Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little miracles

Isn't it amazing how new spring life is just bursting out everywhere!
Yesterday I made time to go out and walk again as the day was beautiful.It was even warm enough to make me want to remove my jacket.
You have to watch all the time with nature, otherwise you will miss it!
These horse chestnut buds have already almost opened.

When I was a child my Mum would always pick a couple of branches of these in tight bud which we called 'sticky buds'. She would bring them into the house and put them in a vase, so that we could watch the buds open into the horse chestnut leaves. A small miracle!

Even the hawthorn is almost out. Not long and the trees will be green again.

This spell of warmth has also woken the white violets.

In between enjoying the joys of mother nature, I've been busy this week painting a rather cold and grey picture on canvas that has been sat waiting and waiting for too long. Oh, and another painted heart.


  1. Those white violets - I'm just getting into flowers and plants more and didn't know there were such things. Truly lovely.

  2. Really beautiful pics!! Thanks for sharing. I'm a new reader, been following your posts and creations for a little while now. :)

  3. So pretty. I can't wait fro spring to pop out here. I saw my first robin yesterday though so there is hope!

  4. OH How I love white violets. I get millions of the purple and never the white. I tried to transplant them here but they have never made it. The photos are lovely.

  5. OOOH, now I want some white violets.

  6. It's lovely seeing all these new little things coming back to life isn't it? I've just been out to buy some's so exciting!x

  7. There are always white violets in the churchyard opposite our house - it really is a sign that spring is here when they are in flower :-)


  8. Oh thank you for sharing!! Still cold here! It's so wonderful to see everyone's Spring pictures - it's like getting Spring over and over again!!!
    Beautiful white violets!!! Can't wait for mine!!! Sarah

  9. Isn't spring wonderful. It has been quite warm where we live, even the dog has been sunbathing.I love to see the trees start to green up. Mother nature is an amazing thing. Cant wait for the tulips, oh and lighter evenings, more time for long walks and gardening. Happy days. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics. Warm wishes
    Julie X

  10. Thank you for the reminder that there is hope! We are expecting snow in my neck of the woods tomorrow! Anita

  11. How cool! I've never seen horse chestnut buds/leaves before, or hawthorne either.

  12. Happy first day of Spring! Lovely pictures.

  13. There were lots of Horsechestnut Trees where we lived when I was a child and my memories are of getting sticky buds stuck on my shoes and having to peel them off after they'd become revolting . . . and my mother complaining because they were being trodden into the carpet and were hard to get off there too. But such memories are good all the same.

    . . . Sticky buds and looking at the horse-shoe shapes, complete with nail marks, when twigs broke off. They felt like small miracles.

    Lucy Corrander


  14. Oh it is just the best! The wind is blowing white blossoms all over the garden!

    Your cards arrived safely and are sooo beautiful. I thanked you and linked to your site in my latest post! I do appreciate them, and you, so much!

  15. beautiful have made me decide to go for a walk today...have a lovely weekend

  16. You are staying so productive and busy producing beautiful things...

    Things are beginning to bud here - and I just noticed whole swaths of purple violets in bloom. (I'm hoping there's enough to pick to make violet syrup. One of my favorite childhood memories. Gorgeously colored with a sweet, floral flavor).

  17. The white violets spread everywhere in this garden, but I've tried to grow the purple ones and can't!

    Cathy.... How strange that you can grow the purple but not the white!

    Lizzie... There are plenty more lovely flowers and plants for you to discover. Its when you find them unexpectedtly growing on a bank in a lane that makes it even more of a joy :)

    Svasti... Welcome!:)

    Lucy... Sticky buds are certainly VERY sticky. Must have been a pain getting them off the carpet!

    Tara... Violet syrup sounds delicious! The sort of thing off of the pages of a story book. Do you think you could use white violets in the recipe? :)

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I do love to read them even if I don't always reply. x

  18. Ain't it grand ! Basking in the wonders myself.

  19. i had forgotten that my mum would pick us sticky bud boughs too, thank you for the memory!!

  20. What a lovely spring time you have there... I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by to peek at at my faerie terrarium.

  21. wow, you have such a beautiful glad I stumbled across you.

  22. Stunning pictures! Thank you x Our chestnut is still hiding!

  23. Sticky Buds! My Gran used to do that, and when she was too old to leave the house we would get some for her!
    Love the white violets! I have the usual ones coming up all over the place, even on my doorstep!

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  25. I'm so happy I've found out your blog! It's surprisingly beautiful!
    Brilliant illustrations, soft colours, tender spots of your love for creatures...
    An instant fave!


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