Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Lunch Break

December. A month that is so important to many, yet passes so quickly without hardly noticing because people seem so busy. Busy preparing for Christmas and planning the next fresh new year. December always seems to be wished away. I arrived into the world in December. Winter born, on an icy morning. I feel I have a bond with December. I'm going to savour the month.

 Snowflakes have joined the crystals in the window. Today the light was so pretty.

During my  lunch break I decided to go for a short walk to the Abbey, as I'd heard there would be Christmas trees....

Not a trace of Harry Potter in the cloisters... ;-)  just a faint delicious forest scent of pine.
(For those of you that might not understand why I mentioned Harry Potter, it was because the first two films had scenes shot here. I feel very lucky to have been able to visit the set here during that time and enter the defence against the dark arts room and the potions room. Unfortunately cameras were not allowed. Anyway that is a story for another day maybe?)

The trees are each decorated by an organisation in the village. They will be there until the 18th December if you are nearby, feeling festive and fancy a visit.
It was cold, still and quiet inside, the only sound were my boots on old stone and the birds on the roof. It was so very peaceful.
My shadow in the doorway. A scarecrow with a wooden post as a leg..?  ;-)
Of course I couldn't leave for home without a browse in the second hand bookshop. I wish all shops were like this, don't you?

The owls on my desk in the previous post were all finished and flew across to the Etsy shop. There are still some left.

I found this enchanting wintery video on youtube. The song is Kate Bush's beautiful new track Snowflake which I have fallen in love with and can be found on her latest album 50 Words For Snow. I wonder if you will fall in love too?  x


  1. The pictures of the trees are spectacular, what a beautiful place - and how I would have loved to visit the potions room when the filmed Harry Potter.

  2. I love your blog and your december words are so poetic, warm and delicate like a sweet song!
    A greetings from Italy.

  3. I enjoyed today's post very much. I would love a look around that bookshop with you.
    ~bright blessings~

  4. DELICIOUS YOU and your wonderful enchanted blog-the owls I covet but must wait till 2012 to purchase anything-meanwhile I have fashioned a SPIRIT OF GIVING blog post to release this Sunday the 11th EST USA at and you are amongst the 6 offerings I encourage others to buy from. have a look when it posts. hope it brings you business. I send blessings to you and yours.

  5. This post took my breath away..... Magical.

  6. I was just thinking this morning how December flies away from me each year. I love that bookshop too. Haven't been in there for a while but did you buy anything? Karen X

  7. You are so lucky to live close to such wonderful places. I always enjoy your music when I visit your blog.

    I am also a December baby!

  8. I do wish shops all had that enchanted charm to them! And the Kate Bush song/video is good, too!

  9. Happy joyful, icy delightful birthday, Karen :)may you be blessed with many more. Enchantment passing through your post, between words and a delicate song and once upon a time in the Abbey hall.

  10. Karen, As always, it is a pleasure to visit here. Love, love the owls. Hope your birthday is wonderful. :)

  11. I so wish someday i would visit this magical land of yours :) <3

  12. Happy Birthday to you! (I was born in this month too, and so I understand exactly what you mean about having your birthday at this time!)
    Also, beautiful photos... I *do* which all bookshops were like that one!
    Wishing you a lovely month!

  13. I love your crystal window! I've always had crystals hanging in my windows but mine aren't nearly as spectacular as yours! The snowflakes are the perfect accompaniment to them. :)
    It looks like a beautifully sunny day on your trip to the abbey and the bookshop is one I must make sure I visit next time I'm there. Thanks for the cards, they arrived today and they're lovely.
    Jess xx

  14. I purchased your Dreaming of Snow print last year, which I love, and I wanted to let you know I have linked to your beautiful blog tonight as part of The Making Winter Week organised by Silverpebble and Thriftyhousehold.

    I am now off to see if by some miracle your woodland fairies are still living at Etsy!

    Greetings from France.


  15. I'm sorry, it's me again. I am sorely tempted to buy a rabbit hanger; I simply wanted to know if you would be making more woodland fairies in the near/distant future?

    I would love to have one ;-)

    Thank you so much.


  16. What a wonderful post! Cherish December :-) I agree too quickly rushed. Your art is beautiful. I LOVE your blog so happy to have found you!!

    Do pop over to my blog and say hi to my ceramic animal friends. I would be so happy to have you as a follower if you feel moved.

    HUGS and I will be back often to read a view your world.


  17. I love your blog. I brewed a pot of Lady Grey tea and enjoyed the music.. alternating between reading the blog and enjoying my tree. Very evocative.

  18. Your photos and illustrations are beautiful. Whenever I visit your blog I feel like I have stepped into the world of Narnia. Magical!!

  19. i'm a child of december too, as is my lovely daughter :)
    thank you for sharing the magical pictures and song xxx


  20. What a wonderful place to spend a lunch break! I love cloisters, they are always so beautiful and tranquil.
    Like you I enjoy the month of December, preparing for the festive season is one of life's pleasures as far as I'm concerned so I never wish the month away.

  21. Oh yes, I do so wish that all bookshops were like that :-) and the new Kate Bush track is simply enchanting... thank you for sharing!


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