Monday, August 31, 2015

A trip to Stratford.

The heart of England? Some might say this was Stratford Upon Avon. Birth place and resting place of Shakespeare. I was here on Saturday wandering the cobbles, showing our daughter who is currently studying drama at A level.
I think my favourite buildings of all time/style of architecture has to be tudor. Maybe I had a previous tudor life?
 The top left above the swan, is Shakespeare's birth place. The grey oak dog below, decorates the outside of the Garricks head pub, the oldest inn in Stratford where we stopped for a bite to eat after getting lucky and managing to pick up some last minute tickets for 'The Merchant of Venice' at the RSC.  A big treat for my daughter, before she returns to her last school year, in a few days.
No photography of course during the performance.  Here is the stage though before and after. 
                 RSC photo of Patsy Ferran as Portia in The Merchant of Venice. Photo by Hugo Glendinning
Such amazing actors and actresses! I loved the reflections and light and the red dress, so striking in the dark and candlelight. It's made me want to use red in a painting. I don't think I've used red in a long while?
Summer is fading fast and is almost gone for another year. Soon it will be time to light the fire, the candles, make soup and enjoy the sparkly dew drop days that Autumn brings. 
I will leave you with this, by The Smoke Fairies.  


  1. What a lovely place. It must have left you so inspired! X

  2. My husband and I visited Stratford on Avon years ago and I enjoyed seeing your photos. We also got lucky and had tickets to see a Shakespeare play in the theater.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous production. I have never forgotten my dad taking me to the RSC in my a level year, it remains one of my very treasured memories. Xxx

  4. What a wonderful visit it must have been! Shakespeare is one name that will probably stay eternal, even when robots roam the earth one day. ;)

    I have not been visiting blogs for ages, and it's so lovely to see that yours remains to be a magical place it's always been. XO

  5. sounds like you had a wonderful day, it really is a beautiful magical place

  6. Hi Karen, isn't Stratford wonderful? Being married to an English teacher I have made many trips to the RSC. It is such a magical experience, just like your art. You know how much I enjoy visiting here and listening to your music choices, the perfect accompaniment to painting, I only wish it lasted longer.

  7. Nice place. Not visited it for 30 years though. Cant believe the Smoke Fairies are not more popular. Great song writers, musicians and singers for years now. This world tends to celebrate mediocrity however.


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