Monday, March 22, 2010

The Joys Of Spring

'March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil'

From my window today I can see a single daffodil  in bloom. The first out, among a large clump near the hedgerow. And yes, it is dancing in the wind. It's a blustery March day here. The rooks nests so high up in the trees are swaying. It amazes me how securely made they must be. I expect the tiny birds in their eggs are used to the gentle rocking motion and when they hatch enjoy it as a baby in a crib does.
The snowdrops in my little jug are beginning to go over now, so it's time to bring the primroses in.

Primroses are one of my favourite flowers and whenever my nose touches the delicate petals and I deeply breathe in the scent I am instantly transported back to the age of about eight years old. We used to pick bunches of them and violets, tie them with wool and hang them from a long stick to make carrying them home easier. 
There are green buds and shoots wherever you look now and things are beginning to wake.

 Now the evenings are lighter, there is more playing outdoors for them and me. ;)

 And the hens are enjoying some warmth on their wings.

I've been pottering about in my greenhouse and have planted seeds. I won't show you all that, but I will show you these that I couldn't resist....

 Bunny tails! I just had to have a packet of these! :)
While we are on the subject of four legged creatures, I will mention that there are some new brown March hares in my Etsy shop at the moment. And The fox painting 'Wearing A Robe Of Gold' is now available to buy as a print.
I've been busy cutting out little wooden birds and beasts which I will show you another day. Until then, I wish you all the joys of spring!


  1. I feel just like those chickens of yours...when the sun is out & just feel like basking in it for a while. Seems like so long since last summer!!!

    Bunny tails!! LOL :)

  2. Spring, Oh Happy Spring, I love it so. Seeing your spring popping pictures is great fun and a chance walk in someone else's woodland.

    Loved the hanging vine cave and the hens nestled in the under brush. :))

    I enjoy and appreciate your word and painting art.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a sweetly beautiful picture of Spring here. I love the Bunny Tails. You must show them when they are up!!

  4. Oh what beautiful photos! Happy Spring!!! I've never heard of bunny tails but they are lovely...I wonder if they would grow here. Hmmmm...We still have an abundance of brown but the green is poking through in many a place. And thanks for sharing the information on the prints...I foresee one coming home to me in the near future. Enjoy your day! Theresa

  5. I so look forward to reading your poetic like writings and elegant yet so simple photos. I can hear the hens now.. boc bocing as they scratch looking for bugs. :-) I'm going to keep an eye out for Bunny Tails. What fun! Thank you so much for sharing and Happy Spring! - Deb

  6. Bunnies from a packet! Shame you only get the tail ;) Isn't it lovely to see little buds emerging? I too have teeny weeny shoots of lupins, I'm holding my breath in case the slug troups come by. This is only their second year so I hope their optimism wins out!xx

  7. Lovely spring photos and I marked your March hare as a will appear on my blog for a bit!

  8. Always a joy to read your blog and to have a peek into your world.I love your artwork,it's fresh,beautifull colours and it makes me smile.Wishing you a soft and sunny spring so you can enjoy the outside living.It's always such a relief after all that winterdarkness.Lots of spring inspiration. Renilde

  9. What a cute bouquet of snowdrops. I too love primroses, which I grow in my Mary garden.

  10. Spring's song is finally here and how magical it is. Thanks for another inspiring post, Karen. It's always lovely to visit you. xx

  11. I love the 'den'...just the sort of thing I would have built as a child. Come to think of it, I still enjoy building things like that! It's funny to think that now that winter is over for you, green things are finally appearing...while here, the summer is over and green things are also finally appearing. Even though our seasons are the opposite way around, we are all experiencing a kind of rebirth/renewal in nature...and in ourselves too.

  12. Beautiful post! everytime I visit i am swept away by the music and by the enchating beauty all around. Wonderful photos..enjoy your bunny tails adorable! Happy Spring

  13. Bunny tails - one of the cutest plants ever! I can't wait to introduce my little son to them. Sweet spring post!

  14. I love the look of your garden and hens. I love spring so much, thanks for sharing your pictures

  15. I like your little spotty jug with primroses, very pretty.

  16. Everything you post always looks like a fairy tale. (How is it having a green house? Are they a lot of work to keep up? Do you have it heated in the winter?)

    I love the chickens sunning themselves. What kind are they?

  17. Hello Karen, it's so wonderful that spring has finally arrived where you are... I always love your picture posts, make me feel like I'm taken to another world! Anyway, I totally enjoyed your post on Alice too... you did a brilliant job with the book, of course! Happy spring to you... (^_^) ox

  18. Thanks for all your comments. it's always lovely to read them :)

    Tara... the greenhouse is really useful as I can start seeds off much earlier and they grow really well in there. We don't have a greenhouse heater for the winter so don't tend to use it to its full potential.
    The hens are a mixture although all five look identiacal. They were our babies from last year. Eggs were from a golden Hamburg bantam, but she wasn't broody so another hen patiently sat and hatched them for her. The father was a bantam silver partridge dutch. Sadly these hens are now orphans as we lost the beautiful parents and surrogate mummy to Mr Fox, when my son forgot to close them up one night :(

  19. Karen!

    I'd love to go for a walk with you one day!

    You seem so attuned to nature!


  20. oh my goodness, i arrived here at this beautiful post just in time...i will go find a candle right now!

    thank you


  21. So envious of your 'proper' pale primroses.

    Lupins - I only have four and there's a brown caterpillar with a bright yellow stripe on one and I don't know whether I should let it stay or not.

    Tap dancing on the Archers on the Radio!



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