Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple Scented October

October is apple scented. We have three trees in the garden. Two sweet eating varieties and an old yellow sour crab apple.

These apples are not off our trees, but instead at our local apple day. So many wonderful kinds and the smell, so sweet and delicious.We arrived there a little late so all the toffee apples had sold out, but there was a little bit of cider left. It's school holidays next week so I think toffee apples could be on the to do list? Nights are drawing in now and I've been lost in the beautiful words of Susan Fletcher's 'Witch Light'.
I enjoyed it so much first time round in September that I have to admit I've been reading it again. (click on the amazon link on the right hand side of my blog for more info) I couldn't put this book down.Wait a bit until it's cold enough to light a fire, then sit by candlelight and crackling log and I'm sure you will enjoy.  

Days are quiet and warm inside my wooden studio.
A new  'Autumn Hare' has appeared....
And will be  available as a print in my Etsy shop soon.

When I was out walking a few weeks ago, I came across this piece of wood. Some trees had been felled and sawn up and this one single slice had been left behind. Of course when I saw it, I saw treasure, or a creation. So it came home with me and sat patiently on my desk until the other day when I turned it into this.
                                                                          'Wood Fairy'

 I went back again to the figure in the nest sketch in this post as I felt it would be the perfect shape to fit and suited it perfectly.  I'll also be listing Wood Fairy in my Etsy shop shortly.

On the subject of nests, we've been cutting a large area of brambles down and my daughter came across these old ones.

Aren't they the most adorable clever creations.


  1. Ah Karen your pictures are so perfect, sometimes they bring a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing your vision of beauty with us all. xx

  2. Hi Karen, Love the new artwork! There is just something about the moody light of October that thrills me. And nothing speaks to the scent of it like apples. I simply crave them this time of year and had to bake up a big pan of apple rhubarb crisp a couple of weeks ago...mmm...I can smell them again already. Lovely post. :) xo

  3. How beautiful! Lovely work as always!

  4. Mmm toffee apples, I haven't had one in years. Love the new pieces, what a great find that piece of wood was. Gorgeous pics.

  5. Dear Karen
    As the seasons change I wanted to stop in and say hello.. There is something about your artwork that touches my soul..
    Love the fairy on the wood.
    I am looking forward to cool weather, as it is still very hot here..

  6. Your Magic Cat postcards just caught my eye. So charming! As all of your work is.

  7. They are indeed.
    Your Wood Fairy is wonderful, cozying on up with her hare friend. So beautiful.
    Stay warm.

  8. Love the Autumn hare - such lovely thoughts for the time of year.

  9. I love your wood fairy! I love to see paintings on found pieces of wood like this. It reminds me a little of Rima's clocks, so magical, so beautiful. I know it'll be snapped up the minute it lands in Etsy!
    Jess xx

  10. Gorgeous post,your blog is a peaceful place!

  11. I love nests... and autumn apple smells... good forest finds! Glad you're cozy in your little studio. I'm going to go check out that book, thanks!

  12. oh Karen you work calms my soul, I love coming here to your piece of the 'web'. I too wrote about apples today on my allotment blog as we were lucky to get a good few for our young tree.
    Going to have to look up that book - I love recommendations. The fire is on now (but it's a funky new gas one so no logs cracking sadly) xx

  13. I love your magical take on life with that hare. I have just ordered the book too, thanks for the recommendation.

  14. Hello,

    Your work is beautiful and your blog a fittingly wonderful place to exhibit it. The Wood Fairy is delightful. Your art is wise yet innocent in the face of the beauty of the world, in harmony, and true, as I tend to think art should be. And, from the little I've seen so far having just arrived here for the first time, it seems to be in flux, and perhaps instinctively movable with the seasons, and attuned to their distinct, often difficult to describe, characters and moods.

    I'm jealous that you have a local "apple day", that doesn't seem quite fair! Although I know a kind man who puts apples from his tree in a box outside his house for anyone passing by to help themselves to, should they wish, which is a nice idea. Apples are wonderful. Even the word "apple", I find to have a somehow calming aspect - I advise anyone to try it! I'm partial to the odd cider too, I had warm cider once with cinnamon and whisky, I think, it was potent but absolutely lovely, just the thing to fend off the cold. My mother makes a lovely crumble, and apple and cinnamon scones on occasion!

    It's a pleasure to be introduced to your work! Thanks for making, and continuing to make nice, magical things!


  15. Love, love, love the wood fairy! Your work always makes me smile big!
    xx, shell and the bunnies

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  17. Your first new piece, the cobalt blue and moonlight is perfect. I love the addition of the tiny monarch too! The piece of wood is a fabulous, not to mention earth friendly way of sharing your beautiful art! Stunning and tender work. :)~Mary

  18. Oh, Karen! You depict so vividly the essence of October... All those apples (in image and words) brought me the scent of cinnamon and sugar, so I will bake an apple pie with biscuits tomorrow...:-)
    I fell in love with your autumn hare! There's some solitude in the picture, some melancholy...
    I keep a slice of wood, too... It's waiting for me on the balcony to take it and give it a new life. In August I "saw" on it a sunny picture. It's interesting whether I'll see it again now... I'm not an artist, as you know, but I want so much to paint something on it, that I'll try. When I get free...
    Enjoy your autumn!!

  19. so gentle and beautiful, so autumn!

  20. That book is going on my amazon wishlist! lol Sounds like a good read. Thank you!

    Magical artwork...& I love the painting on wood. There's something quite special about paintings on natural objects. They have a nice energy :)


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