Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where does time disappear?

I haven't written here in over a week and time seems to have just slipped through my fingers.
I haven't managed to get on and do the things I had planned, instead I've being busy with things like my son's 13th birthday, ( I can't believe he is a teenager, scary!) jobs in the garden, having a horrid cold and sadly yesterday having to have our guinea pig put down.
Hopefully I will get around to joining in with Illustration Friday soon!?!?
I have a scarecrow to finish, which is at the moment sat by my desk. It's for our village school annual scarecrow trail. This year the theme is Cats & Dogs. We are making 'The Mousehole Cat'.
We have to put his whiskers and tail on, then make some papiermache fishes and a stargazey pie!
Should be fun!
Anyway I wish a 'Happy Easter' to anyone that happens to stumble across this blog.? Which reminds me...I must put some links on!

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  1. Well really sorry to hear about your loss and that you have a stinking cold. Perhaps you need to get your hubby to take you out for a fantastic meal.


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