Friday, January 31, 2014


Trust the grand and gentle trees,
Never will their welcome fade;
All that lives may lie at ease
In the haven of their shade;
Treasuries of tranquil air
Keep they for the burning days;
And their boughs ascend like prayer,
And their leaves break forth like praise.

Patient are they, for they wait
On the humours of the year;
Noble, for they keep their state
When the winter leaves them sere;
Brave to suffer heat and cold,
And the tempest's war-alarms;
Very tender, for they hold
All bird-babies in their arms.
Where the winter silence hears
No voice louder than a brook's,
There was built for many years
A great city of the rooks;

Excerpt from The lady and the rooks by Menella Bute Smedley 


  1. Beautiful,I'm playing 'Tuck ever lasting......' as I tidy my little corner, here at home......Thank you! I'm going to hugs some trees on my walk to work this morning.....You've inspired my day, Karen......
    With kindest thoughts....Maria x

  2. I love to see gatherings of rook or crows, even magpies. Their screams and chattering and indignant catcalls cheer me up. Those are very beautiful photos. Tonia x

  3. We used to share our garden in Cornwall with a parliament of Rooks I do miss them, they lived high up in our Sycamore trees...
    Thea xx

  4. Beautiful and dream-like this wonderful post - inspiring.
    Thank you so very much.


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