Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hibernating with tea, Merlin and a jar of wishes

It's wild outside this evening as I sit here at my desk and write this. I can hear the tree branches moving and the whistling eerie voice of the wind as it whips around the house. It  sounds like ghostly birds in a storm that have lost their way. I was hoping it would be a north wind and that it would bring snow, but it isn't. Instead rain is being blown against the inky black window panes. So far this area has missed out on any snow, except a tiny dusting that melted as soon as the morning sun came out.
I've retreated a little into hermit mode so far this new year. My bear genes again want to hibernate.
My head has been stuck in cupboards rummaging and rifling through stuff. There have been many trips and bags taken to the charity shop 'to simplify things' I don't mind calling this a new years resolution, as I know I can keep it. I get great pleasure and immense satisfaction from clearing clutter, it's a good feeling!  And on the plus side, the universe always gives you something back in return. I found a lovely coat the other day whilst browsing after dropping my bags off. Don't worry an old coat of mine went into the next bag to replace the new one coming in. ;)
This bear in me has also been drinking rather a lot of tea, reading in the bath and watching episodes of Merlin.
I have been working as well though, doing my tax return, and an illustration commission. 
And I've been playing in my sketchbook. Here's a jar of wishes for 2015. 
And another sketch which began as just a doodle. I think it's about whilst I was busy with the illustration commission, the creatures for my future paintings were waiting for me to come out to play, get my brushes out and bring them to life?  What do you think? 
Better get to it then! :)


  1. I can never watch too much Merlin, I do love that show! Your art is so incredibly lovely!

    1. It's a great show. Thanks for your kind words about my work Country witch. I'm glad that you like it.

  2. Beautiful and I love your tea collection too

    1. My tea collection just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. There are so many wonderful ones to try. :)

  3. I feel as though I 'm in hibernation mode too so it's reassuring to hear that you're doing the same. 😊 I love your sketches. The jar of wishes is much more inspiring than a mundane list! The house drawing is lovely and would make a fantastic painting. 😃
    I haven't got around to watching Merlin yet, thanks for the reminder.
    Jess xx

    1. I think I'm slowly coming out of hibernation now although I will always remain a hermit scuttling back into my shell every so often. ;) Merlin is on Netflix now, the complete series. Definitely worth a watch. x

  4. I love your jar of wishes. Am I seeing things or is there really snow falling in your last sketch?

  5. Tea my favourite (non alcoholic) drink, love the sketch and the jar of wishes. I was looking back and realised it's nearly six years! since I bought one of your Owl wooden hangings for 'P' who went on and named him Merlin after the series. Merlin is still proudly hanging above his door and we still watch and love the series.
    luv and blessings Maura Xx

    1. Where has the time gone Maura!? I remember the owl was it the first one with the star on that read Magic? I think it may have been? :) x

  6. a short aside
    brutal winter winds
    viewed from warmth
    golden light and amber tea
    looking deep inside the books
    imaginations and mysteries
    appear at the ends of brushes and pens
    this art kickstarts our wandering muse
    merlin is just in the shadows waiting to charm us

    i love to hibernate
    i love to make wishes
    i love to sip ambrosia tea
    i love think of Merlin
    waiting for me

    for me the new year
    is the shimmering sun surprise
    of "letting go"
    it has happened
    for me
    with ease and no push it
    from me

    thanking you currently from Florida USA
    for extraordinary shared pleasures

  7. the snow has been missing me too down here in the new forest~but bitterly cold and some heavy sleet and hail. your tea collection looks very much like mine-i have become very fond of rosehip :)

    1. I haven't had rosehip in a while, must get some to help me keep the colds at bay. Fingers crossed us southern counties get some snow! :)

  8. I loved, loved, LOVED Merlin. I was heartbroken when it ended. Of all the programs and popular entertainment, Merlin was/is a series with some wonderful human relationships. Ones with respect and complexity and authenticity. I have found only a few shows have this quality. I might need to watch it again! Happy clearing... I'm with you on the hibernating :)

    1. Valerianna, you are absolutely right, the show has all those things. I love it too.There should be more tv like it. x

  9. Happy 2015..thankyou for your lovely blog xx

    1. And to you Suzy! Hope it's a great year for you. :) x

  10. Those little animals do look as if they are waiting for you to emerge from your winter slumber and play in the spring meadows with them x


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