Friday, April 18, 2014

A quiet week

This morning as I write with my mug of tea by my side, the view from my window is gentle on the eye. Still and silver, a  misty beginning. Later I predict the sun will burn through and the day will be another sunny warm one, just like yesterday.  The sky is filled with birdsong. A blackbird is close by on a nearby branch, it's song,  a poem for a new day.
Spring is well into her wild and flowery dance now, scattering her magic throughout the grass. 
On days like this, it's hard to stay indoors. Much better to be outside and to take the time to lay down in the grass and moss and look upwards at blue April skies. 
 And to slow down and enjoy the view on  our journey. 
It's good to be back working outside. I may not have internet connection there, but I have the blossom, daisies and dandelion to admire whilst I quietly work away. I'm busy with hangers again now. The sanding part can be done sat in the sun. 
Sometimes it's hard to go back inside to paint, when the warm sun is on your shoulders,  but at least I can open the doors and let the sunshine in,  which is a good thing.  
I found a birds skull the other day when gardening. What a beautiful elegant thing. I shall add it to my nature collection, which I must remember to show you another time... 
I also came across this fellow hiding beneath a stone in the garden. I think his title is, Mr Toad, assistant gardener.
As the greening takes place  and the new leaves unfurl, the banks and fields are scattered with the delicate colours of Spring. 
On my walk tonight I spotted this little rabbit enjoying the evening sunshine.
New life is everywhere, and it's wonderful to see.
I wish you all a Happy Easter weekend. x


  1. What a wonderful day you have had - and I have really enjoyed reading about it xx

  2. So lovely to see green grass and blooming. Here, we had another round of SNOW and cold... but I do think it is leaving again, though the fire is burning tonight. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Breathtaking beauty, as always.
    Wishing you a lovely Easter too ♥

  4. Every creature looks contented in springtime, when everything's beautiful and in harmony!:) What more suitable place to create than outside, under the warm, reviving sun? Thank you for showing us the marvellous sights around you!
    Happy Easter Holiday!

  5. A Happy Easter to you too I adore your work and would love to know if you cut your own wood shapes! Beautiful read and photo thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Emma. Yes I cut all my own wood. :)

  6. Lovely Spring photos - it's wonderful to see all the new life everywhere isn't it? The swallows and the cuckoo are back too so summer is just around the corner.

  7. what a beautiful spring day Karen!

  8. Beautiful always. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Easter too! Anita xx

  9. I love that magic feeling - such a positive feeling - that spring sunshine brings - beautiful photos

  10. Lovely post and photos! Happy Spring!

  11. I can see how your paintings are inspired by such a bounty of nature on your doorstep! Your photos are like stepping into a beautiful warm meadow. :)
    Jess x


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