Monday, August 10, 2009

Sand Between My Toes

Each day for the past eight days my feet have spent time submerged in the Atlantic ocean.
I have ridden the wild unicorn waves with feathery manes on a body board and let them leap over my head.

Peered into silent secret caves that are only exposed when the tide goes out, and felt there was something else in there?.......

Seen faces hidden in stone.
Can you see the old man bending over? ... King Neptune perhaps?

Felt that things are not always as they appear to be.
Could a mermaid lay fast asleep beneath this?...

I Captured sunlight ripples on water....

And whitewashed snails on sea holly prickles....

But most of all, I just gazed and gazed with sand between my toes....


  1. Welcome back, Karen! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.And grains of sand will probably still be turning up for weeks ... all over the place. LOVE the pix, and look forward to seeing how your interpret what you've seen on holiday in your paintings.

  2. Nothing better than that!
    Welcome home, and thanks for the lovely photographs!

  3. Hello Karen, lovely post, I do love your blog! beautiful pictures!

  4. This post is simply beautiful! You have a way with words and photos. Of course you do have the imagination and it seems you 'feel' things. I love your blog. It makes me feel good. I wish I could express it better.

  5. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your imagination - I think I could see what you saw :)

    I used to live at the other edge of the Atlantic on the eastern shore of Canada. It's amazing how those caves remind me of ones I used to explore when the tide was out. Lovely.

  6. It looks wonderful Karen - I'm glad you and your little ones had a lovely time!

  7. Thanks Karen for giving us all a look through your eyes. The ocean takes us to a timeless place. The endless rhythm of the waves, the wind and salt. The sand speaks of former rocks and mountains made small by time. Beautiful post.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, the photographs are all lovely but I especially like the one of the cave, that is so atmospheric. Looks as though you had lots of sunshine too!

  9. It sounds lovely, thank you for sharing it with us! :-)

  10. OOh, lucky you. There is no better way to recharge the batteries.

  11. Beautiful pictures Karen...on holiday we stayed with two artists and Helen's work reminded me of yours beautiful whales and hares....I love your photos

  12. I hope you feel nice & refreshed after all that :) Nothing like the wind in your hair & the smell of the sea to give you a well needed boost :)

    And beautiful photos!

  13. Do you wonder where the sand has been before? Or how many people have felt it on their skin? What stories it could tell us if only we could hear...

  14. So good to have you back Karen - thank you for sharing your imagination and wonderful photos with us. I love the whitewashed snails on the sea holly! A beautiful post.x

  15. Had to come back for another visual feast, Karen (several times, in fact)!
    Apologies for going off-topic, but there have been a couple of lovely posts about myths and one (today's date) about hares over at that I thought might interest you.
    Just a thought ...

  16. Such beautiful and evocative pictures, I love the mystery that you inspire with your words!

    Julia xxx

  17. What a beautiful beachy post! How lovely to have beaches that are not completely crowded with people. Love the cave and rocks and seaweed... ah, it's been too long since I was at the ocean.

  18. This is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen..Well done! The music is magical, and I come and visit your site when I need a break from my hectic days..I am very interested in your artwork as well..
    Blessings to you,
    Psychic Mary Ellen


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