Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring goings on.

Spring has arrived. The past few days has been all sunshine and birdsong. I hadn't meant to leave this blog post so long, (almost a month! oops) especially with it being a giveaway one, but things get in the way sometimes and time ticks on and there seems to be a never ending of 'things to do' this time of year.
So, ......drumroll.....I put the names in my old fallen birds nest, as it was a manageable amount to count this time.
 And the lucky name that was pulled out was...
                                  'Emma Elliott'
Congratulations Emma! Please private message me your address and I will get the print off to you. :)
Thank you so much,  to all of you that took the time to comment and for all of your kind words about this blog. They are much appreciated. Xxx

The garden is filled with wonderful distractions. Each year the primroses spread even more. Soon I will have a primrose lawn. What a wonderful thought. 
This little one below, has become very brave and perches within 12 inches from me to have daily treats upon the wood stump. Mr blackbird is not very happy about this and often chases her off. I'm calling her a 'her',  but in all honesty she could be a 'he' as with song thrushes both sexes like robins, are similar I believe?
Mr handsome here doesn't mind sharing at all, but Mrs Thrush often chases him off. Mr Blackbird always shares with Robin, so I think that he is chasing Mrs Thrush away because she doesn't share nicely with his buddy Robin? Watching them everyday you really do get to see their personalities coming through. It's a little like a little ornithology soap opera. ;-D 
The other day I did a bit of a Simon King/Chris Packham impersonation and hid behind a low hanging tree using it as my wildlife hide. It was interesting and I found out that there are more visitors to the tree stump than previously thought! 
I do love the ice blue eyes of jackdaws. Such magical looking birds. 
Talking of ice, I didn't get around to showing you the other icy art work that I completed a while ago. Again inspiration from Lapland. The title is 'Each breath a Star' and it is available in my shop as a print here.
I am currently working on new wooden items now. Below are some talisman lucky charms in progress. 
I think the Lapland inspiration will stay with me for a little while longer yet. ;)
I have lots of cutting out of wood to be done and gardening this weekend. What are you up to? 
Whatever it is, I hope the sun shines for you.  
Wishing you a magical Spring and Easter time.
From myself and my feathered friends.  X


  1. Nothing compares to the inspiration and energy Spring brings!:)As I can see your garden and life are full of them and I wish you many more sunny happy moments to come!

  2. Congratulations to the winner, and I like your feathered visitors to the tree stump. Lapland is giving you inspiration for your art. I planted lettuce starts and 3 cilantro plants yesterday in a huge planter my oldest son gave me. We are in California, thus the planting. Today I am a volunteer visitor in an assisted living home.

  3. Love your photos of the birds. They are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely post as always, congratulations to the winner xx

  5. Lovely post,I won too :) thank youso very much. Looks like you have lots of lovely visitors to inspire your wonderful work, looking forward to seeing you new creations.I am working on some of my collages and teaching my two boys who I home educate whilst finishing my degree and trying to sleep, lol Happy Easter to you xxxx

  6. I wish we had your sweet little robins here in the States, although our bigger ones are starting to arrive to let us know spring is near. Loving the talismans... much love and as always, thank you for sharing your work with us.

  7. I love watching the dramas of the little birds hereabouts, its amazing how interesting their lives are and truly very entertaining to an observer. Your post is beautiful, as always.

  8. Your Iceland inspired works are beautiful. I have spent the afternoon watching robins in the garden.

  9. I love watching the birds in the garden. The other day a lady blackbird had a lovely bath in an old bowl I'd left out. It had filled with rain and she was having a great time in it! I could watch them all day. xx

  10. Happy Easter Karen thankyou for all the wonderful, inspiring posts xxx


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