Friday, July 16, 2010

Sitting On A Doorstep Feeling Bunny Tails

This week I have been mostly painting wooden hangers to restock my Etsy shop. The week has flown by in a blur, it really is frightening how the time seems to pass so quickly. I really do need a real time turner, or a tardis or something?
Here are a few pictures of hangers that are already or if not, will be listed in the next few days...

I'm waiting for some new varnish, then I will have more to list including some original paintings, so watch this space. :)
It's been tree whispering weather. Blowy, breezy with gentle tinkle of windchime and bell. I'm sure many an  angel has recieved wings these past few days.

Some things I've enjoyed this week...

Working late and watching the moths tap tapping at my window. Their eyes shine copper in the light from my desk lamp.
Smelling  purple buddleia.
Eating raspberries straight off the bush.
Flower petals
I planted this hollyhock from seed a couple of years ago. This year is the first year it has flowered and I'm really pleased with the colour.
And remember a few months back when I planted bunny tails? Well here they are. Every time I sit on the door step with a cup of tea I have been enjoying feeling and fondling the bunny tails. Yes, I probably look rather strange doing this, but they are so soft, it is hard to resist. :-)
I'll definitely be growing them again next year.

I've also been enjoying music. I always do of course, but sometimes you find a special piece that you just have to keep playing again and again to satisfy your soul. This is that piece for me at the moment. I don't know who it is by and it's only short. It accompanies this beautiful film footage. I hope you enjoy it too. x


  1. Wonderful hangers - you do create the most lovely things.

  2. I'd do just the same if I were to have bunny ears nearby! We were lucky enough to see a barn owl in flight last week, so very special.xx

  3. Love your beautiful hangers. Isn't it satisfying when you have a lovely stash of beauties ready after your week of hard work? P.S. wish I had some bunny tails.... I have to go onto the moor for my bunny tail fix. x x

  4. Love all the new art work. Everything you create is so magical and so beautiful. :) Theresa

  5. Everything around you is so calm, pure and beautiful! The nice music only strengthens this feeling. I felt great watching the owl flying... Your hangers are very sweet!

  6. Thanks Gretel :)

    Jessie.. Ooo you are sooo lucky!

    Jenny.. You must plant some next year, they are just so lovely.

    Theresa.. Thankyou :) x
    Rosshika..Thankou :) Although all is not calm and peaceful all the time. I do have a 15 yr old son and a 12 yr old daughter ;)

  7. I see! I have a 16-year old son!:-) But I don't want to talk about the neighbourhood... blocks, people, cars and,Thanks God!,a lot of trees with singing birds.

  8. Rossichka..
    At least you have trees. Everyone needs trees and birdsong x

  9. What a nice post to return to... I just came back from swimming at a nearby lake, thinking it was going to thunderstorm... lovely hangers and the owl video is wonderful.

    I'm also tempted by those bunny tails, maybe I'll try them out next year!

    We REALLY need the rain, but it seems this storm has headed off in another direction... oh well.

  10. Love it!I noticed this year those bunny tails grow wild along the verge on my road, when the morning light catches them and they glow it's a beautiful sight.

  11. I love the owl music video - it is wonderful. Your new work is beautiful.

  12. Hello Karen, I swam in delight as always when looking at your beautiful art and wonderful world. The hangers are quite popular, aren't they?? I see that those people have great taste! :)) (a hug)

  13. have just got back from a walk along the marshes to watch barn owls hunting as the sun goes down with the added bonus of hearing young in the erected owl box!!! wet dog!
    ps very true about running out of time ...but are nt we lucky to have so many things to do...that we enjoy!

  14. Exquisite


  15. Karen, your beautiful pieces keep evolving...transforming.

    Many, many thanks for the owl video - sort of speechless at this moment after viewing a couple of times...

  16. Your hangers are lovely...I like the rabbits best...thank you for sharing...H

  17. Is there anything better than a fresh raspberry in summertime?

  18. Wonderful art. Beautiful Bunny Tails. Beloved Owl.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. I just stumbled across your art blog and absolutely love it. I am a self-taught artist who is just starting my own art blog. I will be following you as you are incredibly inspiring to me. Love your art that seems so light and whimsical. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  20. Oh I LOVE that Mr. Badger. And the bluebirds! And oh, those bunny tails!

    Love popping in here to see what you are up to. Always delightful!

  21. That's a beautiful piece of music and wonderful film of the barn owl too. I love the badger hangers too.

  22. Um lugar verdadeiramente mágico.
    It's a wonderful place.

  23. Hey Karen! Wow! What a wonderful blog you have! I had such a blast scrolling through! You are an amazing talent!

  24. Those hangers are adorable.

    I love your rabbit art. I should visit more often.

  25. Your work is so Lovely and sweat! : )


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