Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The year of the toadstool

The festive decorating has begun. Beginning with the little twiggy branch that stays all year on the piano. Over the years it has held snowflakes, icicles, birds and various sparkly bits. This year it is the year of the toadstool. Woo!
The toadstools normally go on the Christmas tree in the other room, but I bought a few extra this year, so felt their time had come to play starring role on the piano.  The birds have flown to the fireplace and the snowflakes will be happy settling on the tree this year.  (All except the robin, who was quite adamant he wanted to stay in the twiggy tree, thank you very much. ;))
The holly is picked and waiting in a bucket in the greenhouse. Meanwhile the holly tree has now been stripped of all remaining berries by hungry blackbirds and thrushes.
Plan for the weekend  is to buy the tree. :)
The winter sun has been a welcome visitor dancing merrie light on walls and doors.
   Looking outside it could almost be mistaken for late summer in this picture.
More sketches from the advent calendar on facebook. 
                                                 'Do you hear what I hear'
And a white hare.
A few Christmas's back, this was on television.

It was fabulous and just the thing to get you in the yuletide spirit. I came across it again whilst browsing you tube. If you missed it last time I highly recommend it, or if you did see it, then go on,  take a break and watch it again! Or like I've done, have it on in the background whilst doing something else.
See you soon


  1. Love Your twiggy toadstool tree, lovely post :) xxxjuliexxx

  2. Oh look! My mermaid picture is on your wall. ;) Your house looks so beautiful Karen, I'm sure it does all year round! I see a glimpse of that lovely twig deer too, a perfect christmas decoration if ever there was. I love your house!
    Jess xx

  3. Lovely twiggy tree with toadstools... must find me a few, I think!!

  4. I love the toadstools - they make for a whimsical, woodsy holiday season!

  5. All is looking very magical, loving the toadstool tree. I have a wee white tree for my studio this year & think my theme is faeries ;) Love to see your sketches, and thank you for the beautiful music link x

  6. It all looks magical ...I love the woodland twigs, you have made a little robin very happy...x

  7. A visit to your blog is much like a real visit, the feel of goodness and warmth and welcome.

  8. Karen, your decorations look so very jolly and just loving the owl hats! :) x

  9. Beautiful. The toadstool twiggy tree is just gorgeous!

  10. so lovely and romantic!!! and you have music I love (Lorenna McKennith)!!! thank you x


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