Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Forever filled with magic may this place be.

In my last post I shared a sketch that I had done. Since then I have gone ahead and turned it into a painting. I thought it might be interesting to share the process in stages, as I haven't done that in a while. From sketched out beginnings on wood.
To stirrings of life, aided by of copious mugs of tea and many hours of music.
Until you reach that moment when you stop and say it's done. 
The colours are looking slightly different between these last two images. I think the true colour is somewhere between the two. 
This painting is now available to buy as a print here in my shop.
A few days ago, I was out early to capture the morning's beauty. 
Fire was rising from the horizon as I walked down and looked across the garden path. 
Ice intricately covered each and every stem. Not a branch, seedpod or faded leaf had been missed. The Winter King is very thorough. I had just a few special minutes in this strange magical half light before it disappeared. A small window in time. I felt as if I was witnessing something ancient that so many from long ago saw when they worshipped the sun. 
 Walking on, the sun watched me, peeping through branches like an eye.  
 Then in no time at all the eye had disappeared, the light diffused and a dragon rose to greet the day.
   It didn't stay long but metamorphosed into another golden being of light. 
In the corner of the field I encountered a golden portal.

I didn't step into it that morning as I had art work to come back to and be getting on with. ;)  But, rest assured next time, I will most certainly step inside.  Who knows where it will lead to?  After all I have asked my little friend to show me the old magic.  I think he is doing a good job so far.  
By the time I walked back home for a cup of hot chocolate, the sky was the colour of a summer flower. 


  1. So glad and impressed that you captured and shared this moment of magic.

  2. I am always so happy to see a new posting - your beautiful photographs and words are an inspiration always. Wonder-full. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful Karen. There have been some spectacularly beautiful sunrises over the last week or so. Thank you for sharing the creative process for this painting, it is very special and I am looking forward to receiving a copy very much.

  4. Beautiful artwork and wonderful photos

  5. I so love reading your blog and admiring your photos. Such a enjoyable read everytime, thankyou :)

  6. The painting is beautiful and the photos utterly exquisite.

  7. Beautiful painting and the photos show where you get some of your inspiration.

  8. SO lovely to see the stages in the painting !!!!! ;-)
    Ahhhh painting on wood is special (not very easy)

    Beautiful photos .... and that robin !

  9. Love seeing the painting develop, and all of these images are beautiful, brought to life, too, by the animated snowstorm. If you go through that portal next time, make sure to have your camera! Maybe you'll step through to Narnia or here to RavenWood. I'll have tea waiting ;)

  10. Stunning photos Karen! The portal looks amazing, I've never seen anything like it! I love your new painting. It's beginning to get colder here too today, they say there's a severe weather warning so we might get to see frost too....maybe even snow?!
    Jess xx

  11. i so enjoyed seeing the unfolding of your charming painting, with it's beautiful blessing, thank you.

    your photos are gorgeous winter images, full of magic and the quiet joy of a rising sun on a frosty morning.

  12. Wonderful morning walk with frost and fiery light. Always love your posts.
    And the artwork is simply perfect.

  13. Great post. Love seeing other people's work process.

    Stunning photos :) The fiery sky behind the frost-touched plants is magical, almost surreal, like a fantasy film. Very atmospheric. Great close-up of the robin as well.

  14. When I am stressed I have found a quick visit to your blog brings nearly instant calm.


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