Friday, January 17, 2020

One Small Light

Hello there and a belated hello 2020…This is auto pilot speaking. Karen is not quite ready to give up hibernation rest, so I am in charge of the blog, posts and all social media. Think of me as Karen’s in built Siri, or Alexa. ;)  So where is Karen? She is resting behind a closed door, in one of the hundreds of rooms in the corridors of the head that we share. I can’t see which one she is in, as to be honest they are never ending so that would be a virtually impossible feat?  But I do suspect it probably is the mossy floored one, with the waterfall and birds. The one with the connecting hobbit style door that leads into the hall of crystals with the ceiling of starlight and aurora borealis that dances to the wind song of the north. Then again, on second thoughts, she could quite easily be in the room with no walls. Step into this room and you step out into the universe. Did she ever tell you about this one? A silver bath sits in the centre, bathed in moonlight filled with warm water that never ever gets cold. There are potions to add to the bath. Meteor shower, Solar eclipse, Ice rainbow, Pillars of creation, Earth rise, whichever one you choose to add to the water, is what the room will show you. Pretty cool don’t you think? Yes, there is a good chance of her being in this room actually as she is rather fond of her baths? Me? No, I prefer showers. But thanks for asking (blush) Ooh… almost forgot to mention about the tiny rooms and the tiny doors within the big doors and the mirrors within the tiny rooms, with the tiny doors. Now, if she has eaten the spoonful of sugar or drank the bottle with the label, she may have even gone through a mirror above a mantlepiece or a wardrobe and who knows where that will lead her?  But that’s another story altogether!
Anyway, sorry for waffling… yesterday she appeared for a moment to give me this painting. ‘One Small Light’  Like everyone, after seeing on the news the devastation the wild fires in Australia have caused she wanted to contribute and help the wildlife. So this painting is now for sale in the website shop and all money from the sale of it will be donated to the charity ‘WIRES’ in Australia. 

Do pop over and take a look if you are interested in owning an original painting and want to help a charity at the same time.  Thanks so much for listening… normal service will resume soon ;) x


  1. my heart is so with Australia~ so sad that so many birds, animals and wildlife are lost...and habitats. Such a beautiful, heart felt painting...x

  2. What a wonderful thought in this drawing !

  3. a lovely idea and beautiful work as always.

  4. Love this post and can totally empathise! Not ready to come out of hibernation yet either.
    Australia, a tragedy happening in front of our eyes... My heart weeps for everything and everyone xXx

  5. Thank you for this wonderful share. As a person who goes into hibernation myself I completely understand the reasons behind your hesitation to break out of it as yet. Highly appreciate you sharing such a beautiful painting and putting it up for sale with a cause. We all are in concerns when it comes to the Australian wild fire spread. For those visiting Karen’s page, looking for some interesting update on wedding trends visit

  6. On this first day of spring in this surreal world, I came across a poem that instantly reminded me of your work. May you dream of rabbits emerging from snowfields to dance with buds and dew beneath their paws.

    Song of the Rabbits Outside the Tavern
    by Elizabeth Coatsworth

    We who play under the pines,
    We who dance in the snow
    That shines blue in the light of the moon
    Sometimes halt as we go,
    Stand with our ears erect,
    Our noses testing the air,
    To gaze at the golden world
    Behind the windows there.

    Suns they have in a cave,
    And stars each on a tall white stem
    And the thought of fox or of owl
    Seems never to bother them.
    They laugh and eat and are warm,
    Their food is ready at hand
    While hungry out in the cold
    We little rabbits stand.

    But they never dance as we dance
    They have not the speed nor the grace,
    We scorn both the cat and the dog
    Who lie by their fireplace,
    We scorn them, licking their paws
    Their eyes on an upraised spoon--
    We who dance hungry and wild
    Under a winter's moon!


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