Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flowers, Alice and Proud Mummy Hen

I wish I could share the scents blowing in the gentle breeze outside today. They are heavenly....
Unfortunately although the internet is magic. The wizardry technology hasn't quite reached sharing smell yet. :)
Orange blossom (Mock Orange) and elderflower have really lifted my spirits today.

If you are feeling under the weather,sad, deflated or just out of sorts, the scent of a flower truly does make you feel better.If you haven't a garden, go out for a walk and smell other peoples flowers trailing over walls or savour in the wild hedgerows.If you haven't time for that then treat yourself to a bunch when you are out shopping. Flowers are so important to have around. Not just for their smell, but because they are part of nature as we are. A connection with nature is so important. (even if it is just a vase of flowers)

The flora and fauna on our planet should be embraced, respected and loved. We need to educate our children and learn to share the space with our fellow creatures, most have been here longer than we have. We must not exploit,or abuse them for our own greed or remove them because we consider them pests.

 Everything is part of nature, part of us. If there is too much of one thing it's because man has interfered and changed the balance.

These  teeniest of alpine strawberries, I am going to let take over the garden as they are soooo delicious!
If only the wizardry would let me pass you one through the wires and connection ....

The painting I've been working on is almost finished ....
 But until it is, I have this to share with you.

Another Alice In Wonderland inspired heart.
Why Alice?
Well, because it's been on my mind.  On Saturday I will be participating in this....

Just a bit of fun organised by the lovely Vanessa over at A fanciful Twist.
I do hope you will come and visit?

And lastly, something else to share. One of our hen's so patiently sat and hatched two eggs all by herself.
Here  is a very short clip of them in the broody pen. (When they are bigger they will be free range)

What a very clever Mummy Hen. :)


  1. Lovely, just very lovely. As always.... Nice to dream along on your site. :-)

  2. Hello Karen,lovely post as always,and so true,flowerfragrances are so healing,stimulating in the morning and relaxing in the evening.Winter and summer,I sleep with an open window and the clouds of perfume floating in this time of year are just divine.Some of them remember me of gardens of my grandmother and aunts where I played as a child.My love for plants and flowers started there and then,and i can't imagine a life without them.Have a wonderful,sensual summer.Renilde

  3. Two of my favorite things...Alice and you hearts! I'm a flower lover too and I love having them around both in and out of the house...they are one of the things that say,"Home".

  4. This was such a peaceful respite from a busy day. Thank you. I've had vases of gardenias beside my bed for several weeks now. I do agree about the scent of flowers and the magical effects they have on the soul.

  5. A happy post of flowers, art, bitty chicks and the Mom.

    I enjoyed my visit.

  6. Lovely! Aren't hens the best?!

    Come on my hens... what's with not going broody this year?

    Beautiful photos and paintings as usual.

    Celia x

  7. oooo... I love that proud gurgling mother hen! And the little ones darting back and forth. If RavenWood wasn't sooo full of coyotes, foxes, weasels and fishers, I'd have a few hens myself! Lovely heart.

    Abundant mid-summer blessings!

  8. Valerianna.. We do have foxes here too, and have lost chickens to them, but only when we haven't put them in early enough, so it was always us to blame.
    So long as you have a secure pen at night they are fine. Not sure about the coyotes though?? :)

  9. Beautiful pics and artwork as usual and the important message of 'respect nature'...lovely post. Thank you...

  10. What a perfect post! I feel the same way about the scent of flowers, although yesterday I spent the solstice in the forest, by a waterfall and that scent is healing as well. Thank you for the clip of your hen and babies. I really miss the sweet little noises of my hens.

  11. I love how you care so much about nature, it makes my heart happy to read your posts.
    Beautiful painting xx

  12. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful artwork and equally wonderful thoughts.It always lifts my spirits to see your foxes and hares etc.and your words always resonate with a lot of what I'm thinking! I was out on a hedgerow walk the other evening and the heady smell of honeysuckle filled the cool twilight air. Mmmmm Lovely!
    x x

  13. I love the colours in your painting, they lift the spirits also.

  14. You're so right about getting out into nature and smelling the flowers. What a tonic :)

    Love the Alice heart, and what a clever little hen, bless her :)

  15. Beautiful post and flower photos! And of course, your painted hearts are wondrous. And oh wow, the Mad Tea Party sounds delightful, as well.

  16. Love your hearts! The momma hen and chicks are sooo cute too. All that and some mock orange to breathe in and it would be a perfect summer day. :)

  17. Winsome thoughts and images as always, Karen and with your lovely music, the scent of the orange blossoms do drift in! Looking forward to the tea on Saturday :)

  18. Love your new painted hearts, so gorgeous as usual. Loving the flowers in your garden, I can just imagine the scent

  19. Lovely photos and lovely art from you as always. I look forward to coming by your tea party.

    Stop by my blog--I have a little something for you.


  20. I can almost smell those blossoms from the pictures! Thankyou for the reminder that flowers are so special.xx

  21. Your new work is just stunning, Karen. And you are right - just the scent of a flower or even the sight of one truly lifts the spirits. :) I can't wait to see the post you have in store for the Mad Tea Party! :) Theresa


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