Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting The Moon

Saturday evening I watched in awe as a magical orange moon rose up behind the branches of trees into the clear March night sky. A super perigree moon I believe. The closest it has been to earth for 18 years.
I've been painting the moon, as you can see above. My latest painting on canvas, aptly named 'March Moon'. I know that hares in March in folklore are supposed to act a little mad and of course gaze at the moon but this one is far too sleepy for that after having a busy day filled with the joys of spring.

The sun has been warm  and I've enjoying my little outdoor work space. You may remember I got it at the end of last summer. I'm still settling in and arranging it to feel just right. These things take time don't they...? I've been burning incense and the only music I've wanted to listen to out there while I paint is birdsong. It's quiet and my mind has space to find the right roads. I have no computer connection  there so I have nothing to lead me down the glorious paths of distraction. ;) So now I'm on the look out for a rug, to make it just that bit cosier. Many pretties are appearing outside it's doors while I work away inside.

 Here is my little friend that serenades me ..... One of my neighbours I believe feeds a robin sultanas from her hand. I wonder if this one is the one. I could try but don't want to tempt him or make him too tame as I have cats.

I also painted some Aceo's last week. Aceo's in case you don't know are small sized art work that always measure 2.5x 3.5 inches in size. The size of a trading card. They are quite collectable I believe.
These went into my Etsy shop and have sold already. The one on the left was sold for Comic Relief. I really enjoyed doing them and must make a point of doing more regularly. I'm going to try and fit in doing another this week and the money will go to Red cross to help with the terrible tragedy in Japan.

Talking of my Etsy shop, there are some new  postcards now available of my paintings 'The Moonlit Gathering' and 'One Moonlit Night'
I hope to do a mixed pack of different cards in a bundle soon too.

Several days ago we celebrated a birthday. My boy was sixteen.

Where does time fly?  It only seems a moment ago that he was just a baby fascinated with the music from wind up music boxes and nursery rhymes. He has always had a fascination and strong love of music and now  is playing and composing his own, which is wonderful to hear. The other day he recorded some of his pieces at school on the digital piano and has uploaded them to youtube, so being a proud Mummy I thought I'd share a piece with you...

I hope your week is beautiful  and filled with the wonders of spring.


  1. lovely moon! lovely post - thank you

  2. The moon certainly was spectacular on Saturday. We were out in the evening and driving home around midnight it was like daylight - very bright and silvery! Georgeous music on your blog as ever.

  3. Beautiful moon - both yours and the one that meandered across the sky the other night. Lovely post. Thank you.

  4. Your son's music is beautiful and quite accomplished! He has a great future ahead of him, I'm sure.

  5. Such a lovely painting, the moon was beautiful on Saturday wasn't it. I always enjoy visiting your blog, such lovely work to see.

  6. Painting is lovely as always and your son's music is quite beautiful! I think he has a gift! Enjoy your spring!

  7. I love every painting that you made :o so magical and inspired!! HAppy b-day for your son, the time goes by, but there are the memory jeeje in this case the photos XD.. have a nice day! take care

  8. Moons and foxes... what could be nicer?
    I love your son's piano piece... it also feels right at home here on your blog surrounded by your work!

  9. Isn't it wonderful that he has such beautiful music inside of him?!

  10. As always I love your blog filled with your beautiful, magickal art. And today I so enjoyed listening to your gifted son's music....

  11. What beautiful ACEO's! I too love ACEO's. They are so very fun to create!

    Your son's music is fantastic!! He composes and plays absolutely brilliantly! He definitely is gifted!

  12. My elder boy will be 16 this summer. Where does the time go indeed?

  13. Karen - I'm with you - my baby is 17 tomorrow - where did the years go - your son's composition is wonderful - what a talent - as a singer I was singing along with his music - I hope he continues with it - let us know x

  14. I am in awe as always of your beautiful paintings and photographs. Your site is one of my favourites. Thank you for the inspiration it brings to my day.

