Thursday, February 12, 2015

The days are getting lighter

The days are getting lighter here but they are still as cold as stone.  February was welcomed in with fire.
Sparks danced beneath the moon.  Alive, on a journey, heading off into a clear dark night.
Later when it had burned down, I lay in bed watching the moon from my window and wondered if the fox that has been calling each night these past few weeks had come to visit. I hoped it stayed awhile by the warm embers on such a cold night.
A start has been made on getting the garden up together. A task that has been put off the last few years. I love this area wild and it's filled with oregano, which the bees love in the summer. But the time has come to give it a good clear up. Too many brambles and hawthorn have begun to grow and couch grass has been smothering the masses of primroses and bluebells that live here.  So begins the long process of digging things out and putting back in. And the path of stones that surround this whole area will be revealed once more.
There is a lot of moss (which I love) but some of it has to be taken out too.  I have a cracked leaky birdbath which needs mending/waterproofing somehow. Meanwhile the birds aren't at all bothered about the plastic dish.
The snowdrops are looking pretty beneath the apple trees and the hazel has a good show of catkins this year despite the windy weather a few weeks ago.
This week we had to have a couple of trees cut because they were touching electricity wires.  I don't like seeing this happen at the best of time, but it was someone else's decision not ours. We will make the best use of the wood. I have my eye on some of the larger pieces to cut up as slices for some paintings. I would love to incorporate the sycamore tree in one of the paintings.  Of course it will all need to season first.
Since last here, these small paintings below have been brought to life. I will be mounting/matting them, then shall add them as originals to my shop next week.
I shall leave you with some wise words from my tea. Enjoy your Valentine's weekend. x


  1. Lovely words as always Karen. And what a beautiful fire!

  2. Wonderful words and gorgeous fire :)

  3. Beautiful as ever. And I must say I dislike music on weblogs but yours is always so lovely, I'll often keep your page open just so I can listen to the music :)

  4. Good luck with the garden project, lovely artwork, and your snowdrops have done well this year, mine are only just popping through

  5. I've thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog while I sipped my tea, Karen :D Your work never fails to uplift and inspire

  6. Lovely to see snowdrops and bare ground, albeit brownish. We are buried in snow, and I love it, though I need to keep that a secret these days as everyone else is angry with Grandmother Winter and wants her to melt away as soon as possible!

  7. Have just found your very beautiful blog - absolutely lovely. The music is wonderful too!

  8. The garden looks like quite a project - things can just become too overgrown for their own good - look forward to your updates on this. By the way, if you get some epoxy resin (the glue stuff that has two parts to mix together) it will work really well to fix the birdbath leaks - just smear or drip it into the cracks or leaky looking areas.

  9. You paint such a beautiful picture. There is indeed such magic in seeing gardens come back to life with the shifting seasons.

  10. You always take such wonderful photos, I love the ones with the fire. I like the sound of your paintings using the sycamore. We have an old elm in the front garden that sadly needs to go. We had the electricity lines buried a few years ago as it had become close the branches (a huge cost!) but now the old tree is falling apart with age and worrying the neighbours. I do so hope to be able to use some of the wood if I can when the time comes.
    Jess xx


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