Friday, January 6, 2012

The Sun Has Returned

What a change this morning. A return of sparkling sunshine. Pure delight after the past few wild and stormy grey days. Much too nice to stay inside so I decided to tidy my out door work space. I brushed up, moved things around and re-blutacked pictures/postcards that had fallen down. I shook out the rug, cleaned the windows so now it's ready to use again. In fact it was warm inside. Warm enough to work in while the sun is out.   
These two, of course followed me.  Here they were having a little tiff. Willow was adamant she wasn't moving from 'her' space in the corner where the sun was, even though Jasper was originally there first. Do you see the look on her face. There were several hisses in between shots. ;)

 It seems almost half the lawn has turned to moss. How did that happen? I don't mind at all as I love moss and find lawns rather boring, unless of course they have lots of daisies. 
Maybe I'll make a coat out of the moss. I never did find my green mossy velvet coat that I planned to buy?
I could add these delicate ferns as lace around the collar?

Spring is in the air. I peeped my lens through the hedge and zoomed in the best I can with my little camera. I felt a teeny bit like paparazzi...

On better terms ten minutes later...


So, the children are back at school and the new year has well and truly started. I'm not making any written down resolutions as I'm totally rubbish at keeping them. 
I've been drawing out a new painting this week and finishing off a bath panel. We've been without one for 2 years. Two years of looking at a horrible nothingness beneath the bath where dust collects. The last one cracked and it was so nasty we decided to bin it. Our landlords choice, the cheapest of cheap white plastic. So here is the new one....

And some close up shots...

Now to the giveaway!

Thank you all for entering. I used the random generator thingybob again this time as there were quite a few comments to cut out beautifully in the shape of leaves as I had originally planned.  Extra numbers were added for people that had shared via Twitter and Facebook too.  So the winner is .........

                                                                    Celtic Heart

Congratulations! the book will be on it's way to you as soon as you message me details of where to send. :)
Have a great weekend everyone! lets hope this sun stays, as we have a chicken house to move. 


  1. It does indeed feel spring like today! I am coveting your bath panel :)

  2. Oh my! 'tis ME! Thank you so much. I have emailed you. Yes, indeed the sun has returned after some very stormy weather. I hope you have lots of daisies, for they are such innocent and bright gifts scattered like stars across our mossy lawns. I hope you had as magical a sunrise today as we had in wild, wet, and windy west Wales!Happy New Year!

  3. Well, I'm sorry not to have won, but it does seem fitting to go to a blogger with the name Celtic Heart.
    I love the bath panel. Can you show it when it is in place?

  4. oh me oh my, what a wonderful new painting!!!! Oh and the fact that spring is in the air there - THANK YOU for giving me a bit of hope...

    Such pretty kitties. I had a kitty visitor at my birthday party yesterday and he played the piano for me.

    ♥ Maria-Thérèse

  5. I love moss too. Beautiful bath panel. What a treat to see that each time you want a soak.

  6. Yes! I need to give the linhay a good bottoming, my two cats will squabble over mousing and best corners, primrose and strongly resilient fuchsia proclaim spring is here almost before winter got a proper hold. I also need a bath panel . . . thank you for the inspiration. I await motivation.

  7. Yes... I think a bath with that at the side would be most welcome anywhere! Happy new year x

  8. How did I miss that giveaway!?
    Congrats to the winner anyway.
    The bath panel is gorgeous, such a talent.

  9. What a handsome panel you painted with unicorns and a white stag. Cats and moss in the garden complete the yard.

  10. aww congatulations celtice heart! i'm so jealous ;o)

    gosh Karen, that has to be the most magical bath panel in the whole wide world! it's beautiful!

  11. Happy New Year! I love the bath panel, what a brilliant idea!
    And your description of a coat of moss with fern tendrils at the collar is one I'd definately like to wear! Maybe acorn buttons?

  12. After some very strong winds and rain its still rather chilly here with not much sun to speak of at all, and i do love the sound of the wind howling and rain falling, as lovely as spring is i am still living in hopes that some snow will fall, i do love the changing seasons and every aspect of what that season brings, or at least should bring, the moss in your garden looks lovely another of natures riches. Your bath panel is wonderful, i want one !!!

  13. This bath panel is inspired. It shows how creativity can turn something bad into something wonderful. It is interesting to see you steered clear of an aquatic theme too. Wonderful work.

  14. That bath panel is gorgeous, sure to transform the whole room to a serene, magical place :)

    Congrats to the lucky winner, too!

  15. Lovely to visit here this morning. I love the bath panel, but I dare say I don't know what a bath panel is? I'm sure we just call it something else over across the sea here? I love the animated snow falling in the images of it.... made me think how amazing an animated film of your work would be... truly, a senSATION! I also loved the little peek at your warm and wintery looking sweater/coat and the little cat spat. Happy New Year!

  16. Lovely new painting...and gorgeous mossy lawn. It reminds me of being little and rolling around on lawns and the best ones to do that on were the ones filled with moss.
    Lucky Celtic Heart!
    Have a magical

  17. Congrats to your very lucky winner! :) It was spring-like here today, as well. At times I actually felt rather warm. And my allergies acted up, of course. But it was a splendid day. Glad you had an enjoyable one, as well. Happy New Year!

  18. Congratulations Celtic Heart...who I think lives only a few miles from me! :~)

    Your bath panel is so husband painted ours with suns and moons, birds and hills and trees a few years ago ~

    We have moss and lots of pretty.

    Hope your Sunday is sunny too :~)

  19. Congratulations Celtic Heart!

    Your painting is beautiful, enjoyed this post...

  20. That's your bath panel? Wow it is so gorgeous and what a wonderful idea. How are you going to keep it waterproof though?

  21. There definitely is that feeling of Spring in the air in spite of the fact that it's still early January.
    Your bath panel is just beautiful.

  22. Love your bath panel desperately! We have had sun in the last couple of days, but not bright or even remotely warm here in my corner of Yorkshire. And though it's warmish, the sky looks just like it might snow at the moment. Bah humbug!

  23. Lucky Celtic Heart! The bath panel you've painted is stunning! The lkandlord should be extremely pleased with the care you've taken. It must have taken you ages to do.
    Your garden look really lovely in the sunshine and the cats so relaxed and happy there!
    Jess xx

  24. Love your pictures - its been a long while since I've been blogging but I'm back with a new blog and some new enthusiasm for 2012. I'm glad to see you have moss in your lawn too - mine is covered in it and I love the way it feels underfoot. That bath panel is absolutely gorgeous x


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