Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let There Be Light

As the sun begins to sit lower in the sky with the ageing year. Its been a most welcome guest this week peeping into our dim rooms. Things had grown wild and overgrown outside the kitchen window, so the hedge was treated to a long overdue haircut. Now the morning sun can wake us up while we make our tea and toast.

Indeed, there is alot more trimming back to do....

Little hobbit can only open one window at the moment due to the ramblings of a very pretty pink clematis and honeysuckle. This will be a ladder job sometime soon. By next year her room will be covered like sleeping beauty's room if we leave it! ( Which yes would be lovely, but somewhat dark!)
I've made a start at Autumn tidying. This is the view from the living room. There is a big window seat and I like to sit with a coffee here....

I love these old leaded fairytale windows. We only have three like this. This house is a bit of a hotch potch, split into Three eras. 17th century,1920's and 1970's.

As well as cutting back overgrown things this week, I've also been cutting out and painting more wooden creatures which I will have to show you soon and there will be new items being added to the Etsy shop hopefully on a daily basis.

If you haven't already seen them, I also have postcards listed.....

A set of five blank backed with envelopes.
I hope you didn't mind seeing lots of windows in this post ? :)
I do have abit of a thing for them, and doors too ;) Remember here


  1. I love the doors and windows. I too have a thing for them--I wonder if most artists do. your kitchen windows that appear to be stained glass are beautiful!

  2. Oh yes, I share your love of windows. The ones in your cottage are so beautiful! You are most fortunate to be able to gaze out from them each day. Your post made me realize that I need to do more than a bit of garden clean-up myself!

  3. *Sigh* I could sit and stare out those windows all day.

    I too love windows and doors - the borders between spaces.

  4. I adore all your windows!!! I too could sit and stare out them all day... :-)

  5. What lovely glimpses through your windows! I'm looking through mine at the rambling untidy mess that my garden has become. I'm going to have to tackle it soon!

  6. Your garden and house look lovely, a peep behind the scenes, and tempting little paths leading the eye away...

  7. Yes, I think it IS an artists' thing - gazing at, and through beautiful windows and doors - I particularly love those white leaded diamond shaped panes of glass in windows I see occassionally - they remind me of my old fifties style dolls house I used to have as a child.
    Your house and garden look magical!

  8. Tantalising glimpses of your house and garden - they look lovely through the stained glass and leaded windows.

    I'm looking forward to a crisp Autumn morning to make a start on a garden cut-back and clear-up.

    Your postcards are beautiful, too.

    Jeanne x

  9. Ah, I have a thing for windows - so meaningful! A beautiful post as always, thank you.
    I have an award for you over on my blog, as you are one of the most creative bloggers I know!
    Happy days
    Denise x

  10. Me too! I think it's the possibility of finding other worlds through there! I love those old windows of yours, I can see why you chose to live in that house. I like the blue window frames too and the window stickers. We used to have a small shop that sold stickers like these of celtic designs. I'd almost forgotten all about them until I saw yours! What a lovely place you live :)x

  11. What a lovely view to rise to in the morning! And the windows themselves are beautiful. :) Theresa

  12. Beautiful photo. Love the diffuse light.

  13. Thank you for your visit...I am intrigued by your blog and am looking forward to exploring your past posts. I love your windows and art!

  14. Lovely images and thoughts, inspiring.

  15. What beautiful windows and lovely views. I agree with all of the above :) I've had a good look at my windows and realised that they need a jolly good clean!


  16. .. a window on the world... at least 'your' world, which looks a lovely one!.. thanks for giving me a chance to 'stop and stare' for a bit... away from my work. Helen

  17. Your home is delightful, really lovely. I was thinking about you and your blog yesterday especially as I was doing some unpacking and found the unicorn hanging I aquired from you last year, its little bells tingling tinkling as I unrolled the tissue paper I'd concealed it in weeks ago. That was a nice moment, to discover it all over again.

  18. What lovely windows you have, so unusual, very you!

  19. Lovely views, old houses require special attention, but they are worth it. Your fairy tail windows are wonderful.

  20. your house looks wonderful...like something out of Moonacre...I am very jealous....

  21. Gorgeous windows and what a beautiful garden.... sigh!! Looks like heaven!!
    Love Jane xxx

  22. Thanks for all of your lovely comments. :)

    I think you maybe right about artists love of doors and windows.
    The windows are not real stained glass, only window stickers, but are quite effective. :)

    Kym Bowles...
    I also had a dolls house with little diamond shaped window panes. My daughter has it now.

    Although I like windows, I'm afraid I don't like cleaning them! ;)

    Lizzie... I'm so glad you are still enjoying the little unicorn heart :)

    Cocoa and Blankets...
    ah... Moonacre :) I love Moonacre! No my house is not like it ( wish it was) But we do have touches of it here and there ;)

  23. LOVE your pretty windows! Your garden looks like a magical wonderland.


    Really looking forward to Autumn here too.

  24. such a magical looking set of windows opening into a yard that looks like it holds secrets and sighs...

  25. Can a person have window envy? If so, then surely I do. I love your windows, and your writing - I come to visit your blog when I need a bit of comfort!
    Kim xx

  26. The windows are lovely especially the leaded lights - your whole house and garden looks just like a fairy tale. My garden is pretty wild too but autumn clean ups will have to wait until I get back from the US in October.

  27. i love windows too & especially the tiny leaded ones & the stained glass panels (are they real?), *ruthie*


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