Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Days

"Come said the wind to
the leaves one day,
Come o're the meadows
and we will play.
Put on your dresses
scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold." 
-  A Children's Song of the 1880's

So far the days have been mild here this October.
Today sunlight shines on the reddest berries. The blackbird has begun it's feast in the holly tree, a signal for me to pick my chosen berry laden branches and put them into a bucket of water, in the greenhouse ready for Christmas. If I don't, by the end of the week the tree will be bare.

Some things that I have enjoyed and done so far this October...

1. Hunted for toadstools
2. Hugged a huge oak tree
3. Met up with an old dear friend for a good  natter
4. Collected conkers and autumn leaves.
5. Working in my new studio.
6. The spicy scent of wood on my new canvas. (If you follow me on Facebook, then you will already know this! ;) )

And today when I was in town, I saw a man which brought  a smile to my face. Amid the rather bland landscape of shops, he swept through with a touch of magic surrounding him. On his shoulders were two of the most beautiful green parrots! And with his clothes, he looked as if he might have stepped from the pages of  Inkheart. I love moments like these don't you?

Funny how things seem connected sometimes? That man and his parrots was similar to my latest little painting a 15x 15 cm canvas. It is titled  'Francis On The Hill'

I've been meaning to include a St Francis of Asissi ( patron saint of animals and the enviroment ) symbolic type figure for a while now in one of my paintings. It wasn't until two days later, once I had begun the painting that I realised that I had sketched this out on the 4th October (his feast day) without any knowledge of the date. Strange coincidence... but true.
Francis On The Hill will be available as a print in my Etsy shop very very soon. Along with some new postcards of 'Rest Your Weary Head'

I can't believe that we have reached 500 followers! Amazing! Thank you all so much for being interested in this little place of goings on. And for all your comments. x
Hmmmm......I think it must be nearly time for another giveaway soon? ;-)

Tonights moon


  1. I love your new painting, the colours and composition are wonderful. I also love the moment you described of the man with the parrots, these moments are treasures with their own auras that fleetingly touch our own lives and seem to invest a vivid energy into them, the kind that makes us smile.
    Lovely post, much love
    Julia x x x

  2. Gorgeous paintings Karen, I adore your foxes. And I love your studio, it's just magical

  3. I sit here by my open window, imagining a man with parrots sitting on his shoulders. Thank you for that.

  4. Oh my, I am so glad to have found you! Your artwork is just beautiful xx

  5. Lovely story about your St. Francis painting, and the man with parrots. Have missed you writing to us, glad you have had a nice October!

  6. I loved the simple things which had given you happiness during this month - we sometimes forget that it is often these sorts of things that mean the most so thans for the reminder. Love your art work as always and the poem was lovely. All in all a lovely post.


  7. Wonderful image in my head of the man with the parrots. Wish I had seen him. What really made me comment though is your introduction. When I was a wee girl many, many years ago we sang that little song in school. I often find myself humming it at this time of year. I have asked many people if they had ever heard that song and the answer is always "no". so happy to know it was not just a figment of my childish imagination. Funny how after almost 60 years the song is still with me. I could always picture little pixies with "fall leaf dresses" running and twirling and dancing in the autumn breeze. Thank you for that! Love your paintings too! Especially the rabbits.

  8. I love the fox and the verse at the top, that's lovely. I didn't know you had a FB page, I just joined up!

  9. I love your new studio! it fits so well into your garden. Adore the paintings can't wait for the postcards to be available.
    Every day I click on your blog to just to see you ...thanks for the touch of magic and wonder you bring to every day.
    Isn't it amazing to be thinking of Christmas already!!

  10. I love popping over here and hearing the stories told in your paintings.... I love the fox with resting its head on the woman/girl? Lovely. I sank into a peaceful dreaming looking at the newest piece as well, magical! Thanks!

  11. Beautiful new paintings, I have always loved St Francis. And I adore your studio! I sometime like to open your blog up, even when there's no new post, just to let the gorgeous music you've chosen wash over me for a while!

  12. I get excited when I see a new post by you.....I know I'm in for a treat when I visit...visually and soulfully :)

    Thank you!

  13. a very nice coincidence Karen, but perhaps it was fate instead :)
    your fox and Francis is as arrestingly beautiful as ever

  14. Your newest painting is so beautiful. But truly all of them are. You render foxes so lovingly - it is always enchanting to see them. Theresa

  15. Lovely post Karen and I know what you mean about glimpses of magic :D Glad you're enjoying your studio, it looks so inviting nestled among the grasses and plants :Ds

  16. Love the St Francis and the image of the man with the parrots. Used to be a huge owl that perched onhis owners wrist in Glastonbury.

  17. Wonderful post: I do love the unexpected encounter that triggers a thought or memory - especially if it includes a parrot-perch man! Also noticed that your cat is the spitting image of my Greebo (who does his best to live up to his namesake!): tabby moggies really are the best sort.

  18. I love your Francis of Assisi painting with the birds and the starlight around him... My eldest daughter (age 6) is still a fox at the moment - I will have to show her...

  19. I am still thinking about the man with parrots. And Still think that he must have stepped from another time or place! ;)

    Robin... I didn't mean to be away so long. Time is playing tricks on me here and going too fast! :)

    Kirsty... Thanks for joining my FB page x

  20. Lovely painting and postcard. I imagine you are just full of inspiration in your new studio!

  21. A lovely post.
    The man with the Parrots sounds like the beginning to a magical story all of it's own.

  22. Such magical beauty here...I love every visit.
    'Rest your weary head' sings with a RESONATING voice :>}}

  23. Delightful photos and artwork. Thanks.

  24. I adore your new painting Karen and the coincidence behind it makes it extra special.

    Thank you for reminding me of the simple pleasures of the season - often overlooked in the midst of our busy days.

    Magical post.


  25. What a beautiful, dreamy post! I like your drawings with the foxes and the connection between them and people - so warm and full of confidence! I imagine the Man with the Green Parrots and agree that he must had been looking as if coming from a fairy land. Many years ago, in an early Sunday morning with nearly empty streets I met the Woman with the Birds - as if she was that one from Pamela Travers's book! I even talked with her... So there ARE miracles around us. And it's exciting when we try "reveal" their mystery.I'm not sure whether we succeed, but the memories of them stay with us forever... I wish you many more cosy and sunny October days!:)

  26. "try TO reveal"... I found that mistake,but maybe there're more...:0)

  27. I love it when I glimpse something out of the ordinary too, something magical! I am not surprised at 500 followers karen- your blog and your artwork is lovely!

    Leanne x

  28. Beautiful new painting and post !

    As it turns out... October 4th is also World Animal Day every year which is such a complimentary addition to St Francis' feast, dont you think ?

  29. I love your studio, your paintings, your blog and St Francis.

  30. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous post Karen! I love autumn so much, and your pictures are just magical autumn right now!
    LOVE the new paintings. And LOVE those magical moments in the everyday. C x

  31. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations


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