Thursday, May 26, 2016

Listening to the Hedgerow

Old hedgerow share your story,
Your tales and songs and spells
of morning misted dew drops, on petals of blue Speedwell.
Whisper me the wild and woven ways of forever, as I walk the winding lanes.
Teach me the secrets of bedstraw, sorrel, celandine and stitchwort;
Bryony, archangel, pimpernel and violet;
Stitch and bind the leaves and sap with woodbine into each strand of my hair.
Wrap me up in hawthorn blossom and let the birds build nests upon my heart.
Fill my bones with the scent of bluebell, lest I should ever forget.

~Karen Davis 
In May it's as though time stops. Steps are taken back in time and a remembering becomes more prominent. A remembering of the old ways of hedgerow and home. If I sit in among the greening then I can almost disappear. Away from the modern ways of car and telephone.
If it wasn't so chilly then I would probably take up residence on the soft moss, beneath the apple tree whilst it blooms. Just so that I can inhale as much apple blossom scent as I possibly can.  It's one of my most favourite smells in the world, especially when it has the morning dew or raindrops on.
The apple blossom is almost finished blooming now and it's the hawthorn's turn. After a poor year of blossom last year it has certainly made up for it this year. It's absolutely covered in flowers and is literally vibrating and humming with the sound of bees.
It is over a month since I last posted on here. I have felt the need again to step back from social media. No reason really, just a little weary of all the chatter.
There have been lots of jobs to do in the garden and not enough hours in the day. I made a rather rickety structure for the sweet peas to climb this year. I'm not sure how it will stand up to strong winds?
There have been walks to the bluebell woods and a short trip to Cornwall, which I will put in the next post. In between I have been quietly working away painting. The next shop update will be Tuesday 31st May at 7.00pm UK time. This will be 8 hedgerow hares and whatever else is finished and ready.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. :-)


  1. Your garden looks like such a haven! I love your new sweet pea frame, it could last the summer until the peas appear! :) I look forward to seeing your trip to Cornwall! Have a lovely bank holiday.
    Jess xx

  2. I was so pleased to see a new posting - your photos and words are beautifully healing. May is the magical month, isn't it?
    Thank you for this blog. It is appreciated.

  3. Sooooooo lovely all these spring flowers !!!
    Your sweet peas will be happy !

  4. Pulling back is good for the soul.
    Lovely pics.

  5. all those wild blooms look aamazing. I love your sweet pea structure...nice stone pathway too.

  6. Glorious photos. happy weekend to you too xxxx

  7. A lovely poem and such beautiful evocative photographs.The hawthorn blossom is prolific here as well and there seem to me to be a lot of flowers on the hollies - if they all set it will be a wonderful year for berries.


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