Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter King

These past few days I've enjoyed adding the final decorations to our home. Holly, ivy and my favourite, mistletoe. There is just something which attracts me about mistletoe. For those of you who have read this blog over the last few years, you will know that each year I try to get it to grow on my apple and hawthorn tree. As yet I have still not been successful and this years bunch again comes from our local farm shop. So it's not really growing in my tree, I just placed it there to photograph. :)
I  finished a painting the other day. I have named him 'Winter King' seen here in a wintry collage. 
I'm sure Winter will inspire some more icy work yet, so watch this space.  'Winter King' is available to buy as a print in my Etsy shop here. Last posting date is tommorow, so there is still a teeny bit of time to buy if you are still looking for gifts. 

It's raining today but I'm wishing for more frosty weather, as in the picture above, taken last week.
I suppose being mild is easier on the heating bills though, that's one good thing...


  1. Winter king is beautiful, he reminds me of a favoutite childhood book By Alan Garner called the owls service!
    Bestest wishes to you and yours

    1. Thanks Daisy! Merriest of sparkly wishes to you and yours too. x

  2. Another beautiful painting Karen. I am so pleased your music is back too!

    I have hung my polar bear once more and sent my cards, all but one, well I had to keep at least one.

  3. Thanks Valerie. Yes, I managed to find a new music player that seems to be working ok. I also find it hard to give away cards sometimes too. There are so many beautiful images but not enough room on walls to display. :)

  4. I love your painting of the winter king. However your photograph of that tree made my heart sing.

  5. I like your Winter King and that magnificent tree in the last photo. Your trees are resisting the mistletoe, perhaps for good reason.

  6. i am back in wintery Finland for Yule time from England. While i was walking in the English woods i tried to look for a mistletoes, but no luck.

    i can not wait to order one of your prints when i go back to England, my home need magic in there.

    your blog is such a magic place Karen!

  7. Mistletoe is very magical, it has that other worldly quality to it in the way in which it seems to be trasnslucent. Love your Owl King!

  8. He's beautiful - I am looking forward to some more of those frosty icy mornings. Betty

  9. Frost paints a magickal, mystical atmosphere, so even though we don't want the big heating bills, we love the look! I love your Winter King, so perfect. Happy Holidays

  10. Your work is truly beautiful, i feel like i'm escaping to a magical world when i look trough all your amazing creations. Thank you for sharing your gift and bringing joy to so many, I wish you and yours a very peaceful,joyful and inspiring Christmastime. Continued success, delighted to have found your blog. Best wishes :)

  11. Hi Karen - a magical and inspiring holiday season to you. Winter King is lovely. I've been drawing owls with a bit of an obsession going for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, I won't have time in the studio now until almost New Year. Hate to squelch the urge to work, oh well.
    Thanks for adding your particular magic to the world.

  12. I love your artwork! The Winter King is beautiful.

    It's a coincidence that you mention mistletoe today...I posted some pictures on my blog this morning of mistletoe growing in trees around my neighborhood. It is plentiful in this area.

  13. Winter King is a beautiful painting. As is a frost covered landscape. A drive over the moors last week took us through a wonderful scene - every field and tree was thick with hoar frost - quite magical. And I didn't have a camera with me!

  14. Winter King is majestic and beautiful.....
    There is some thing very special about Mistletoe, Karen.
    Thanking you always for very special posts!~ Sending Christmas 'Twinkles' to you *********
    Love Maria x

  15. ...The winter king is wonderful...i adore owls, and this one is so special......beautiful. xx
    Merry winter solstice to you.
    Pixie x

  16. Your new painting is amazing, as always :)
    I've never seen a mistletoe, hope i will one day :)
    I've seen a hawthorn though for the first time, while i was in England, so beautiful!

  17. Beautiful! That owl is so elegant and wise. And the crown really suits him:)

    Love the look of that mistletoe as well. I've never seen it so close up, but I love those translucent little berries!

  18. Wow! You have teh most beautiful blog!
    New follower, from "This Enchanted Pixie"


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