Thursday, October 10, 2013


Last night as I walked along a small street in the village everything seemed exaggerated. 
My footsteps echoed on a tarmac path but underneath I knew the path had been there for hundreds of 
years, long before tarmac had come into being. My feet shared the shoes of so many others. Ghosts of 
the past that had walked the same route, busy, excited with laughter or sad filled with their worries of 
long ago. Some not so long ago. This year too many in our tiny village have passed on, some much too
It was early evening, the cottages had their lights on but curtains had yet to be drawn. Inside homes
looked cosy and the smell of cooking lingered with wood smoke and a distinct October leafy spiced
scent. For a moment a veil seemed thin and stretched and the past felt close. The cool of the night made
me pull my jacket in tight, breathe deep and feel grateful to be alive.Today I am grateful.
Dear Universe..... 
Thank you..... I am grateful for the morning sunlight streaming in through tiny droplets of condensation
on the window. The light, a sparkly, white, silver, bright, hint of winter.
I am grateful for the red holly berries as I look outside and the blackbird's song.
   Letters from friends...
For Autumn's patterns.
And clever spiders.
I am grateful today that the sky is so blue and that I am here on this beautiful planet and am able to see
such a thing as clouds.
I am grateful that there is a good strong wind to blow the washing dry and that I am able to feel it cold
on my face. It's a north wind and has a bite, blown down from the arctic across the highlands. The same
wind that swirls around the greens and pinks of dancing Aurora. Now it chases the leaves off the cherry
I am grateful for the hot cup of tea that I have here while I write this and that I am able to taste it, and for
the beautiful music I can hear as my son practices his instruments and that I am blessed to be able to hear
I am grateful for the book I will finish later this evening when the house falls quiet with sleep.
Today I am also grateful for soup, warm socks, my camera, the smell of incense sticks and my sense of smell. Some of these things may not seem that important Dear Universe in the grand scheme of things, but I am grateful for them anyway.

P.S : I'm also grateful for the following things being in the world, written in no particular order....

Hot chocolate, my laptop, blogs, fire, candles, all animals, birds, my daughter, my son, my husband, my friends, kind words, kind messages, jingly bells, flowers, trees, the moon,  the planets, the stars, my family, the sea, rainbows, shells, music, forests, rocks, ice, butterflies, art, books, cats, compassion, love, peace, badger sabs, hunt sabs, planet earth, the sun, moths, mistletoe, wild meadows, wild verges, starry skies, northern lights, adventures, magic, miracles, health, life, pyjamas, hazelnuts, boots, mushrooms, snowflakes,  chestnuts, weather, laughter, baths, red wine, kindness, my garden, my home, eco warriors, promoters of peace, moonstone, moon shadows, moonlight, jonsi, bluebell woods, etsy, mountains,  sparkling clean streams, bees, strawberries, white horses, sunsets,  and a thousand and more other beautiful things ....    


  1. Well said Karen, it is a wonderful world when we choose to see it properly.

  2. Thank you for sharing all of this . I usually am very thankful to the Universe , seems lately I had been taking too much for granted ~ I needed this beautiful reminder to give reverence to the wonderful Universe.
    Thank you also for sharing the Annie Lennox song ~ another wonderful prompt :))

  3. Thank you for the reminder to stop, notice and give thanks for all the beautiful things that are so easy to take for granted when I am feeling stressed and far too busy.

  4. Such beauty, one can witness your gratitude even without reading your words :)

    and love the Annie Lennox song

  5. that first paragraph blew me away..the veil
    omgoodness.....I too have felt this l
    you are a writer indeed
    you must have been first in line at creation
    so talented

  6. Just lovely, great words to start my day with -- one where the car has to go in to the garage!..... but it all has perspective! Thankyou.

  7. Beautiful. I too am grateful for blogs - especially after finding yours. Thanks for the reminder of how much there is to be grateful for.

  8. Dear Karen,' Gratitude after all is the hearts memory'.....
    ~ Listening to the wonderful, Annie Lennox..and reading your beautiful words, i am reminded once again just how lucky we are.....
    Thank you!
    You kept me company when my world was sad...
    I will always have gratitude for this...
    Sending kind thoughts and a few twinkles your way .
    Pop them in your tea pot and enjoy with your morning brew..
    hehe! **********************8

    ~ Love Maria x

  9. I love thankfulness posts and yours is the best! spiders webs with raindrop jewels are so wonderful, you captured them well. Betty

  10. Beautiful...such a simple, poignant act, but so very powerful. Your photos are terrific.

  11. What a great post with beautiful pictures. It is almost overwhelming at times when you think about those who have gone before us - in certain places at certain times you can feel the essence. Thanks for sharing - there is much to be thankful for! ~*~Lisa

  12. What a beautiful post. What a treat to come here and read it. Thank you. And I love Annie Lennox.

  13. What lovely photos of the spider's webs. I often wonder about the people from past centuries who have walked the same amcient lanes and tracks that my feet are treading now.

  14. Love your list and thank you for reminding me how good it really is to be here right now. I shall begin the week with a smile. I am also reading that book but only 2 chapters in. Karen xx

  15. What a beautiful post! I am grateful that I stopped by to see the world through your heart, ears and eyes.

  16. Ahhh Karen, thank you! I am Grateful for you & your magical work, which brings so much joy to the world. Many blessings of gratitude to you. X

  17. This is so heartwarming and perfect - thank you for sharing!


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