Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And she saw in his eyes that all was enchanted between Earth and sky

The title of this post is also the title of this painting below that I have recently finished. A sketch since last year, but like many of my ideas, they often get put aside for a later date. It's painted on watercolour paper. I kind of wish that I had painted it on wood or canvas now that it's complete,  I love how you can build up a much thicker richer  colour and layers and play around a bit on those surfaces. However I chose paper, which I also love.  I like that you can achieve a certain delicacy by not using so much paint which I tend to do when I use paint on paper.
I don't think I will ever be a 'one or the other' person, as I would miss too much whichever one I chose to abandon.
 You may well see a similar painting popping up on wood or canvas at some point in time. ;)
Dandelion clocks, moths, starry blue hare, silvery mist and snippets of gold.  
 I also finished another piece last week, which is again on paper. 'Path of the Ancients'                                                             
After finishing this painting and naming it, I was browsing the web for some words to share with this post on the theme of ancient and I came stumbled across this wonderful poem. It seems so appropriate and surely a definite case of synchronicity?

'The Ancients of the world'
By Ronald Stuart Thomas

The salmon lying in the depths of Llyn Llifon
Secretly as a thought in a dark mind,
Is not so old as the owl of Cwm Cowlyd
Who tells her sorrow nightly on the wind.

The ousel singing in the woods of Cilgwri,
Tirelessly as a stream over the mossed stones,
Is not so old as the toad of Cors Fochno
Who feels the cold skin sagging round his bones.

The toad and the ousel and the stag of Rhedynfre,
That has cropped each leaf from the tree of life,
Are not so old as the owl of Cwm Cowlyd,
That the proud eagle would have to wife.

 I've added both new pictures as prints, to my Etsy shop.
In between painting, time has been spent as much as possible outside. Garden jobs and harvesting delicious things such as these.
 And noticing things such as these.
On the left, a  rather magnificent caterpillar which has stayed put beneath the porch for the last two days. I think it's maybe going to form it's cocoon? Anyone know what it is? I haven't had chance to research yet.
The other two butterfly chrysalis I discovered hanging from beneath our water butt lid. Not the safest of places to hang. If we get a lot of rain and it overflows, they will be submerged and drowned. What a horrible thought.  I shall be keeping an eye on these two, as it could be another moving job?

Since last writing here I have acquired an Instagram account. Why don't you come and join me if you have it. :) x


  1. It looks like a sycamore moth (I think) we get them on the trees at school.Will go and double cheek. I love the new pictures, especially the details.

  2. Your two new paintings are beauties and have a sense of mystery.

  3. Love love your.paintings I love the way you capture everything, I adore the dandelions beautiful. Sorry no.idea about the caterpilla:D

  4. Such beautiful new paintings! Always love seeing your garden as well!

  5. Beautiful, Magical, Mysterious, Spellbound, Soothing.... I can come up with many more adjectives, but I'll spare ya my rambling.

    Okay, one more... Enchanted!

    You're so lucky to possess this talent. I've ALWAYS wanted to be able to draw and paint. Perhaps in my next life I'll be rewarded for being so untalented. :p


  6. Beautiful! I can spot your art anywhere, Karen. Your style is very unique. I really love it.
    Sorry I don't have an answer about that caterpillar.. I am curious to know what it will be.

  7. Lovely, I am always assured a magical time when I visit your blog.

  8. Gorgeous work and i love the names of the pieces too Karen. Those tomatoes look ripe for picking - enjoy them!

  9. wunderschön romantisch- Zauberhaft deine Bilder!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  10. What a mysterious blue hare, looking lonely in his secret dandelion garden - a perfect place for night walks! I like the twinkling of silver light and the depth in that picture!
    And oh, the music you've chosen is in harmony with your wonderful, amazingly beautiful paintings.
    Have a lovely end of the summer, Karen!:)

  11. That first painting is especially fabulous & different from a lot of your other work.
    Remember that a chrysalis too is super-sensitive: if you move anything, you might consider moving the lid to safer sport and temporarily use something else in its place. Cheers.

  12. Your new paintings are absolutely gorgeous - like a mystic world that makes you start dreaming.

  13. I love my new prints - I found a lovely frame for the hare today. I have a wall of your prints now and everyone loves them. Off to follow you on Instagram now. x

  14. I love your paintings, on wood, on paper, as hangings on shapes, so consistently beautiful! I've tried a few times with Instagram but I can't for the life of me get it to work! That will need to be my mission when the schools go back next week. Enjoy the last week of the holidays! :)
    Jess xx

  15. Your art is always so very enchanting .
    I too just started an instagram account,
    I will have to look you up.
    Now off to visit your Etsy shop.


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