Monday, May 20, 2013

Original Paintings For Sale

My 'Winter' paintings  have just come back from the framers. I've been meaning to get these done  for ages and finally got around to it. Something I can tick off the list. Yay!
Quite a lot of folk have enquired whether these paintings were going to be for sale so I can now share that, yes, they will be going into my Etsy shop on Wednesday 22nd May at 7pm (UK time)
There were some beautiful moments of light this weekend. I managed to capture some of them.
I was up at dawn on Saturday morning and this was my view from the bedroom window.
A liquid gold seeping through the clouds. 
The gold came and went that day.I caught another glimpse later in the evening.
Here the young ash illuminated. The light behind it's new leaves making it a vivid sulphur yellow.
Sun caught through branches, as it was setting.

I will leave you with a song named Sunlight, in which I love the imagery.


  1. Such beautiful paintings :)

  2. I follow your blog only recently but just love reading it.....Anita

  3. Your paintings are so very special, such a talent..
    The sunrise is amazing, a picture painted in the sky that is forever changing, you captured it beautifully....
    Thea x

  4. Your paintings are beautiful and I am sure will not stay for very long in your shop.

  5. Wonderful pictures and song. Your artwork is so magical.
    Have a great weekend.

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