Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nature's treasures

It's the last day of June already. In fact as I sit here writing this post there is only thirty minutes left of it. Tomorrow will be July, and shortly I am off to far off places for a while.I have a long flight to Zimbabwe, to visit my in laws. I shall be closing my Etsy shop for a while, but will reopen when I get back. It's winter there at the moment, so it won't be too hot which I'm quite happy about being more of a colder climate loving person. ;)  Don't get me wrong I love to have hot days in summer, but only for so long. I've been trying to get on with a painting I have on the go, but find it hard to concentrate when you know that you are preparing to travel, pack and get things ready. So I have no work to show you, but I will share with you some of the treasures that nature has shared with me.
I found a tiny baby slow worm on the path, sunbathing. In the grass I picked up a magpie's feather and between the moon daisies (sadly) a dead scarlet tiger moth.
I rescued a mole from feline clutches and released him or her, beneath the bramble patch far away from gardens.

On the hedge, I encountered a fairy angel. Or if you want to be scientific, a pterophorus pentadactyla, white plume moth.
I promised to feature him again in another painting before he flew off.
During a trip to  Dyrham park. I saw some fallow deer.
And a pond plant that looked like fairy sized trees, or those little ones that decorate Christmas cakes, with snow on. I love those cake decorations.
The pond looked so inviting on a hot day. All I  needed was some Gilly weed and I'm sure that I would have met Mer folk here? ;)                                        
Yesterday I saw more slow worm in the compost heap, a grass snake, and this amazing ants nest behind an old roof tile rested up against the chicken hut. (I did put it back carefully after looking)
And lastly, yesterday, what made my day, was seeing another Scarlet tiger moth. And this time it was alive! <3
Now as I come to the end of this post it's July, sixty one minutes into the new month to be precise.
I wish you a hot July, that brings a few cooling showers, apricots to eat, (or strawberries if you prefer) and many many flowers.
See you soon! x


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Wishing you safe travels and many blessings for your July.

  2. Safe travels I hope you have a amazing time and will share some with us when you get back :D

  3. What a beautiful post! You are happy to have met all those magnificent creatures! The mole is touching.:) I have a special attitude towards moles now, after my stage version of "Thumbelina" - http://rossichka.blogspot.com/2014/04/about-barriers-and-freedom.html
    I wish you unforgetable moments in Zimbabwe. I'm waiting eagerly to see it through your eyes. I've been in Kenya and the photos I took there don't let my memories fade away... Happy July!!!

  4. We were at Dyrham a few days ago and I saw those sweet young deer very close to us! :) That 'fairy angel' is incredible! Thankyou for helping me to love moths and butterflies and to get over my fear. (I think it comes from the flappiness in a confined place!) Have a great trip Karen, I'll look forward to your return and your gorgeous artwork.
    Jess xx

  5. Have a wonderful holiday......love the photo of the 'Fairy Angel'
    Safe journey

  6. I enjoyed all of those photos. Have a good holiday.

  7. Love your work and Spirit, I speak with all Little creatures and plants in my garden...this makes me happy!

  8. Such amazing photos :D And your veg plot on a previous post puts mine to shame, it's SO organised :D

  9. That ant colony is amazing, as are your fairy trees. Thank you for sharing!


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