Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow And Celebration

Just as the day was ending the snow began to fall bringing with it the accompanying stillness and peaceful silence. The muffled buzz type of quiet when you can hear the tiny flakes falling. Quickly I took my camera out as the darkness was descending fast.
I walked down the path and into the little wood. Sounds of rook settling for the night and the gentle trickle of water from the stream seemed even more enchanting with snow falling. Not thinking I turned my camera up towards the sky and of course got a wet camera lens. Very silly of me, I know. So some of the following pictures have a misted look and patch to them. I think it just adds to the atmosphere. ;)  Luckily the camera has dried out now and is no worse for wear. 

I walked slowly, conscious of each footstep, enjoying the moment, feeling a powerful connection to the Earth's magic. Across the hill in the fading light I imagined the millions of snowflakes falling, swarming in the blue light, each a beautiful work of art and each unique. And I thought of water and all that we don't understand and I thought of  this.
 Then back  home again I headed, returning with coat and scarf frosted.
The snow carried on until later and it really did look like Narnia had arrived. Sadly as it was dark I didn't capture anymore photographs. My two teens took their sledges and disappeared into the dark to the big hill.
Just a fleeting visit from the Snow Queen this time.  I hope she returns!

Now for a little celebration....

Recently my Etsy shopped passed a 1,000 sales. I'm so happy, grateful and amazed by this I thought I must do another giveaway to say thank you. :) 
So I had a little rummage  and came up with these bits and pieces. Two small prints, a postcard and a greeting card.

If you would like a chance to win them, just leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see for sale in my Etsy shop? I'll draw a name out and announce it on my next post.
In the meantime I have a new painting to draw out, an older one to finish, hangers to cut and hangers to paint, and a suitcase to help pack. Smallest is off to Italy on a school trip skiing. I  hope the snow follows her back. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! :)
    And congratulations! What about some bookmarks? That would be nice!

  2. I'm still waiting for the snow here, hopefully by week's end. Another chance at a giveaway is great news! I love your owls and would like to see more of their portraits in your shop.

  3. Lovely images as usual Karen! I enjoy all that you do so I would simply say, please do carry on! :-)
    Thank you for hosting a fun giveaway.
    ~ Deb

  4. Pure magic Karen x Im sure a snowy hare was following your footsteps! Ren x
    And my entry for the giveaway... packs of OWL themed greetings cards on Etsy please.
    word verification reads: doont... which is most apt after Ive asked for owls!

  5. I've been waiting for the snow to arrive and finally it has here too and how beautiful it is, such a wonderful season winter is. As they are one of my favourite animals i would love to see the beautiful and brave badger, wether in a picture or in wood i would love to see one of these most beautiful creatures in your etsy shop, i would certainly purchase one :)

  6. Oh my dear I have missed your posts almost as much as I miss the snow we have longed for in NYC all Winter (rumors of some to fall later today have cheered me even if it be scant, so welcome)--I too would love to see packs of owls, but there is so much aout your art I love, and hopefully my finances will get a break in the Spring with the return of a little church garden I tend, enabling me to order something choice. For now, it is enough to sit and listen to your musical selection while accompanying on your wood walk. The mushroom candle was a nice final touch! Do put my name in the hat for the give away. Anything from your hand would be welcome.

  7. It's snowing here today, I don't mind when I'm tucked up warm inside. I love so many of your things but I have a special love for your hares and foxes. Whatever you create has a magical quality to it.

  8. Many congrats on 1,000 sales, that is fantastic!! I bought from you a couple of years ago (or so..) two lovely prints; a beautiful owl, and the rabbit on skates with the adorable fox on a bike. I love them so much! As for something on sale in your shop.....anything!!! I love them all, especially your small wooden necklaces. I also love your magical forest paintings. Here's to a 1000 more sales....and more!

  9. A bit like the solice you found in the snow that is what i find when i visit you. The music and pictures and words create a moment of lovelyness, short lived i know cause now i am here but nice while it lasted. I love all your work, especially the owls :)

  10. I would like to see an artist book from you, or some notebooks with your art on the cover.

  11. There is nothing quite like that first snow :)
    So peaceful.

    Ah the eternal question...what do people want to see in our shops! :D Beautiful handcrafted things..full of the magic of their maker!!
    Congrats on passing a sales landmark hon!

  12. Those photos are enchanting.

    I love snowfall at dusk. It seems to change the world into something magical. And how the sound changes, too. Wonderful.

  13. It's lovely to finally get a proper snow fall isn't it, we had ours on Saturday and it was rather exciting.

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 sales. I love everything in your shop so really I'd just like to see more of the same, especially the hares, I really love those.

  14. Llongyfarchiadau (Congratulations) on your Esty landmark! I have so loved looking at your photos today. No snow in wild, wet, windy, wonderful west Wales . . dreaming of snowflakes and icicles all winter long . . glad your camera is okay after the little snowflakes melting, but oh! what a delightful atmospheric look it gave to the photos!

  15. Those snow photos do look otherworldly, even more so for the misted lens! I must admit, theres a few things I have my eye on in your shop, I'm just waiting to get moving house out of the way first!
    I like all your art and your shop is full of wonderful things, beautifully presented too!
    Congratulations on the 1000th sale!
    Carrie... :)

  16. I'm so glad I was told about your blog. I love your style and the sense of enchantment I feel when I look at your images. As far as the Etsy Shop....keep doing what you're doing. Thanks for sharing you creations!

