finds you soon. :)

  25. Very lovely. Can't wait to buy a print so I can look at it all the time! :)

  26. I love the painting and confess to imersing myself in hot baths as often as I can!I love to read in bed too.Deakin's books are beautiful.

  27. I adore reading in the bath too. I wish that made water resistant books!!
    The picture of above and below is wonderful..That unicorn one..makes my heart go all melty.

  28. Love your Doorway painting. It's really interesting and I can imagine it inspiring a poem.

  29. Such a wonderful painting - and a wonderful post - makes me feel so relaxed when I visit here - off to check out Deakin's book as I don't know him and also Robert MacFarlane - thanks for the inspiration

  30. Spring is around the corner, it feels so good ! Good paintings too!

  31. Beautiful painting. Spring is on its way here too. There are tiny glimpses of yellow in my garden where the daffodils are beginning to bloom & the birds are nestbuilding too. It's still very cold though, we need some sunshine.

  32. Oh, Karen, there is so much that I love when I visit here! Loreena McKennit, Nordic folk music, hares, trees, starlight and now narwhals. This is the most shimmeringly magical painting. I have been dreaming about visiting the Arctic recently and have written posts that mention Greenland and narwhals, but also hares, 'Wildwood', ancient trees....so you can imagine how much I find that resonates here! Your art is a blessing. Should you make prints of this one, please let us know!


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