Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Moments

As Easter weekend draws to a close now and the sun sets on what has been yet another glorious sunshiney filled day. I thought I'd share a few moments of ours.

                                                     Waiting for lunch...

A giant Easter bunny and some other magical moments to treasure at 'Secret World' Wildlife Rescue. 

                                  Baby owl

And another adorable little chap just 3 weeks old....

 Sweetest fox cub. :-)

And then on Easter sunday another magical moment!
One of the chrysalis's hatched! (See last post) I believe it to be a lime hawk moth? What an amazing stunning creature and how appropriate to re-emerge on Easter Sunday.
I freed it soon after to a place very near to where I found the cocoon.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend however which way you spent it?


  1. I had no idea humans could hold badgers.

    Happy Easter.


  2. Hi Lucy :)
    These were rescue badgers hand reared and bottle fed.
    Happy Easter to you too. x

  3. Hope you had a happy sunny Easter! I'm so glad you posted about the Secret World centre... I intended to take my girls to as many of the events as possible through the year but didn't realise I had last years flyer with all the wrong dates on!
    So we missed the badgers but at least we've got the right dates now! Thanks...

  4. Beautiful images, love seeing all the animals.

  5. Oh my! I melted with the photo of the baby owl! And to think there are many owlets somewhere in this forest.... I hope one day I will see them. I have such regular visitations from the adults, one day maybe their nest will be close and I'll see owlets!

    Love the critter photos... and the cat waiting for Eastern dinner - or the bunny, great!

  6. What a magical place! How I'd love to hold a little badger!!

  7. Loved to see all the little animals and your moth is spectacular! Easter really is all about the renewal of life. How lovely. :)

  8. happy easter :D the photos are pretty. I wish to have one of those animals, specially the owl.

  9. The badger looks so tame and the baby barn owl is gorgeous! I haven't visited the Secret World and it's so close by to where we live. I really need to go along after seeing these amazing pictures. Thanks Karen :) x

  10. Happy Easter Karen!
    what gorgeous little badgers with toys and a bigger canine friend! not to mention the rabbit amongst the soft sand, and the tiny owlet! goodness me - they are doing super work and so glad the animals in need made it there! so glad you posted about them :)
    many thanks

  11. Thanks so much for sharing all the sweet animals and your magical moth!

  12. OOh, i am envious, how lovely to get so close to badger & fox! so sweet, I do wish we had an animal rescue centre near here, we had to call the local vets out to an injured deer at the side of the road on Friday it was heartbreaking. It looks as though you all had an altogether beautiful Easter, the weather has been gorgeous hasn't it! I meant to mail you about the link but got waylaid, ur very welcome, my lovely wooden hare has pride of place in our kitchen x

  13. oh my that was magical
    Was that a badger?
    you are a good soul to release the moth back where she came from
    just wonderful
    enjoyed every photo

  14. Oh my.. I had no idea you could go to wildlife rescue centres and hold animals like badgers.. I loved seeing them all. And the little fox cub ... so cute. Thanks for sharing these pictures.. and thank heavens for centres like these who look after little ones who are injured or orphaned.

  15. Thanks for all your comments. So lovely to read them all. x
    I must just mention that it isn't me holding the badger. Only rescue centre workers that handle the animals are allowed to hold them as they don't want too many human smells on them as most have to be released in the wild. :)

  16. Had to come here from Celia's drawn by the beauty of your avatar. We have twelve badger sets near here where I live in Wales now and some muttering from local farmers. I was interested that our nearest neighbour was telling me today that he didn't want to be part of a cull because he knew the ones here on his farm (he still thinks there are too many) are free of TB. It's a complicated world.

  17. Well, this looks like such a great Easter, and I really enjoyed your pictures of the small animals - I especially love the baby owl.

  18. hello there, I have just found your blog. normally I don't like it when music comes up. But I have been listening to yours for ages and loving it. Its not even music I would normally listen to. but I am loving it. I love how you can discover new things, things that you never even knew you liked. thank you!

  19. Dearest Witch you are a miracle of the natural world...belated happy Easter rising to you and yours. i am just returned to NYC USA from Utah where a sweet friend and I worshiped magnificent mountains, and your blog post helps me land more softly back to this concrete setting.

  20. Absolutely magical, Karen. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty. Glad you enjoyed a lovely holiday. :) Theresa

  21. It looks as though you had a wonderful Easter. loved seeing all these critters.

  22. Lucky lady holding that badger and the tiny fox cub is adorable. Sounds like a wonderful place.


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