Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two beautiful things

Sat out on the front doorstep enjoying the late summer sun with a mug of tea I spied this beautiful beetle, busy in a hurry somewhere....

The colour and sheen were amazing. I've no idea what type it is, but had a nosey around and hope it could be a Tansy beetle? According to the article they are only found in Yorkshire though and I'm miles away in Wiltshire??????? If anyone has any idea what it is, please say so????

Isn't it amazing what you see if you just take the time to stop and sit still for a moment.

I let it carry on its journey towards the doormat.

My children know that I'm always looking for 'nature' so yesterday my son presented me with this which he had found dead in the garden....

Dragonflies, such faerie like creatures.... I was sad that it was dead, but it was wonderful to really look at it closely in the flesh, which is not something that comes along often.

The wings remind me of old leaded glass and silver sequinned faded lace.

You hail from Dream-land, Dragon-fly?
A stranger hither? So am I,
And (sooth to say) I wonder why
We either of us came!

Agnes M.F.R. Darmesteter "To a Dragon-fly"


  1. What a gorgeous beetle. I saw a few curious colourful creatures out & about this year too, having my own vegetable patch has meant that I've spent much more time outside this summer & you are so right, you do notice some amazing things :)

    And the dragonfly...how beautiful. I found a dragonflies wing once, by the river. I took it home & was so fascinated by it. It's not often you get to appreciate such a delicate looking piece of art is it?

  2. It's easy to see why people used to use beetle wings as dress decorations - but the living beetle wears them so much better!

    If your visitor isn't a Tansy beetle, he's probably from the same family - Chrysolina; a Chrysomalid. You could look in this list


    in the Chrysomelinae section to see if he's there (sadly not all species have their own picture). His food plant is maybe in your garden, and this could give another clue to its name.

  3. Beautiful insects! :-)
    There is something called a Green Junebug, could be that's what it is?

  4. The dragonflies wings are so fragile and lovely, and what a pretty shiney fellow you found too!

    Yes, take time to breath and look around me, thank you for the reminder!

  5. Dragonflies remind me of fairies too. It's those gorgeously fragile and iridescent wings, they just look magical!

  6. Oh they are beautiful!! I do love the colors on bugs - truly amazing. I need to stop and just breathe right now myself. Good idea!! Sarah

  7. Your beetle is adorable. It certainly is worthwhile to stop and look around us.

    Great pictures!

  8. the colour of the beetle is amazing. we found a dragonfly recently who had also sadly died... i took some photos of its beautiful wings .. and yes they are very fairie like.
    lovely lovely blog x

  9. isn't nature amazing! the colour of that beetle! it would be such a challenge to paint it! i really must try each day taking a few mins to stop & notice the world, its too easy to be rushing about all the time. thank you for the reminder

  10. Beautiful, Karen, as ever - and you're right: we all benefit from time taken to stop and observe closely what is around us. We miss so much beauty otherwise.

  11. Hello Karen. I am new to your blog - your artwork is just lovely.

    I have never seen a beetle quite like that - so very colorful. Dragonflies are my favorite. I can never get enough of them. On one of my nature walks, I found a pair of wings on the ground, but unfortunately they broke before I was able to get them safely home. Such true beauty in this world is so astounding.

    Have a lovely day, Theresa

  12. Hello Karen, what an adorable beetle :)

    Come visit me in my new 'home' when you get a chance


  13. You have managed to capture the iridescence perfectly.

  14. Hi Karen, we we are in Yorkshire and I have never seen one of those beautiful beatles, I rmember a dragon fly getting caught in our house in france, I was terrified because it was huge and I was sure it was attacking us, I prefer the smaller british ones which as you say look like fairies

  15. Beatiful, beatiful ilustrations, congratulations, paty from chile

  16. Such beautiful color on the beetle. I'm always amazed how mother nature can out do any designer! I think of dragon flies belonging to something mystical. I was always fascinated with them, even as a little kid.

  17. Hello! I think it's a dogbane beetle. In French is "chrysomele". That's where the name of my blog comes :). Aren't they gorgeous? And they are quite hard to photograph, because of their elytra reflectig the light. I love the blue ones, they are pretty rare, comparing to the green ones. Here are some I spotted: http://lachrysomelereveuse.blogspot.com/2009/02/blog-post_9816.html




  18. What a lovely blog - beautiful illustrations. I could look all day.


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