Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tread Gently Little Star Child

Are you ready for Autumn? For silver spider web spangled walks, dew dropped spotted toadstools, woodsmoke scented evenings curling up with a hot chocolate or herbal tea, writing your dreams, potions and spells, maybe in one of my new notebooks?
I've just added some new designs using some old Aceo paintings I did a few years back. You may remember them or you may be the owner of one of the originals?
Because they were so small (being aceos) it was difficult to know what to do with the designs?
After much playing around, I think they work well with the old book theme?
I've tried to capture a magical feel to them too, by adding words to each book.
The notebooks are all A5 size this time. ( I may do some A6 too  at some point?) and come secured with hemp string and a label.
More card designs have been added too. 
And the whimsical pumpkin design that you may remember I drew last year?
Perfect for lovers of Halloween. These will be selling singly or in a pack of four.
And... the 2019 calendar.
This year it's a smaller A5 size. Neat and compact and fits nicely in little spaces.
Tomorrow is the last day of August. She has almost gone...
As the last glimpse of the tails of her ragged robe faded over the hill, she gifted me a garland of hops entangled around prickly treasure.
I'm hanging it upside down to dry, then will bring inside as Autumn decoration.

Until next time...
Tread gently little star child.


  1. Those are all so beautiful. I'm not a fan of August and will happily wave her goodbye for another year.

    1. Thanks Laura. I think if I spent the whole month of August by the sea then I would enjoy it more. That's what August is for in my perfect imaginary world ;)

  2. so many charming goodies---i especially love the owls, myself.

    hops and teasels! so pretty. and yes...i am VERY ready for autumn. :)

    1. Thank you.:) I'm painting more owls at the moment, (yet to be finished)
      Happy Autumn to you!

  3. How beautiful your blog postings are! And that lovely, soul healing music. Your description of August leaving resonated with me, bittersweet. Your work is a wonder, someday I shall have to have one.

    1. Ah thank you Mary. So kind of you to say. I'm glad that you like the music too. The first track on the playlist at the moment is actually my Son's. :)

  4. Beautiful notebooks, and yes, I am also ready for Autumn now. xx

    1. Thanks Maura. Wishing you a wonderful magic filled Autumn x

  5. very beautiful Karen, thankyou for sharing xxx

  6. Your art is so beautiful and inspiring. <3

    1. Ah thank you Sarah for your kind words always x

  7. I have just ordered one of your beautiful note books on Etsy....I missed the calendar, might have to go back on! Xxx


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