  15. Beautiful art! Can't help but feel at peace under the watchful gaze of the magical moon....fills up the dark parts in my soul...

    Your son's music is so pleasing to the ear! A delight to hear ;)

  16. Love the new painting!.. and goodness, your son's music is excellent! Quite the talent! Bravo!
    ~ Deb

  17. Ah Karen, What lovely images you have posted, both garden and art! Of course, I was mesmerized by your son's music. Very inspiring to think my little guy (almost 4!) might do something more with his love of music.

    Happy spring to you! :)

  18. I love the colour of your work, especially the beautiful hues of the "March Moon"; it's somehow both warm, like the new spring and the promise of summer (I even saw shades of cranberries there), and cool, like the distant crystal globe floating in the blue eternity. Mystical, and yet so co sy! An enchanting piece.

  19. What a lovely post...My little blessing is growing fast too...I know how you feel....

  20. A beautiful picture of the moon. I can sit for ages and just stare up at the night sky. We sometimes play a game at dusk to see who can spot the first star visibile in the darkening sky. Dev x

  21. Your art is beautiful and I have spoiled myself by making a small purchase on your Etsy store tonight :)

    Your son's music stirs my soul, thank you for posting it.

    Take care x

  22. Lovely foxes trotting through the woods, and a very nice piano accompaniment!

  23. How I love your generous blog!!

    Here is one I posted on mine from Massachusetts USA
    Tossed Pantoum

    Last night on the Equinox, as snow fell,
    bright blue light forms were bouncing,
    under a full-moon's final swell,
    announcing -?-

    Bright blue light forms were bouncing,
    from foreground to the distant hill,
    announcing -!-
    "once more, once more, I will, I will."

    From foreground to the distant hill,
    Winter cruelly teased young Spring -
    "Once more, once more, I will, I will."
    "Oh," she cried, "You naughty old thing."

    Winter, cruelly, teased young Spring,
    under the full-moon's final swell.
    "Oh," she cried, "You naughty old thing,"
    last night on the Equinox, as snow fell.


  24. Love the fox images, not surprised they sold immediately

  25. Love the paintings, the moon and the wonderful photos!

  26. That's such a mature and dynamic composition from someone only just 16! He plays it with such confidence and feeling, a wonderful piece of music... Not surprised you're proud, he should go far with that kind of intuitive ear...!It's a real gift to be able to compose...
    The Aceo's are lovely as is that wonderful Moon painting! I watched that Moonrise, a deep golden ball, low and heavy, quite transfixing wasn't it...

  27. from me again...I forgot to say that I posted your sons wonderful music at my own blog. What a wonderful boy!

  28. Such a lovely post. I got to enjoy the moon, as well. It was glorious. :) I adore all your new art - so glad all the sweet foxes found new homes. And happy birthday to your talented son. Theresa

  29. A wonderful work and post, my boy is 6 in may and I endeavor to cherish every moment even the stroppy ones, time waits for know one!


  30. Even though it's gloomy winter here, your posts always cheer me up, just like your beautiful artwork! You really inspire me!

  31. Your son is very talented. His song is so lovely I found myself humming it all yesterday morning. Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. Lovely moon and even lovelier ACEO. I am thrilled with my purchase. It was very kind of you to help Comic Relief in that way.

    I can see that your love of music has been passed down to your son. He is so accomplished for one so young, I am sure he will achieve great things.

  33. The moon was lovely last saturday wasn't it? I took some photos but they all came so blurry I didn't do anything with them in the end. I still have the memory of it though! Your new aceos are gorgeous! Such intricate little paintings and quite magical. :) Have a lovely weekend Karen.xx

  34. I have just found your blog and I have to say I adore your artwork - so, so beautiful.
    That moon was amazing last week, couldn't believe it!

    BH x

  35. Thank you lovely people for all of your encouraging, inspiring beautiful comments and for such kind words about my son's music xx


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