Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunshine,Sea, Slow Worms And Waiting For Moths

The other day we drove some miles across the border to Dorset and spent an afternoon by the sea.

The sky was clear, not a hint of a breeze blew, unusual for the coast. The sun warmed the sand like a summers day but the smell was spring. Gorse flowers perfumed the dunes with scent of coconut.

The landscape on the dunes is so different to home. You can almost imagine you are in distant lands with the large ants crawling around on the sand beneath my toes and the trees and grass reminded me of Zimbabwe my husbands homeland.

Back in the garden primroses and cowslips.

And slowworm in one of the compost heaps enjoying the warmth. Haven't seen any grass snakes yet?

I'm sure these two have though?....

                                                         (Mummy hen with one of her two son's that were born last year)

So what else have I been doing? Quietly working away on small bits and pieces. 

Oh and I found these when I was tidying the greenhouse....

 Can't wait to see what type of moths they turn into?
Any ideas anyone?  x


  1. I'd love to smell gorse-scented air sometime... here, leafmold and the wet mosses emerging finally from snow. Your little pendants are lovely. Happy working!

  2. Hi Karen, Loved your post - your photos are beautiful. You've cleared up a mystery for me, slow worms - my cat was playing with one on the patio a few days ago and I wasn't exactly sure what it was (now I know). Happily I rescued it and it went on its way unharmed. We have a wooded hill behind the house and I think the slow worms must come down from there. Thanks for a lovely post with lovely music as always, a real treat.

  3. Valerianna... Leafmold and moss are beautiful smells too though aren't they! I love moss. x

    Radcliffe... Thanks :)
    The slow worms quite probably live in your garden. They are good to have as they eat slugs. One of my cat's always seems to find them too. So glad you enjoy the music. x

  4. Your photos are lovely, primroses are just so beautiful - how lovely to have so many in your garden. And.. your wooden pendants are just gorgeous, the colours are very dreamy. It's hard not to be inspired, with spring upon us now!

  5. I don't think those things will turn into moths, I believe they will become Crane Flies (Daddy Long Legs).

    Glorious pictures by the way.

  6. Beautiful post, I'm so jealous you got to be by the sea.

  7. Great post,slow worms have cute faces .They look as though they are smiling!

  8. I used to love finding slow worms in the gardemn as a child - we used to get quite a few, and I was always fascinated by how beautiful their jewel-like copper eyes were, very elegant creatures...
    Ans as ever, some beautiful paintings too...

  9. I've seen quite a few blogs where the Gorse blossoms are described as smelling like coconut, and it only occurred to me this morning that English settlers in the tropics probably would have thought 'Wow, those weird nut things smell just like Gorse blossom'! I hope one day I get to smell them too! And beautiful new work Karen.

  10. No idea about the moths but they're sure to be beautiful aren't they? I love your twisty tree pictures, what a place you live!xx

  11. Michelle...Thanks for your kind words about my pendants :) As for the primroses we are indeed ucky as that picture is just a small area of them. They spread like weeds in my garden! and of course I love them. x

    Toffee apple...It's exciting waiting whatever they might be? :)

    Dyche designs... That coast is about 70 miles from us, so we are quite lucky. :)

    Angela Bell... They are lovely creatures aren't they. :)

    Swan Artworks... Yes I remember finding loads as a child and seeing them bask in the sun on the banks by the sides of lanes and used to try and keep them for a while in our greenhouse. They feel lovely to hold too don't they. :)

    A mermaid in the attic...
    Yes, I expect they would have said that! What an interesting thought. I hope you get to smell them too someday. x

    Jessie... The trees are at the beach not here, although there are some lovely trees here too. ;) x

  12. Looks like you have spend a lovely day :)

  13. Oh, I do love the earthy smells of spring! What a wonderful trip you had.

    Love the new pendants. :)

  14. Such beautiful photos...and your new works are so lovely. I adore your little pendants. Theresa

  15. Gorgeous photos, Karen! Spring is happily skipping it's way into summer here too.

    Really looking forward to those moths! Love moths, my favourite things.

    Beautiful work too. As always. :-)

  16. Thank you for the follow Karen. Lovely posts so enchanting as always...I do miss wiltshire...although this was about Dorset...LOL

  17. Now I'm confused... I thought slow worms were grass snakes! I could well be wrong, but I seem to remember from somewhere being told that grass snake was another name for a slow worm.

    The only other British snake is the adder and you don't want to see one of them cos they bite and are venomous. At least I think they are!!! I'm not sure now!!

    I love primroses too, they're not at all prim. We have magnolias out and cherry blossom and apple blossom and flowers abounding all over the place!! Hurrah for Spring!

  18. Wings of Inspiration, The Garden MS, Faerie Moon Creations
    Thanks :) x

    Thanks x Yes there are so many beautiful species. I've become a bit addicted to spotting them.:)

    Thank you. x

    You're welcome April! x

    The grass snake is very different to the slow worm. In fact a slow worm isn't regarded as a snake at all. Some say it is a legless lizard. Yes, we also have adders and smooth snakes. But only the adder is venomous but they are rare and shy so I don't think I'd be lucky to see on of those here?
    Would love to though! :)

  19. Your post makes me realize the different faces of Spring in the different places around the world she visits! The same flowers, trees, even grasses, BUT everywhere there's something different, one of a kind, that makes me call Spring the most artistic season of all!

  20. I love your 3 hare cards and just ordered them via your Etsy store, from the other side of the world where it's getting chillier by the day whilst your getting warmer.
    Love this 21st C world!

  21. Ah, I see, thank you for clearing that up. I'm easily confused!! I would love to see an adder, just not too close!

  22. Diana... Thanks :)

    Rosshika.. Yes,I agree x

    Mo Crow... Thanks so much for buying from my shop and visiting here. x

    Griffin...You're most welcome! :)

  23. i have some of those red crysalis as well, and im almost certain mine are crane fly. I have loads in my soil, where i also have the grubs and some dying plants. :-(
    Love to hear from you when you find out though!


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