Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter and a Calendar

Winter has returned but her frozen cloak has been tossed aside for now. There are primroses in flower in the garden and the days have been mild. The birds have feasted on all the holly berries and now the tree is empty.  My holly picked a few weeks back, sits waiting in a bucket in the greenhouse. All ready to be brought indoors and tucked behind picture frames.
Inside It's beginning to look a little festive.  The piano had a good dusting and I even cleaned the faerie house out too. :)
Nine doors have already been opened in my Advent calendar. Nine! already! :-o and here my mind is still in October....
The Advent calendar is an old one, which I'm recycling because it's so pretty and because the teen hobbit has a chocolate one which is a little uninspiring to look at. Whoops, sorry chocolate companies!  ;) 
In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors. ~ William Blake
It's been busy here, packing up orders, making more cards and trying to snatch time in between to do a little of my own Christmas shopping. On top of that I decided quite late, to do a 2016 Calendar. 
I've been waiting for them to arrive for a while now, wishing them here as time is ticking on of course. Anyway they are finally here!  And now in the shop

When opened out the calendar is A3 in size. Plenty of room to write things in the boxes and 13 pictures of my Artwork. One picture a month and an extra picture in the centre fold which can be used as an A4 poster afterwards.


  1. Karen . Hello ! If my package hasn't been sent could you add to it please & thank you kindly ...Maria @ Rosey tinted spectacles...

  2. Such exquisite art. And I love your Advent calendar, I wish it was possible to get such ones easily in the stores.

  3. I love your old fashioned advent. I remember getting one when I was younger. I love your calendar, I couldn't resist and purchased one for myself. Can't wait to see it up on my wall next to where I sit.

  4. I need a calendar for by the phone but would hate to write on this! Decisions!
    I agree that the chocolate Advent calendars are uninspiring, and I do love your vintage one. Even at my age {not telling} I have an Advent calendar each year and now have quite a collection, dating to the 60's.
    If you don't mind me saying here, for those mentioning it, the National Trust has a selection of Advent calendars, also, Liberty has a lovely one featuring the store front.

  5. lovely as ever . Nollaig Chridheil as they say in Gaelic.

  6. It's no wonder you kept that calender, it's my idea of the perfect one and I'd have kept it too, I love all those windows, roofs and doors! I'm very much looking forward to receiving your very own calender too!xx


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