  17. Well done on your etsy sales. Your work is lovely, so magical, I especially have a fondness for the hares. I would love to see some badgers inhabit your enchanted woods. Thanks

  18. Wow! Those photos are magical! Congrats on all those sales...well done! I see you already have something in your shop that I was going to suggest and now I will save for it hopefully before it's gone...the fox on the hill...lovely

  19. We also had a short but beautiful snowfall here in Philadelphia last night. Trees outlined, a wonderful sight. Our resident Black Squirrel was having a great time this morning.
    Your artwork is wonderful, especially the owls and rabbits. I shall be ordering the new painting in a large print. It is how I feel!
    thank you for your wonderful blog

  20. Anything with a hare in it is good with me! Gorgeous work as ever and congrats on 1000 sales!

  21. this is one of the most simply BEAUTIFUL blogposts I've ever seen. Magic. Right to the hint of lights in the dark.

    And the animation of snow carrying us down through your spare, beautiful words. So much talent.

    I found you from Shattered to Svasti, to here. And Now I must follow.

  22. Lovely atmospheric photo's. I am hoping for more snow tomorrow although there is a little left from sunday. So glad you have had such good sales - not surprised as your work is wonderful. How about some green man designs. Hope your daughter has a wonderful time in Italy. Karen X

  23. warmest congratulations on reaching 1000! sales.
    i love everything you sell in your etsy shop and think that you have covered just about everything there is to love in nature. though i would like to see some wrens because they are such dear little birds and perhaps a hedgehog or two
    and periwinkles and ivy and a dormouse amd maybe alice! :)

    warmest hugs xxx


  24. Congratulations on a job well done. What a challenge you have made for us as your Etsy is well balanced with your lovely things. Keep adding magical images please.

  25. Congratulations!

    I love a quiet snowfall, so beautiful.

    I like your whimsical paintings with the animals like Magic Cat, Traveling Circus, and To the Party we Go.

  26. You create many beautiful things already! But how about Dormice! I love the Hares though!Congratulations on your sales, well deserved.

  27. I think that mist on the lens was a very good effect. I prefer photographs that record how it really was than overly posed and 'clever' shots. Speaking as one who forgets to remove the lens cap, can't decide whether to focus with specs on or off, and tahnks the goddesses and powers that be for editing software. You are to be congratualted . . . lizzie now at

  28. What beautiful images, I can almost feel the snow....

  29. I am in awe of snow and have spent hours marvelling this week as we had a thick snowfall on Sunday (I wish I could have watched it fall all night instead of sleeping) and the snow has remained with brilliant blue skies.

    I am equally in awe of your second and third Narnia photographs;there are quite magical.

    Congratulations on your 1,000 sales. That is SO impressive and deserved.


  30. Um.... Maybe an option for a Larger print?

    I enjoyed your magic journey in the snow.

    HUGS Lorraine

  31. Wondeful photos Karen, so atmospheric. I love your A4 prints, I have three. They take me to a place where I forget about the world for a moment or two. Perhaps something a little larger, maybe A3 size, if that's possible? Lesley x

  32. many congratulations on your landmark Karen- well deserved. My modest contribution to that total is only two- the magical white harehanger, and my beautiful magpie hanger, but they both have pride of place in my home.

    Please just carry on as before- all your work is so magical. Hares, owls, dormice...

    an idea perhaps.. smaller versions of the hangers like mine? in these austere times, maybe smaller ones would be more affordable to those who would love to purchase from you but cant quite run to the cost? your work is well worth it at any price, and I do appreciate the time that goes into these, but many people are on such tight budgets now?

    love your blog, as always!

    blessings to you, Leanne x

  33. Winter has never really arrived here...very odd after the frigid one last year. Enjoy your lovely snow! I'd love to see more postcards! I have a bunny birthday card you made and it is wonderful...and the Xmas cards I sent of yours are still on friends walls and fridges 2 years later! :)

  34. If I had to say a subject I'd say birds but I don't really mind what you paint because I love everything you do anyway! Hee!
    Jess x

  35. Thought I left a comment on this... but not! Nice to have you visit RavenWood today...

    In your Etsy shop - owls and magical winter scenes!!
    (but you seem to do those well already!)

  36. I love your work and was lucky enough to be given some of your postcards as a gift from my daughter, I have framed them, they are magical. Your posts are always so inspirational, thankyou.
    PS the wee sleeping fox in the handsome mans pocket was a touching image.

  37. Hi Karen - as you know I love your hares and would love to see some hare pendants - ps just been on your Etsy site and grabbed the owl print for my daughter who loves owls and is going to be 21 next month - she'll love it. x

  38. Moongazing hares, perhaps in snow, perhaps under autumn trees. That would be lovely.
    The photos are so atmospheric!

  39. We did get any snow as promised, I was so disappointed! But your blog has given me a wee bit of snow magic back! So lovely here on this blog, i love coming back to it! If you have heard Kate Bush album 50 words for snow, it sets the backdrop beautifully while watching snow fall from the sky! Congratulations on Esty! Your owls are especially beautiful! All the best!

  40. Oh dear, me again, just read that back, it didnt snow and i just seen your favourite album, sigh..............

  41. your snowy post and walk has inspired me, cold and all to put on my skis and go out for a bit in our snowy day. thank you.

    your give away is sweet. 1000 sales congratulations!

    i myself live in a tiny cabin, so i most often purchase original ACEO's. I have a few within eye sight and swap them out from time to time.

    lovely week to you.

  42. Congrats on your 1000th sale! I am just discovering your page and I have been smitten! I love your paintings and thank you for the lovely music! I work in clay and I wonder if you woud be interested in collaborating on a project sometime?


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