Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello February

Here we are with the first month of 2017 gone by in the blink of Jack frosts icy lashes.
Two new works that reflect my hibernation mode this January.
Ideas that began before Christmas, a continued theme from the 'natures treasures' smaller gold pieces that I did. These were put aside while the busy Christmas period was in full swing.
                                                                 'Fox Chestnut'
I've taken January to gather my thoughts, plan, reflect and enjoy slow time, as well as do my tax return. The sleepy bear in me has now woken up. Outside there are signs that Spring is on her way and in the garden the snowdrops are out to greet Imbolc.
My new holly mug is still in use though, I was pleased to get this one half price in the sale at the end of December. 
I didn't make any new years resolutions,  instead prefer to make lists of little things to do.  Here is a glimpse of some of the things that are on this years...

  • Paint the wardrobe
  • Plant the yew tree that I have growing in a pot. 
  • Buy a large easel
  • Pick up more litter
  • Upcycle some clothes? (sewing is not a strong point)
  • Put some wallpaper on a wall
  • Visit more art exhibitions
  • Go for more long walks
  • Go on more adventures
  • Find an old pine table for the dining room
  • Embroider something? 
  • Do a lino cut (haven't done one for many years)
  • Organise photos
  • Create new website
  • Plant asparagus
  • Sort out all possessions using Marie Kondo method ( link to the book I read in the side bar)
  • Spend less time on social media.
  • Blog more

What about you? Are you a list maker or resolution kind of person?

This image below, Aurora Hare was a small painting I did over the Christmas period. I've made some cards available in the shop using the image, along with the winter fox picture that was on the last post
Happy February! 
May the ground be covered in snowdrops and sky with flurries of snowflakes. Well, just a few. 
I will leave you with a poem that I wrote during hibernation in January. I'm no poet, but do like to 
have a play with words sometimes and felt brave enough to share. 

Star song

Lay your head down
On a pillow of flowers
Or a cold stone 
A heart beat rises up from core, through rock
Through mineral, animal and vegetable
Pushing up from tiny cracks, to rise up to the light. 
It sings.
Can you hear? Do you feel?
Something Ancient. A pulse. 
Your Mother. Your Father. 
A song rising up through stem of grass and root
The notes are made of leaves and bones and old stars
Its chorus a symphony heard in the bark of fox and the bleat of a lamb.
And it's words are the dreams of the raindrops that fall 
There is no ending
Passing the stardust back and forth forever.
To dance on the wind and swirl in the wild salty seas.
Castor and Pollux make up your laughter 
Orion sparkles in your tears. 

Karen Davis 2017

(Apologies for the tiny font on this post, but Blogger is up to tricks)


  1. Beautiful on our way back from great Ormond St so your post cheered me up xxxx

  2. Thank you for the glimpse into your lovely World. Your poem is beautiful x

  3. Love your sleeping animals !!!

  4. Lovely, all of it. I am always so happy to see a new posting so I like your thoughts of more blogging on your list. Love this blog!
    Joy and snowdrops,

  5. Lovely poetic images, goes so nicely with your artwork and the music.

  6. you have marvelous blog and lovely sharing!
    Time is mystery in itself.
    it never passes only we come stay and pass swiftly .

  7. Love the pwm and always enjoy your blog.Made me fell calmer as I am horrified by Trump.

  8. Beautiful poem and I have a list very similar to yours to make the most of 2017 xx

  9. You are a very good poet! Lovely words. I like your list of intentions for the year, I need to make one to gather up scattered thoughts into actions.

  10. That's a good list. And your play with words was well-worth it - a very evocative poem, thank you :-)


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