Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer's Farewell

Summer is tired and sleepy. Her eyes close, her lids heavy with faded  petals. She tells the remaining flowers as she rests her head, that they can stay a while yet, if they so wish. But she warns them of the bite that might come on cold nights when the sky is clear and covered with a twinkling cloak.....

The Mud Maiden here is lost in slumber as summer will soon be. Isn't she beautiful. I'm sure many of you have seen her before. She sleeps in the cornish countryside in the Lost Gardens Of Heligan.  Created by Artists Sue and Pete Hill. You can read more about her here
We paid her a visit during our wanderings near the sea.                          

 And her friend of course The Giant.
August's goodbyes took our breath away with spectacular skies.
Her farewell also inspired my latest painting.
                                                        'Passing Through'

Which is available as a print in my Etsy shop here.

And now autumn has brought gifts.
And a Zazzle shop. If you fancy a new mug to drink your hot chocolate by the fireside, indoors or out  under the moonlight then please have a browse. There are also other bits and bobs such as ipad covers, iphone cases etc and I'm still adding new things. Have a look here.  I'm afraid the mugs don't come with marshmallows though. ;-)


  1. Lovely photos, the mud maiden is brilliant, I've not seen her before. The sunset and teazle picture is just beautiful.

  2. She certainly is beautiful. I've always wanted to go to the gardens of Heligan. Will head over to your shop now and have a look. Your paintings are so beautiful.
    Best wishes to you.

  3. Lovely read as always Karen. Looks like the northern lights came to England :)

  4. As you say, the end of summer, the changing of the seasons, I time personally love. Popped over to see the mud maiden - she is beautiful. You're post is lovely,thought provoking and reflecting as always.

  5. We had a wonderful day in august wandering the paths of Lost...such a fun name for an area...Lost!
    Thanks for the memory.

  6. We had a trip to Heligan and loved those exhibits! It is a great place.

  7. What a joy to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan in your post - one of my favourite places. And those magical skies and an even more magical painting ! Wonderful stuff.

  8. I love your words Karen, they tell such a magical tale, the ending of Summer & the coming of Autumn, a time i am so looking forward to. No excuse needed then to draw the curtains, light the fire & snuggle in. The sunsets have been spectacular this end of the year I think. Love your new painting to, its always exciting to see what you have conjured up x

  9. What a gorgeous post!!!! That sleeping giant is astounding!!! And those mushrooms! Your new work is lovely as always, and I shall definitely be thinking on a new mug. You can never have enough mugs! :)

  10. Such beautiful photos! I enjoyed your post and LOVE your artwork. I look forward to seeing more of your blog :-)

  11. Karen I am so in love with your creatures! You should look into
    , and submitting your work to publishers for children's books. Just lovely.

  12. Your world is breathtaking as always, and of course your painting too! I love all your darling foxes and unicorns... (^_^)

  13. Your work always takes my breath away. Love the photos and the new piece, 'Passing Through'!

  14. We once visited Goran Haven when the gardens were being restored, such a lovely part of the world. Your photographs make me want to return.

    I love the new painting, especially your chosen palette.

    Best of luck with the Zazzle shop.

  15. Gorgeous post, and your painting is fabulous and beautiful.
    Lynn xx

  16. It's been years since we were last at Heligan, must go back again. It's beautiful :)

  17. That is such a strange coincidence. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about a white horse galloping through the night sky far in the distance. I told people about it at the time because it was so unusual for me to dream something like this. Your painting remeinds me of the dream so vividly! Maybe I picked up on your thoughtwaves? Or just an unusual coincidence.
    Jess xx

  18. Thanks for all your lovely comments and for taking the time to write them. :)
    September is flying by and this week it seems summer has returned! Beautiful sunny days here.

    Thanks andamento and Trish x

    Fotf... I would love to see the northern lights one day. For now I'm happy with those pretty

    Radcliffe, Gerry, Angela and Sandy...
    So glad you've enjoyed heligan too. :)

    Thanks Ruthie, oooh I'm looking forward to lighting the fire and the new Kate Bush album out in the misty month of November. ;)x

    Thank you! :) This year it seems a good year for mushrooms and toadstools. I've seen loads!

    Thank you! I look forward to you visiting again. :)

    Heidi, Amalia and Jennifer
    Thanks so much. xxx

    Acorn Moon..
    Thanks :) x
    I do love to wander around gardens, I must do it more often.

    Julia Guthrie...
    Julia you must especially as you are so close. x

    That is really strange? How wonderful, I love stories like that! Maybe we really were connected by thought waves?.. :)x

  19. magical skies and gardens such a delight to see, as is your wonderful painting! Lovely Autumn to you.

  20. I love your new painting... and this is such a beautiful post
    xxx Sammi

  21. Is that an angel and a fox-- at the top right hand corner of your blog?

    I'm seeing someone's guardian angel having a gentle chat with that person's trickster spirit. "Really, you're a pretty fox. And we both love you, so you don't need to cause our human any more grief. Okay? Let's go frolic in a field."


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