Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A friendly robin and a dream fulfilled

Let me introduce you to my new friend.
Just lately I have had this little chap (at least I think it's a chap) following me about when I'm in the garden. Each time I would take a tea break from working and sit outside, he would appear.
He clearly wanted to get close, as would hop within an arms length and swoop close by my head as I walked past.  One morning whilst sitting at my computer I even noticed that he was outside on the window sill, head cocked slightly to the side and peeping in the window.
I wouldn't normally encourage wild birds so close, as obviously being a cat owner it could lead to a disastrous ending. But this little chap was clearly asking for something? So with a few crumbs on my hand and some tiny morsels of cheese I stretched my hand out to him. It didn't take long before he was brave enough to fly down and peck at what was on offer. :)  
Such a beautiful little bird. I feel truly privileged. I know lots of people have had birds feed from their hands, but this is the first time for me, so I am so happy.

Whilst summer has slipped away and the leaves are beginning to fall here, we have been blessed with glorious sunny days again. The garden is still blooming and the birds are still feasting on the late blackberries that shine in the hedgerows. Butterflies flit from michelmas daisies and verbena bonariensis and myself.
The ivy is humming each time you pass, from the hundreds of bees, and various flies that are attracted to it's flowers in bloom.
I love this time of year when all is quietly winding down the slow path to winter days.
I've been working away on some things that I will be back to show you quite soon.
In the meantime I've updated the shop with some cards. Some are homemade, some professionally printed.
September has passed quickly, my boy has left home to begin a new adventure studying Music at university and it is strange here without his piano playing. On our way back from dropping him off we stopped off at the seaside and watched the gulls and the silver sea and reflected on how time goes so fast.
Hiding behind my hair. 
September has also been the month for dreams coming true. One of mine I never guessed would ever be fulfilled was so, last Saturday when I travelled up to London to see Kate Bush perform. I was one of those lucky one's that managed to grab a ticket at two minutes past nine on that March morning. Yes, I remember it well.
The show was amazing and every bit I had hoped it would be and more. Kate's music has been an inspiration to me for years and many many pictures have been created or inspired, listening to her sing.   
My all time favourite by her and has been since it came out back in 1985 is the 'Ninth wave'. For those of you that don't know her work, it is a series of songs linked together that create a story of someone that has fallen into the water and is lost at sea. While she is floating and waiting to be rescued she drifts in and out of consciousness near death's door. Seeing this on Saturday being created visually on stage was truly too magical for words. I admit to wiping tears away when she broke into the bars of 'Hello Earth' my ultimate favourite song by her. 
The show was visually stunning. It's hard to put into words, but some I would use to describe are hypnotic, beautiful, enchanted, haunting, moving, perfect, wow wow and unbelievable. ;) 
There are no photographs to share as Kate wanted to interact with the audience, not their camera's and phones which has become the normal way of things these days. I am glad and everyone that was there abided by her wishes, which was so good to see. The picture above is of the programme that I bought and the piece of paper is confetti that blew out into the audience during the ninth wave. The words upon are an extract from 'The coming of Arthur' by Tennyson they read:

Wave after wave, each mightier than the last,
Till last a ninth one gathering half the deep
And full of voices, slowly rose and plunged
Roaring, and all the wave was in a flame

I shall leave you with a beautiful song by Kate and wish you a wonderful  October. x


  1. Dear Karen,
    This is the sweetest post I have seen in some time... What a dear little bird...I can't believe he took food from your hand... How magical!
    Thank you for sharing the music of Kate bush... I really enjoyed it.
    Your art is heavenly. I have always admired your work... and you are such a beautiful woman. Love the photo.
    blessings to you,

    1. Thank you Penny for such kind words. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post and the Kate Bush song. :) x

  2. Hello, I'm a new follower to your lovely blog....I love your work. How wonderful you had the privilege of that sweet Robin feed from your hand... I have never had that experience but would truly love to :o)

    1. Hi Julie and welcome! It's lovely to hear from new followers. I was and am still surprised about the robin. He is actually getting a little braver now and staying on my hand for longer moments. I really hope you do get to experience the same one day. :) x

  3. Beautiful post I love your little Robin friend how gorgeous :) Kate Bush sounds wonderful I love her music too a old frien introduce me to her at college alooonnnnggg time ago.

    1. Thanks Emma. I think there will definitely be a dvd released, of the live show, so keep an eye out, will be worth a watch!

  4. Wonderful Karen - bird friend, the next journey in life for you son, Kate Bush! Sounds like an amazing show and I'm so pleased that the audience complied with her wishes for PRESENCE vs. technology. So cool.

    1. It really did make a difference, I can't imagine what it would have been like with masses of phones held up in the air trying to film and photograph? Loving seeing your pics of your new cat. :)

  5. this blog is filled with good dreamy art. i love your sharing things i would never know......
    Kate Bush.....a story put out in song. ❤️

    1. Thank you Sandra! I'm glad that you enjoy! :)

  6. so happy for you Karen, getting to go to see Kate Bush and for your robin friend. such joyous things.
    you are adorable, the glimpse you share through your lovely locks. thank you for the wonderful music and your enchanting art.

    1. Aw thank you Tammie for stopping by and the kind words. :) x

  7. I love your posts, these snippets of your life, and your work. First came across you on Etsy and you are so incredible, your paintings so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. I love robins especially when they puff up like a ball in the cold weather!
    You know how very envious I am that you managed to get tickets for Kate Bush ;) I expect you came away from the concert even more inspired by the magic! I do hope she brings DVD of the show out soon. :)
    Your cards are beautiful. Jess xx

  9. so much love and beauty here, every time i visit. love the robin in the 2nd pic with his wee breast literally glowing in gold. glad your dream came true :) much love xxx

  10. What a sweet birdie! He trusted you, because he liked you.:) Eating from your palm must have been a fantastic experience!
    Good luck to your son, Karen! Let music be his inspiration and friend, and love!
    Kate Bush? O, I listened to some of her songs when I was young...The first that comes up to my mind is "Don't give up!" (in a duet) I understand your joy from seeing her show.
    Your photo is very beautiful. Happy October!

  11. Oh you lucky girl Karen. Kate Bush!! I was one of those people who tried to get through but alas it wasn't to be. I've been a huge fan of Kate since her Wuthering Heights days, but The Hounds of Love is my most favourite album, and yes Hello Earth is a stunning and heartfelt song. Kate has such a beautiful, mesmerising voice.

    I'm so glad people complied with her wishes re technology. It sometimes feels as though we've forgotten how to live in the moment ....



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